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Re: pkg/30377 (lang/nhc98 doesn't compile)

On Mon, Nov 09, 2009 at 05:35:03PM +0000, Magnus Henoch wrote:
 >  Not sure; the machine I used had a hard drive failure and is not
 >  usable at the moment.
 >  I don't mind if you close this :)

The last powerpc bulk build shows it passing that point but choking
later on:

   /usr/pkgsrc/lang/nhc98/work/nhc98-1.18/script/nhc98 -c +CTS -lib -redefine 
-CTS    -o 
OS allocated a heap in high memory (>0x80000000)
    which breaks this program's run-time system.
  hpStart=0xefd04000, hpEnd=0xefd79300

so I suppose the PR ought to remain open.

David A. Holland

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