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Re: pkg/44840: Odd perl build failure on Solaris/SunPRO

Tim Zingelman <> writes:

> I have just built perl5 on SunOS 5.10 Generic_142910-17 i86pc i386
> i86pc, using both gcc and sunpro (running as root) and had no
> problems.
> There must be something in your case that is different than mine.  Was
> this a fresh bootstrap?  What is your PATH?  Anything else that was
> changed in the OS from a default standard install?

I'm beginning to suspect this is a side effect of something that went
wrong during bootstrapping on this host, as I have been unable to
reproduce this problem on another Solaris 10 host.

I'm going to re-bootstrap pkgsrc on this host, and I'll let you know if
this clears the issue up.  You can leave the PR in `feedback' until
then, if that's okay.


                                Jim Wise

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