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Re: pkg/44428 (PNG build broken on Solaris since 1.5.1.beta01 update) writes:

> Synopsis: PNG build broken on Solaris since 1.5.1.beta01 update
> Responsible-Changed-From-To: wiz->solaris-pkg-people
> Responsible-Changed-By:
> Responsible-Changed-When: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 17:38:45 +0000
> Responsible-Changed-Why:
> Discussion started on png-mng-implemented, but somehow fizzled out.
> I can't help here, let's see if some Solaris developer can fix it.

Just to confirm, there are multiple stacked issues here:

a.) The build uses /lib/cpp for parts of the install, but bare /lib/cpp
    chokes on some included system headers (since ISA-specific defines
    aren't set up.

b.) hand-tweaking this to use cc -E also fails because the build uses
    gcc-specific hackery to control the visibility of symbols;  the
    result, when built with solstudio12.2 cc, is a library which builds
    and installs fine, but exports none of the intended symbols (and
    thus is not usable by dependent packages).

This _probably_ works fine for gcc users.  It doesn't work (and thus
makes big chunks of pkgsrc unavailable) for SunOS / sun cc.

I don't know if building just this package with gcc would do the trick;
historically Solaris/sparc has had API differences between gcc anc cc,
but I don't know about x86.

                                Jim Wise

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