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Re: pkg/43512: pkg_delete/pkg_add problem with binary cvs package under [Open]Solaris

 >>  I think, it might be closed. But I'm not sure, because have not Solaris 
 >>  10 at the moment and can't check.
>  Is there anyone around who can check this?

The problem is probably in shebang of deinstall script.
It is set to #!/opt/pkg/bin/pdksh. I guess /opt/pkg/bin/pdksh
was not installed on submitter's system at pkg_delete time.

ktruss output says he used /usr/pkg as a prefix for his packages
but downloaded cvs package was built with prefix set to /opt/pkg.
pdksh built with different prefix is a part of bootstrap but not in
dependencies of cvs. This is why it was not (and could not be) installed.

This is a local problem.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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