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Re: pkg/45559

  On what versions of SunOS do you see those problems? What version of the
  tools do they provide? What other packages do fail besides

$ uname -a
SunOS pkgsrc-i86 5.10 Generic_142901-03 i86pc i386 i86pc

$ /usr/sfw/bin/gmake --version
GNU Make 3.80

$ /usr/pkgsrc/head/bin/gmake --version
GNU Make 3.82

$ /usr/sfw/bin/gtar --version
tar (GNU tar) 1.22

$ /usr/pkgsrc/head/bin/gtar --version
tar (GNU tar) 1.26

I have seen this problem only with devel/gobject-introspection, but I wasn't able to update any packages lately. Anyway, I see this more as a general issue, not something that should be solved package by package.

  I have not seen any problems w.r.t. tools on Solaris 10u9. Maybe for older
  versions some tools should be explicitly excluded if they are known to
  cause problems. Another possibility would be to fix the few packages
  requiring specific versions of tools to actually check the version of
  native tools.

Some suggestions:

- Provide clean definitions (with et al.) for these tools, so that it is possible to define a minimal version in depending packages.

- Define a single variable "USE_SFW" that can be set to "YES" or "NO".

- Define a new architecture "OpenSol" that has other rules than "SunOS".

Personally, I don't see what is gained by using the tools from /usr/sfw instead of building them from pkgsrc. Reasons for native packages IMHO are 1) They are large and have many dependencies (not the case for the tools we are talking about) or 2) They provide vendor support (e.g. special purpose hardware) that is not available via pkgsrc. This is also not the case.

 Jörn Clausen                    
 Universität Bielefeld

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