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Re: pkg/45485: wm/fluxbox fails on build

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 09:35:02PM +0000, Matthew Mondor wrote:
>  Various packages you report as failing in pkgsrc-2011Q3 have built
>  successfully on netbsd-5 for me (more recent than 5.0.1), using native
>  X11.
>  Does the .buildlink indeed point to /usr/X11R7/ and not /usr/pkg/ ?

Which .buildlink specifically? pkgsrc/cat/pkg/work/.buildlink?
>  Also, does nm(1) on /usr/X11R7/lib/
>  and /usr/X11R7/lib/ show the expected symbols?

% nm /usr/X11R7/lib/
         U XMissingExtension
0000098c T XPanoramiXAllocInfo
00000e6c T XPanoramiXGetScreenCount
00000d28 T XPanoramiXGetScreenSize
00000fa0 T XPanoramiXGetState
00001238 T XPanoramiXQueryExtension
000010d4 T XPanoramiXQueryVersion
         U XextAddDisplay
         U XextCreateExtension
         U XextFindDisplay
         U XextRemoveDisplay
00000c1c T XineramaIsActive
00001274 T XineramaQueryExtension
00000a24 T XineramaQueryScreens
00001210 T XineramaQueryVersion
0000235c A _DYNAMIC
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
         U _XEatData
         U _XFlush
         U _XRead
         U _XReply
000024ec A __bss_start
         w __cxa_finalize
         w __deregister_frame_info
00002480 d __dso_handle
         w __register_frame_info
000024ec A _edata
00002514 A _end
00001300 T _fini
000007a0 T _init
         U malloc

% nm /usr/X11R7/lib/
0000b3e8 T DPMSCapable
0000afa4 T DPMSDisable
0000b07c T DPMSEnable
0000ae9c T DPMSForceLevel
0000b154 T DPMSGetTimeouts
0000b508 T DPMSGetVersion
0000ad6c T DPMSInfo
0000b63c T DPMSQueryExtension
0000b290 T DPMSSetTimeouts
         U XAddExtension
         U XESetCloseDisplay
         U XESetCopyGC
         U XESetCreateFont
         U XESetCreateGC
         U XESetError
         U XESetErrorString
         U XESetEventToWire
         U XESetFlushGC
         U XESetFreeFont
         U XESetFreeGC
         U XESetWireToEvent
         U XFlush
         U XFree
         U XGetErrorDatabaseText
         U XGetVisualInfo
         U XIfEvent
         U XInitExtension
00009750 T XLbxGetEventBase
00009778 T XLbxQueryExtension
0000961c T XLbxQueryVersion
0000aa90 T XMITMiscGetBugMode
0000ac90 T XMITMiscQueryExtension
0000abb0 T XMITMiscSetBugMode
0000b788 T XMissingExtension
00007d74 T XSecurityAllocXauth
000080f0 T XSecurityFreeXauth
00007d98 T XSecurityGenerateAuthorization
00007c40 T XSecurityQueryExtension
0000798c T XSecurityRevokeAuthorization
0000b758 T XSetExtensionErrorHandler
00007200 T XShapeCombineMask
0000762c T XShapeCombineRectangles
00007764 T XShapeCombineRegion
00007100 T XShapeCombineShape
00006a30 T XShapeGetRectangles
00006c88 T XShapeInputSelected
00007010 T XShapeOffsetShape
00007430 T XShapeQueryExtension
00006e8c T XShapeQueryExtents
000072fc T XShapeQueryVersion
00006db0 T XShapeSelectInput
00005f38 T XShmAttach
00006880 T XShmCreateImage
00005d2c T XShmCreatePixmap
00005e50 T XShmDetach
00006044 T XShmGetEventBase
0000650c T XShmGetImage
0000628c T XShmPixmapFormat
000066e0 T XShmPutImage
0000606c T XShmQueryExtension
000063c8 T XShmQueryVersion
00005844 T XSyncAwait
00005624 T XSyncChangeAlarm
00004dc8 T XSyncChangeCounter
00005730 T XSyncCreateAlarm
00004fb8 T XSyncCreateCounter
00004ad0 T XSyncDestroyAlarm
00004ce8 T XSyncDestroyCounter
00005a84 T XSyncFreeSystemCounterList
00004744 T XSyncGetPriority
000050ac T XSyncInitialize
000043a4 T XSyncIntToValue
000043bc T XSyncIntsToValue
00005abc T XSyncListSystemCounters
0000469c T XSyncMaxValue
000046b4 T XSyncMinValue
0000496c T XSyncQueryAlarm
00004bb0 T XSyncQueryCounter
000051e8 T XSyncQueryExtension
00004ec0 T XSyncSetCounter
0000487c T XSyncSetPriority
0000455c T XSyncValueAdd
000044e0 T XSyncValueEqual
00004458 T XSyncValueGreaterOrEqual
000043d0 T XSyncValueGreaterThan
00004554 T XSyncValueHigh32
00004514 T XSyncValueIsNegative
0000453c T XSyncValueIsPositive
00004520 T XSyncValueIsZero
0000449c T XSyncValueLessOrEqual
00004414 T XSyncValueLessThan
0000454c T XSyncValueLow32
000045fc T XSyncValueSubtract
0000c2ec D XTestFakeAckType
00003d34 T XTestFakeInput
00003eb8 T XTestFlush
00003c70 T XTestGetInput
0000c6a0 B XTestInputActionType
0000404c T XTestMovePointer
0000428c T XTestPressButton
000042c4 T XTestPressKey
00003a1c T XTestQueryInputSize
00003af8 T XTestReset
00003bb4 T XTestStopInput
0000a01c T XagCreateAssociation
0000a8a8 T XagCreateEmbeddedApplicationGroup
0000a784 T XagCreateNonembeddedApplicationGroup
0000a1e8 T XagDestroyApplicationGroup
0000a030 T XagDestroyAssociation
0000a430 T XagGetApplicationGroupAttributes
0000a0b4 T XagQueryApplicationGroup
0000a2c8 T XagQueryVersion
0000357c T XcupGetReservedColormapEntries
000037f4 T XcupQueryVersion
00003280 T XcupStoreColors
00002a74 T XdbeAllocateBackBufferName
000028bc T XdbeBeginIdiom
00002994 T XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName
000027e4 T XdbeEndIdiom
00002d4c T XdbeFreeVisualInfo
00002684 T XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes
00002ef8 T XdbeGetVisualInfo
00002b78 T XdbeQueryExtension
00002d8c T XdbeSwapBuffers
000098d8 T XeviGetVisualInfo
00009ffc T XeviQueryExtension
00009ec8 T XeviQueryVersion
0000b938 T XextAddDisplay
0000b8fc T XextCreateExtension
0000bb9c T XextDestroyExtension
0000b6a0 T XextFindDisplay
0000b81c T XextRemoveDisplay
000088e8 T XmbufChangeBufferAttributes
00008a68 T XmbufChangeWindowAttributes
0000818c T XmbufClearBufferArea
00008e4c T XmbufCreateBuffers
000085c4 T XmbufCreateStereoWindow
00008288 T XmbufDestroyBuffers
00008be8 T XmbufDisplayBuffers
00008d04 T XmbufGetBufferAttributes
00009204 T XmbufGetScreenInfo
00008fd8 T XmbufGetVersion
000093e4 T XmbufGetWindowAttributes
00008354 T XmbufQueryExtension
0000c054 A _DYNAMIC
         w _Jv_RegisterClasses
         U _XAllocScratch
         U _XEatData
0000c7b4 B _XExtensionErrorFunction
         U _XFlush
         U _XFlushGCCache
         U _XGetBitsPerPixel
         U _XGetScanlinePad
         U _XInitImageFuncPtrs
         U _XLockMutex_fn
         U _XRead
         U _XReadPad
         U _XReply
         U _XSend
         U _XSetLastRequestRead
         U _XUnlockMutex_fn
         U _XVIDtoVisual
         U _Xglobal_lock
0000c64c A __bss_start
         w __cxa_finalize
         w __deregister_frame_info
0000c220 d __dso_handle
         w __register_frame_info
         U __sF
0000c64c A _edata
0000c7b8 A _end
0000bc10 T _fini
000021e0 T _init
         U calloc
         U exit
         U fprintf
         U free
         U malloc
         U memcpy
         U memmove
         U printf
         U sprintf

I'm fairly certain that libXinerama and libXext are being pulled in from
pkgsrc and built though, as i have PREFER_PKGSRC=yes and am watching these
packages being fetched and built.

>  I also see that the /usr/pkg/lib/ path is being provided before
>  the /usr/X11R7/lib/ one for -L, is there a duplicate library
>  under /usr/pkg/lib/ that should normally only be in /usr/X11R7/lib/ when
>  using native-X11?

libXinerama and libXext also exist under /usr/pkg, as PREFER_PKGSRC=yes.
X11TYPE is not set.
>  Is it possible that in your shell profile scripts or mk.conf some
>  variables that should only be appended to, such as COPTS, CFLAGS,
>  LDFLAGS, are being reset rather than appended to?  This has caused me
>  various unexpected problems in the past.

From the profile:


There's not anything similar to what you've described in mk.conf. Other than
what i've already stated, just PKG_OPTIONS.* and ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES- nothing
i would imagine to hose several of these packages.

Thanks for your help and insights.

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