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Re: pkg/45323 (sysutils/strace bogus syscall list generation (NetBSD 5 & before))

On Sep 3,  2:20pm, kre%munnari.OZ.AU@localhost (Robert Elz) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pkg/45323 (sysutils/strace bogus syscall list generation (Net

|  I applied the patch below, and with this, it now builds for me on NetBSD 5.0
|  (I am unable to test that it still builds correctly on -current, but it
|  should).

No patch :-)
|  The distinfo changes part of the patch (just came from cvs diff -u) should
|  be ignored (harmless if applied, as ...) and regenerated after the patch
|  patch is checked in ...

That is strange... make makepatchsum should work...


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