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Re: pkg/44048

The essence on the part of Mailman is that Mailman's configure *does* check 
that the user picked truly exists. If either doesn't exist for real, it will 
still go on and install itself, but with the user/group bits blank in its core 
config files, which makes the package fail when installed. I run a modified 
mail/mailman package on my system which patches away the user/group existence 
part in configure, which makes this entire problem go away (i.e. the pkgsrc 
package can be switched back to the normal at-install-time user/group 
handling). And the check_perms invocation in INSTALL takes care of any file 
ownership/permission issues at package install time, anyway.

Isn't that a better way to deal with this problem? I can patch the package to 
work like this.


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