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pkgsrc/firefox picks wrong ld arguments under Solaris

>  >  Any suggestions on this?  I really reallly need to get a new version of 
> fir=
>  >  efox installed.
>  You're using gcc34 from pkgsrc and seem to be hitting toolchain bugs.
>  My recommendation would be to try a newer compiler package from
>  somewhere else, or perhaps sun studio 12 which I think is likely to be
>  the best supported compiler, both by pkgsrc and mozilla.

Sooner or later you will run into problems using Sun Studio (which is
not pkgsrc's fault, but of ignorant developers upstream). But firefox
built with gcc34 is not able to use the Java plugin, which reduces the
usability of firefox (YMMV). I finally settled on using the binary
version distributed by Mozilla.

Joern Clausen

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