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Re: pkg/43230 (pkgsrc (2010Q1) package lang/mono does not compile)

Hi again

- this time the full reply list - I've took the wrong mail for reply the first time ...

The problem was related to the fact that the kernel has no SYSV-ipc in it. We've found the time to setup an other kernel and reboot the system.
The problem is gone now.
Sorry for the noise here ...

But it would have been a real great idea to check the availability of SYSV-ipc on the system in configure! Configure should not check only for the availability of some header files - I assume it has done this ...

I think you can close this report.
Perhaps the availability check could added to congfigure in the next version. It would be great.

Best reguards

W. Stukenbrock

Wolfgang Stukenbrock wrote:


in general yes, but I currently don't know what to do exactly to get the trace. (or do you just mean a backtrace in gdb from the core file?)

I'v found a core file mono.core in /usr/pkgsrc/lang/mono/work/mono-2.6.1/mcs - sorry I've overlooked this before, but some core-dumps are "normal" for several packages during compilation ...

The script in "runtime/_tmpinst/bin/mono" seems to be the one called:

#! /bin/sh
exec "$r/libtool" --mode=execute "$r/mono/mini/mono" --config "/usr/pkgsrc/lang/mono/work/mono-2.6.1/runtime/etc/mono/config" "$@"

The binary that belongs to the core file seems to be the one from "mono/mini". gdb says that it is semget() that is missing. OK - that may be the problem - on both systems I've tried to compile mono no SYSV-ipc is configured. (I avoid the SYSV-ipc in the kernel until I realy need it due to the problems with the resouce management in it.) It will take some time to retry with an other kernel because the System is in productive use here .. I come back as soon as possible with the results, but I think that would be the problem. I think it will be in 1 ore two days.

W. Stukenbrock

Mihai Chelaru wrote:

On Fri, 2010-04-30 at 17:00 +0000, wrote:

[1]   Bad system call (core dumped) MONO_PATH=3D".//cl...

Can you obtain a trace from this core ?

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