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Re: pkg/43783 (audio/id3lib fails on Linux [patch])

> Functionally same patches should be commited.
> Could you confirm it?
demo_info.cpp was not patched.

demo_info.cpp: In function 'void PrintUsage(const char*)':
demo_info.cpp:38: warning: no previous declaration for 'void PrintUsage(const 
demo_info.cpp: In function 'void PrintVersion(const char*)':
demo_info.cpp:49: warning: no previous declaration for 'void PrintVersion(const 
demo_info.cpp: In function 'void PrintInformation(const ID3_Tag&)':
demo_info.cpp:56: warning: no previous declaration for 'void 
PrintInformation(const ID3_Tag&)'
demo_info.cpp: At global scope:
demo_info.cpp:312: error: first argument of 'int main(unsigned int, char* 
const*)' should be 'int'
*** Error code 1

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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