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Re: pkg/42477: Tru64: graphics/xpm fails to build with MAKE_JOBS >1


On Sat, 19 Dec 2009 14:40:04 +0000 (UTC)
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> wrote:

>  On Sat, 19 Dec 2009, RUMI Szabolcs wrote:
>  >  Modular X as in
>  >  
>  >  Does this mean that one had to replace the vendor-supplied X server
>  >  with the X server to be able to run any X apps from pkgsrc?
>  This is a few different problems. Old pkgsrc/graphics/xpm hasn't been 
>  maintained in years. The HOMEPAGE doesn't exist anymore.
>  You don't need to change your native X server to use the pkgsrc-provided 
>  modular X components.
>  Do you need xpm libraries or xpm command-line utilities? Maybe your 
>  vendor-provided xpm libraries are good enough?

What I'm trying to do is to install a set of packages from pkgsrc
to make Tru64 a usable workstation in today's sense. xpm was only
one of the dependencies that have been pulled in by one of these.
Mainly what I'd consider "usable" is the following:

- mc (already working)
- gvim (console vim is already working)
- some MUA (sylpheed is preferred by me, or evolution/whatever)
- some modern browser (firefox 3.x may be too optimistic though)
- some IM client like pidgin or empathy

A full GNOME or KDE desktop may well be too optimistic and more of
a luxury than a real requirement, to be usable I think having the
above key apps available from within CDE should be enough.

Luxuries (would be nice to have):

- tsclient or grdesktop
- mplayer and/or vlc
- audacious2 or xmms2
- some office suite (OOo may be hopeless, dunno about abiword+gnumeric)
- Inkscape

By the way, a number of libs and text-based apps did compile and
work to some extent (using vendor-supplied curses seems to make
some problems in mc for example). Pkgsrc bootstrapped like a
charm and all this with DEC/Compaq C and not gcc. I consider this
a major success and kudos to the pkgsrc devs to reach this point
at all. Maybe I should report about that to tech-toolchain?



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