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Re: pkg/45066: Update sysutils/webmin to 1.550 (patch attached)

Hi Thomas,

> Please try to avoid useless diffs like this one.

Sorry about that. I just sent the complete result of "cvs diff -upN olddir 
newdir". Next time I will delete the useless ones. 

>> Index: webmin/PLIST
>> ===================================================================
>> RCS file: /cvsroot/pkgsrc/sysutils/webmin/PLIST,v
>> retrieving revision 1.14
>> @@ -21,123 +21,19 @@ share/examples/webmin/version
>> share/examples/webmin/webmin.acl
>> share/examples/webmin/webmin/config
>> share/examples/webmin/webminlog/config
>> -share/webmin/LICENCE
>> -share/webmin/LICENCE.ja
>> -share/webmin/PATENTS
>> -share/webmin/README
>> -share/webmin/
>> -share/webmin/Webmin/
> ...
> A large list of files are removed by this update, are you sure it's ok?

Actually, I wasn't able to install using the old PLIST, so I generated a new 
one using the "make print-PLIST"
Having a deeper look, maybe the pkgsrc script is not aware of some other files. 
I'm going to investigate and report ASAP.


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