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Re: pkg/43656: patches of files with DOS CR/LF

>  > the patch patch-aa for libebml patches file make/linux/Makefile. This
>  > makefile has DOS CR/LFs. Slackware's patch program as well as the patch
>  > program from pgksrc can't cope with that.
>  Which patch program from pkgsrc? There is the ancient/broken GNU patch

Yes, I used gnu patch.

>  and the patch NetBSD is using too (devel/nbpatch). The latter is used by
>  the infrastructure by adding TOOLS_PLATFORM.patch= to your mk.conf.

I installed nbpatch and added TOOLS_PLATFORM.patch to mk.conf and now the patch 
applies cleanly.

Figuring this out shouldn't be left to the user, should it? Don't you think 
that all this must be handled automatically. Maybe bootstrap/boostrap should 
install nbpatch as well? Alternatively, patches should also apply cleanly with 


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