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Re: pkg/41971: graphics/dia-python cannot find pygtk module (py25-gtk2 is installed)

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 12:30:05PM +0000, OBATA Akio wrote:
 >>    |  First of all, you should fix your environment.
 >>    |  Change DISPLAY to usable variable, or unset DISPLAY.
 >> My environment is fine - that's the point really, DISPLAY is
 >> actually a valid value (when it is bogus, the package builds).
 >> The problem is that in the pkg_comp sandbox, there's no way the
 >> application can access the files needed to obtain correct
 >> authorisation - that's (part of) the whole point of using a
 >> sandbox.  So while I still believe there's some python, or pygtk,
 >> or similar problem here, it would also be reasonable to argue that
 >> there;s a pkg_comp bug as well, in that it should probably be
 >> unsetting DISPLAY before it starts any build, as (unless the X
 >> server is doing host based auth, which is even worse than its
 >> other methods) there's not going to be any way for the DISPLAY
 >> setting from outside pkg_comp to be useful inside.  I'll fix my
 >> pkg_comp to do that.
 >  It is just because your environment is not fine to use with pkg_comp.
 >  As you know, some packages require to access X.

How hard would it be for pkg_comp to do display forwarding out of the
sandbox as an option? It seems to me that having it clear $DISPLAY is
the correct default behavior.

David A. Holland

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