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Re: pkg/31985 ([lang/perl5] cannot build 64-bit binaries on Solaris 10 (amd64) with Sun Studio 10)

* On 2009-11-20 at 14:08 GMT, NAKAJI Hiroyuki wrote:

> I confirmed "ABI=64" is enough at least on SunOS/amd64 box.
> Sorry for noise.
> But I wonder why I see too many
>   cc: Warning: illegal option -m64
> when "cd pkgsrc/lang/perl5; bmake all".

-m64 was added in Sun Studio 12, for previous releases (although it's
highly recommended you upgrade) you need to use -xarch=amd64 or similar.

mk/compiler/ should detect the Sun Studio version and set the
appropriate flags - if you are getting these warnings when only using
ABI=64 (and after a make clean) then there could be a bug, in which case
please send us the output of 'cc -V' on your machine.

Jonathan Perkin                                     The NetBSD Project             

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