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Re: pkg/34442 (lang/tcl-expect deadlock on solaris/linux)

Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 12:55:02AM +0000, OBATA Akio:
>  Basically, this GNATS DB handle packaging problems for pkgsrc, not orignal 
> source bugs.
>  But if the bug and its workaround is clear, it may be acceptable, but should 
> be also accepted by upstream.
>  (it will be not welcomed that someone report pkgsrc local patch related 
> problems to upstream)
>  If the maintainer exists, he/she may coordinate the bug with upstream.

I doubt that this patch would be accepted by the authors, and rightly so.
The bug that this works around lies, I believe, in tcl not expect and
AFAIK exists only on Linux and Solaris, likely within either pty or signal
handling.  The hack and description of the bug had been submitted to them
literally years ago, so they've had opportunity to fix it.  However, I am
not willing to spend my little spare time debugging the ugly code of either
tcl or expect to fix it properly.  It remains an effective hack.

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