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pkg/44045: [PATCH] ham/xlog-1.5 to 2.0.4

>Number:         44045
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       [PATCH] ham/xlog-1.5 to 2.0.4
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Nov 05 12:55:00 +0000 2010
>Originator:     Makoto Fujiwara
>Release:        NetBSD 5.0_STABLE
KINU Corporation
System: NetBSD modena 5.0_STABLE NetBSD 5.0_STABLE (XEN3_DOM0) #0: Wed Apr 7 
02:17:52 UTC 2010
Architecture: x86_64
Machine: amd64
  It is 2007/01/30 version the existing pkgsrc packages. Please update to
2.0.4. I have confirmed the basic function works on i386 platform 
(packaged verified on amd64 also)

The master site and Web Page needed to update
- Changes for xlog version 2.0.4 - 2010/10/25
  * Upgrade to gettext-0.18.1.
  * 2 patches by Tom, DL1JBE for buffer overruns in logfile import and
    reading much bigger cty.dat files.
  * Fix some compilation warnings with gcc-4.4.5.
  * Correct the callsign lookup URL for
  * cty.dat updated to 20101025.

- Changes for xlog version 2.0.3 - 2009/07/17
  * xlog will now display an exit confirmation dialog whenever you want to
    exit the program.
  * This release fixes crashes when the function keys are used for the keyer.
    Thanks Jack, AK7O for reporting.
  * Remote logging now adds a "?:" string, which is used by eepkeyer written
    by Mike K6EEP, see You will have to set
    "add data to QSO frame" in the first page of the preferences dialog.
    Eepkeyer now wil send one character at a time for the callsign, which
    can be used for dupe checking. Patch by Mike, K6EEP.
  * When bands are removed or added from the scoring window through "Settings
    -> Dialogs and Window", the scoring window will now get updated
    correctly. Reported by Ron, W6FM.
  * Dupe checking did not work when checking against other bands. This has
    been fixed.
  * A new tool has been added. When "Tools -> Find unknown countries" is
    selected, xlog will show a list of contacts for which DXCC lookup fails.
    You can then correct this by using a "DXCC-" string in the awards column.
  * There were several minor bugfixes.
  * cty.dat updated to cty-1912.

- Changes for xlog version 2.0.2 - 2009/06/10
  * This fixes distance and azimuth calculation for stations west of
    Greenwich. Thanks to Dana, AF7Z for reporting.
  * Changing the locator in the preferences dialog now correctly updates the
    corresponding latitude and longitude entries.
  * You might need to re-configure your location in the preferences dialog
    with this release.
  * cty.dat updated to cty-1909.

- Changes for xlog version 2.0.1 - 2009/02/23
  * Compiler flags have been fixed to avoid conflicts between different
    versions of GTK+ and GLIB.
  * Add a compilation fix for 64 bit architectures.
  * The desktop menu entry has been fixed.
  * The win32 version will now use the native windows fork function for
    displaying the handbook so the gui will not get blocked.
  * When Options -> Country Map is displayed for the first time, xlog will
    display a map if the awards or callsign fields are filled correctly.
    Reported by Larry, W4LK.
  * Using ctrl-k no longer unselects a possible selected QSO. This way you
    can update a logged QSO with the help of ctrl-k.
  * cty.dat updated to cty-1902.

- Changes for xlog version 2.0 - 2009/02/10
  * A fix has been added for displaying Help -> Keys from the menu.
  * Fixed a crash after creating a new log which already exists.
  * Fixed a crash which occurs when attempting to print when no log is open.
    Thanks Jean-Luc, F5IBH for reporting.
  * A map would sometimes not be updated when changing a QSO, fixed.
    Thanks Tom, DL1JBE for reporting.
  * This release fixes drawing of the locator map when a band is changed. This
    was reported by several people and tested by 4Z5ST, IK5PVX and CT1DRB.
  * WB5BKL has reported no QSO data when exporting to ADIF with number greater
    than 1 in the first QSO selection box, This has been fixed.
  * Callsign sorting and grouping now only works when exporting to TSV.
  * Make sure we do not include newlines and tabs when receiving remote data.
    Reported by Pierfrancesco, IK5PVX.
  * When exporting to cabrillo truncate frequency to kHz on shortwave and
    use the correct strings for UHF bands.
  * cty.dat has been updated to version 1901.
  * xlog now respect the --docdir switch from 'configure'. Patch by Tom DL1JBE.
  * Spanish translation updates by Jaime, EA4TV.
  * Portuguese translation updates by David, CT1DRB.
  * Swedish translations updated by Peter, SM4ABE.
  * German translations updated by Martin, DL5RMH.
  * Slovak updated by Mike, OM4AA.
  * French updated by Jean-Luc, F5IBH.
  * Polish updated by Boguslaw, SQ5TB.
  * Czech translations updated by Martin, OK1RR.
  * Italian updated by Luca Monducci of the Debian Italian Localization team.
  * Danish has been removed because it has been unmaintained for a long time.
  * A note has been added to the INSTALL file for people having trouble
    compiling xlog with language support on FreeBSD.
  * A first win32 binary release is distributed, which lacks the following:
    - There is no data exchange with other applications.
    - Printing has been disabled.
    - There is no keyer available.
    Reports are very welcome, especially about the hamlib functionality. I
    don't own a windows OS, the binary was tested on linux/wine, so YMMV.

- Changes for xlog version 1.9 - 2009/01/09
  * Czech translation updates by Martin, OK1RR.
  * cty.dat has been updated to version 1817.
  * When doing a TSV export, records can now be sorted by DXCC and callsign.
    Sorting by callsign is especially useful for printing multiple QSO's
    on one label when using glabels. Thanks Stephane, F8FCE.
    You can determine how many QSO's per label are printed by changing the
    TSV export settings in the Dialogs and Windows -> export page.
  * Patch by Jon, LA4RT so xlog can send latin-1 character to cwdaemon.
  * xlog can now extract the version of cty.dat, it will be displayed when
    showing the about dialog.
  * It is now possible to load logs by alphabet or by "last modification date",
    the setting for this is in the Logs page of the preferences dialog.
    Thanks Pierfrancesco Caci, IK5PVX for suggesting.
  * The print dialog now adds a page where you can decide what columns to
    print. Suggested by Ed, W3NR and Boris, 4Z5ST.
  * Ctrl-a is no longer used for adding a QSO. Instead, you should use ctrl-w
    (write to log). This means ctrl-a (select all) is available for selecting
    text in xlog's text entries. For closing a log, you now need to use
    ctrl-shift-w. Thanks Len, WT6G for the idea.
  * The documentation has been moved to /usr/local/share/doc/xlog. The glabels
    template has moved to /usr/local/share/doc/xlog/glabels.
  * Country maps have been added. Use Options->Country map to display it.
  * A button next to the callsign entry has been added. When clicked it will
    lookup the callsign with your internet browser on your preferred server.
    The settings for this server is on the Info page of the preferences dialog
    and takes the form<call>, where <call> will be replaced
    with the callsign. Suggested by Rob, KL7NA and Boris, 4Z5ST.
  * It is no longer possible to view scoring for an award when the scoring
    window is not active.
  * A new macro has been added to the keyer. '~' stands for the last exchange
    message received. It can be used in contests where you forward the last
    exchange. The initial message can be set in page 2 if the preferences
    dialog. For more information read the manual. Thanks Jon, LA4RT for the
    initial patch.

- Changes for xlog version 1.8.1 - 2008/09/01
  * This fixes the use of the ctrl+k key and fixes the use of defaults.
- Changes for xlog version 1.8 - 2008/08/28
  * XML is no longer used for saving and recalling preferences. The new config
    file is xlog.cfg which is placed in $HOME/.xlog and uses the GKeyFile
    format. So you will need to reconfigure xlog.
  * The Control-Shift-A key combination has been replace by Control-space,
    which is easier to use.
  * Printing has changed, xlog now uses native GTK+ printing instead of the
    libgnomeprint libraries. This means there now is a separate dialog for
    "Page Setup" and "Print" under the Log menu. "Page Setup" allows you to
    choose landscape or portrait for the printed log, the default being
    portrait. When choosing print, you can select a printer or print to a
    pdf / postscript document.
  * Selecting of columns for printing has been removed. You should choose
    portrait or landscape in the "Page Setup" dialog and a suitable
    magnification in the "Print" dialog to make sure your log fits on paper.
  * Extra columns for contests have been removed in the printed log. Most
    contest admins will accept cabrillo logs anyway.
  * xlog now uses a fixed 12 points lettertype for printing.
  * xlog now prints the logname and the printdate in the footer.
  * When selecting Edit->Find or ctrl+f and a find dialog is already open,
    xlog now will focus this dialog instead if bringing up a second one.
  * The search dialog has been redesigned. You can now search for a callsign
    in the callsign field or search for a string in any of the other fields.
    You can also search in the current log or all of the open logs.
    The dialog will be kept open until the Close button is clicked.
  * Ctrl+6 or "Tools->Awards->Locator" will now show a list of maidenhead
    locators worked and confirmed on different bands. You will need to enable
    locator scoring in the "Settings->Dialogs and Windows" scoring page for
    this to work.
  * Ctrl+7 will draw a world map with locators as colored squares.
    Worked squares are red, confirmed squares green. You can select the band
    you want to see scoring for. The locator is shown as a tooltip when you
    move your mouse over the map.
  * Editest fixes by Stephane: a fix to the editest date reading and ability
    to retrieve band freq for that log format.
  * The import dialog now adds the possibility to import into the current log.
    After import all columns in the log are enabled and you should use the
    log-editor the show/hide columns. The log may also need sorting.
    Suggested by David Quental, CT1DRB.
  * Import now uses the GtkAssistant widget in which the user is guided
    through the import process.
  * Adif fixes for conversion from band to frequency higher than 28 MHz.
  * Handling of the keyer has changed. In CQ mode, after the CQTU entry is
    sent, the QSO is automatically added to the log. Likewise, in S&P mode
    the QSO is added after S&PTU is sent. Suggested by Al, NH7O.
  * Portuguese translations by David, CT1DRB.
  * Italian translations by Carlo Dormeletti, I-3929.
  * Polish by Boguslaw Ciastek, SQ5TB updated.
  * Fixed a crash when receiving remote data and no log open. Reported by
    Joshua, KC0BUF.
  * xlog now uses the latest CTY.DAT revision (CTY-1808).

- Changes for xlog version 1.7 - 2008/01/30
  * Scroll to the last QSO when the log is automatically loaded and there
    are more than 1000 QSO's. Thanks Jon LA4RT for reporting.
  * Display of the about dialog has been fixed.
  * TSV export for glabels has been fixed. The exported columns did not match
    the ones in the 'Settings->Dialogs and Windows->export' setting.
    Reported by John, K3GHH.
  * We no longer use tiny fonts for the remarks entry and when importing
    logs. It is easier in the eyes. Reported by Hein, PA0NQ.
  * The info page of the preferences dialog now updates QRA locator when
    latitude/longitude is changed and vice-versa.
  * Xlog now uses the functions provided by hamlib for calculating distance
    and bearing.
  * The old behaviour has been restored when a DXCC country has been confirmed,
    country worked count will be set to "0".
  * The same behaviour has been added for all the other awards, so if a 
    country has been confirmed, the count is set to zero. Otherwise, the number
    of countries will be displayed.
  * A new key combination has been added, Control-Shift-A will add a QSO and
    fill in defaults for the next QSO. It is the same as using Control-a
    followed by Control-k. This is especially useful in contests. Requested
    by Dominique, HB9HLI.
  * The following changes by Stephane Fillod, F8CFE:
  * WAS, WAZ, IOTA and locator scoring have been added.
  * Xlog now knows how to import IOTA contest logs and fills in the AWARDS
  * It does work also with any ARRL contest where the state is exchanged.
  * EDI import is now capable of filling in BAND and POWER fields.
  * EDI import fixed when importing utf-8 dates.
  * EDI export: take into account the change of wwl() logic.
  * EDI export properly generates CRLF eol (according to official format).

- Changes for xlog version 1.6.2 - 2007/12/03
  * Because of using the old wwl code, locator distance calculation stopped
    working. This has been fixed. Thanks to Stephane for the patch!

- Changes for xlog version 1.6.1 - 2007/11/28
  * Compilation fixes.
  * Fix appearance of the scoring window. Thanks to flavio, IK3OCD and 
    Boris, 4Z5ST for reporting.
  * Fix power retrieval from the rig. Thanks Pat, KB8PYM and Martin, AA6E
    for the report.
  * Some fixes for EDI and EDITEST file format, patch by Stephane, F8CFE.
  * Some changes to the S-meter coding which will hopefully make it more
  * If there is no communication with the rig, hamlib will be stopped and
    a warning dialog will be shown.
  * The wac scoring is now updated correctly when a log is closed.
  * Country worked count would be set to "0" whenever you would have at
    least one confirmed QSO with that country. Patch by Stephane.
  * When using the bandoptionmenu the band would sometimes be truncated.
  * WAC scoring will now get updated when importing a log.
  * Include the old wwl code again because of license problems with the new
  * All of xlog is now GPL version 3.

- Changes for xlog version 1.6 - 2007/11/05
  * Swedish translation updates by Peter, SM4ABE
  * The "worked before" window is now activated with "Control+Shift w".
  * There was a small bugfix for the "worked before" window. Selection of
    QSO's in this window would sometimes fail when several contacts with the
    same callsign were displayed.
  * German translation thanks to Martin, DL5RMH.
  * Defaults now also work when the band- and modeoptionmenus are activated
    in the QSO frame. Thanks to DL5MRH.
  * The UTC time length now is truncated to HHMM (the default for xlog), even
    if the log displays time in seconds.
  * Time length is not touched when updating a QSO if hours and minutes
    are the same. Both changes suggested by Martin, DL5RMH.
  * Frequency is not touched when using "update" when the frequency is
    the same as used in the optionmenu. For example: if the optionmenu uses
    "7" and the frequency in the log says "7.030" we don't change it when
    using "update". Suggested by Martin, DL5RMH.
  * The FAQ has been removed and integrated with the manual.
  * The manual has been rewritten and is now available as html, see
  * xlog now uses xdg-open (available from the xdg-utils package) for opening
    URL's and for reading the manual from the menu. xdg-open always uses the
    default browser as configured for your gnome, kde or xfce desktop.
  * xdg-email is used for opening "mailto:"; links, this is only important for
    the about dialog.
  * A small fix for Cabrillo, so we correctly export USB contacts. Thanks
    Jacob Anawalt, KD7YKO.
  * A Cabrillo import fix for NAQP contests by Jacob, KD7YKO.
  * Another fix from Jacob which fixes a crash when using large remarks
  * xlog has been ported to the latest GTK+ version, which is 2.12.0.
  * The keyer window is now prevented from resizing when the end of line is
    reached. Thanks Al, NH7O for reporting.
  * WAC (Worked All Continents) award scoring has been added. You will have
    to enable it from the Settings -> 'Dialogs and Windows' -> Scoring page.
    This adds a new valid entry for the AWARDS entry. You can use "WAC-"
    to modify a continent lookup. Valid strings are "NA EU SA OC AS AF".
    For example, UA9A callsign are located in Europe, but xlog will think
    it is Asia. Just add "DXCC-EU" to the AWARDS column.
  * An overview of your WAC scoring can be seen by selecting Tools ->
    Awards -> WAC from the menu. Ctrl + 2 is a shortcut for this.
  * xlog will now recognise K1-K0 and VK1-VK0 callsign districts.
  * When importing a cabrillo file, a remark can be added to all of the log
    fields by entering a value in the import dialog.
  * Adopted the wwl rewrite by Diane, VA3DB.

- Changes for xlog version 1.5 - 2007/01/30
  (.. rest of old ChangeLog deleted ..)
        cd pkgsrc/ham/xlog; make package-install
Index: ham/xlog/Makefile
RCS file: /e/cvsync/cvsync/pkgsrc/ham/xlog/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.33
diff -u -r1.33 Makefile
--- ham/xlog/Makefile   18 Jan 2010 09:59:11 -0000      1.33
+++ ham/xlog/Makefile   4 Nov 2010 06:26:33 -0000
@@ -1,13 +1,13 @@
 # $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.33 2010/01/18 09:59:11 wiz Exp $
-DISTNAME=      xlog-1.5
+DISTNAME=      xlog-2.0.4
 COMMENT=       Amateur Radio logging program
 PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=   user-destdir
Index: ham/xlog/PLIST
RCS file: /e/cvsync/cvsync/pkgsrc/ham/xlog/PLIST,v
retrieving revision 1.13
diff -u -r1.13 PLIST
--- ham/xlog/PLIST      14 Jun 2009 18:00:35 -0000      1.13
+++ ham/xlog/PLIST      4 Nov 2010 06:33:10 -0000
@@ -1,18 +1,90 @@
-@comment $NetBSD: PLIST,v 1.13 2009/06/14 18:00:35 joerg Exp $
+@comment $NetBSD$
@@ -34,33 +106,348 @@
Index: ham/xlog/distinfo
RCS file: /e/cvsync/cvsync/pkgsrc/ham/xlog/distinfo,v
retrieving revision 1.12
diff -u -r1.12 distinfo
--- ham/xlog/distinfo   5 Oct 2007 22:57:04 -0000       1.12
+++ ham/xlog/distinfo   4 Nov 2010 06:30:32 -0000
@@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
 $NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.12 2007/10/05 22:57:04 joerg Exp $
-SHA1 (xlog-1.5.tar.gz) = bb86f7e2784c3937c04c171fc9dad36af6b591c7
-RMD160 (xlog-1.5.tar.gz) = 05338f71ff090117fc30cca460ee699f9107daa6
-Size (xlog-1.5.tar.gz) = 866421 bytes
+SHA1 (xlog-2.0.4.tar.gz) = 48ef247e09abbc194361dd6c8fee666e947b82dd
+RMD160 (xlog-2.0.4.tar.gz) = 16ceebc75a3c5b993db9da77eda3ffad9b8fc484
+Size (xlog-2.0.4.tar.gz) = 11146213 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-aa) = ae23e56971d16454791dca298756c65654bfc961
-SHA1 (patch-ab) = c527586cb227c5953e6dfe87edcbfd4ebc030d09

 Please update ham/xlog from 1.5 to 2.0.4

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