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Re: pkg/44598: lang/gcc44 is broken on NetBSD, with patches


> From: Bernd Ernesti <>
>  > >Fix:
>  > 1) wip/gcc45/distinfo
>  wip?
>  send-pr is not for wip packages.

You are right. As I realized an hour later I sent patches for gcc45
instead of gcc44. I also sent the correct files with the PR in
the subject. Shouldn't this be added to the problem database 
automatically ? It was 'Re: pkg/44598 (lang/gcc44) correct patches'.
As it turned out the patch-aj has to be changed anyway, because there
are differences between different NetBSD versions.  There was a
discussion related to the ctype.h changes on the gcc list lately, which
resulted in the following fix in newer gcc releases:

This looks like the right patch and has to be integrated in lang/gcc44
and tested. Right know I build a system with the latest current, to have
5.1 and current sitting side by side on my desktop for the tests.



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