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Re: pkg/44999 (lang/perl5 fails to build on Solaris10 with gcc in 64bit mode)

The problem is gcc using the wrong bits when linking... if '-shared'
is passed to gcc when linking the .so files the problem goes away.

Replace pkgsrc/lang/perl5/patches/patch-ai with the attached file, then:

cd pkgsrc/lang/perl5
rm -rf work
bmake distinfo

and let me know if that fixes it.  (the bmake distinfo creates a new
checksum value for patch-ai in the distinfo file and without doing
that the patch will be ignored)

I still need to test the 32-bit case to be sure this does not break
anything before committing the patch... (and probably the sunpro case
too since perl is such a core tool.)

 - Tim

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