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Re: pkg/45345 (lang/python31 wrongly builds pyexpat)

The following reply was made to PR pkg/45345; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "OBATA Akio" <>
Subject: Re: pkg/45345 (lang/python31 wrongly builds pyexpat)
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 15:01:25 +0900

 On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 00:30:06 +0900, David Holland 
<> wrote:
 >   >  Then, what do you want to do about this issue?
 >   >
 >   >  1. Merge textproc/py-expat to base python package?
 >   >  2. Move py-expat related files in base python package to 
 > textproc/py-expat?
 > I think it's probably ok in general for Python to depend on expat;
 >  expat is pretty harmless.
 > The problem I guess is that because expat is builtin on base if and
 >  only if using native X, depending on expat would make the official
 >  binary packages for all Python stuff useless to people using pkgsrc
 >  X. And that's not good.
 > But in any case I don't think the base Python package should depend on
 >  py-expat being installed. I'm not sure how much work (2) entails; if
 >  it's not a lot, it's cleaner that way, but if it is, it's probably not
 >  worth doing and we should go ahead and adopt (1).
 > The real fix for the packaging problem is for expat to be in base
 >  base, not base xsrc. People have been suggesting that for a while, but
 >  I'm not sure what the current status is.
 Due to too TEOKURE release cycle of NetBSD, it is not happy using base expat.
 >  Meanwhile I think Jeremy Reed's immediate problem is that
 >  textproc/py-elementtree should depend on py-expat but doesn't.
 No. py-elementtree package depend on py-xml, and py-xml contains own pyexpat.
 >  (When I first saw that mail I thought py-elementtree was part of the
 >  base Python, meaning that doing (2) would require splitting it and
 >  maybe other things into their own packages. But it isn't, and even in
 >  python31 there doesn't seem to be anything else in the base
 >  distribution that depends on expat stuff.)
 How do you think about databases/py-sqlite3? it is same situation.
 ${PYLIB}/sqlite3/* exists in base python package, but lack of
 OBATA Akio /

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