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Re: pkg/45559

On 11/08/11 03:55 PM, Hans Rosenfeld wrote:
  >  >  - Define a single variable "USE_SFW" that can be set to "YES" or "NO".

  How about defining or if you
  absolutely don't want certain native tools?

I do not want to avoid certain tools, I want to avoid /usr/swf all together. And as I don't want to skim on a regular basis and check for new replacements, such a global flag is one solution I can accept.

  >  >  Personally, I don't see what is gained by using the tools from
  >  >  /usr/sfw instead of building them from pkgsrc.

  It is mostly useful to reduce dependencies, especially on packages
  required for building with a pkgsrc gcc. Which, in turn, is really
  useful to get comparable bulk builds across SunOS versions and

Huh??? Instead of using the same tools from pkgsrc you suggest to use different tools from different SunOSes to get comparable results??? Sorry, I don't buy that.

  Thats why it is detected automatically. OpenIndiana still has /usr/sfw
  for compatibility, but almost all of it are symlinks to the tools in
  /usr/bin or /usr/gnu/bin.

And that's the reason why I think a split between SunOS and everything spun off from OpenSolaris is inevitable. If even /usr/bin is not compatible any more, a clear distinction between these two strains is necessary. I do see the problem that the number of "old" SunOS users will get smaller over time, and support for this OS in pkgsrc will vanish. But I prefer this path over one where changes to pkgsrc based on assumptions made on OpenSolaris et al. break things on Sol10 and before.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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