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Re: pkg/45052: archivers/bsdtar build fails

David Holland wrote:
>  On line ~685 of config.status (after configure runs) there should be a
>  big for loop over a pile of variables, one of which is ranlib, ...

# Quote evaled strings.
for var in SED GREP EGREP FGREP LD NM LN_S lt_SP2NL lt_NL2SP reload_flag 
deplibs_check_method file_magic_cmd AR AR_FLAGS STRIP RANLIB CC CFLAGS compiler 
lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_pipe lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_to_cdecl 
lt_cv_sys_global_symbol_to_c_name_address_lib_prefix SHELL ECHO 
lt_prog_compiler_no_builtin_flag lt_prog_compiler_wl lt_prog_compiler_pic 
lt_prog_compiler_static lt_cv_prog_compiler_c_o need_locks DSYMUTIL NMEDIT LIPO 
OTOOL OTOOL64 shrext_cmds export_dynamic_flag_spec whole_archive_flag_spec 
compiler_needs_object with_gnu_ld allow_undefined_flag no_undefined_flag 
hardcode_libdir_flag_spec hardcode_libdir_flag_spec_ld 
hardcode_libdir_separator fix_srcfile_path exclude_expsyms include_expsyms 
file_list_spec variables_saved_for_relink libname_spec library_names_spec 
soname_spec finish_eval old_striplib striplib; do
    case `eval \\$ECHO "X\\$$var"` in
      eval "lt_$var=\\\"\`\$ECHO \"X\$$var\" | \$Xsed -e 
      eval "lt_$var=\\\"\$$var\\\""

>  Does that have a stray newline in it? And if not (hopefully not), does
>  the setting of RANLIB earlier in config.status (line ~595) have a
>  stray newline?

Yes, it has:


>  If that one does it's getting introduced somehow in the probing
>  logic... I think... but whoever wrote this code needs to be locked up
>  for the good of humanity...

config.log reports the correct value:


I can send all those files to you.


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