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Re: pkg/44216 (mail/postfix requires NIS which does not exist on Solaris builds over b130)

| On 2010-12-11 10:21:56, Tim Zingelman wrote:
| It seems to me that this fix should be wrapped in a version check of
| some sort, since builds <= b130 have NIS, right?

Yes, sorry. Really it's an upstream issue. Postfix should have a def check for
Solaris 11 now that it's been confirmed.

| I work with 'closed' Solaris 10, so I'm fuzzy on what variable one
| might look at to determine a Solaris/ONNV build number.

If you're on Solaris 10, NIS is not going away. If uname -v returns snv_130 or
higher the patch should be applied.

Some builds have letters after the number, e.g., snv_151a is Solaris 11

Other distros have changed their nomenclature. e.g, OpenIndiana is oi_147

It would probably be better to somehow test for the existence of NIS rather
than relying on build names. :\
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