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Re: pkg/41125 (pkgsrc's doesn't work on Solaris)

> What is the contents of your /usr/pkg/etc/mk.conf file?
> What compiler are you using?  What fails to link? and after typing
> what command in what location?
> What version of Solaris on what architecture?

> In other words... I don't experience the problem, and you have left
> the 'How-To-Repeat:' section of this PR blank.

Solaris -10 200811

I hope the following is enough.

 0 tmp>uname -a
SunOS chesun 5.10 Generic_137138-09 i86pc i386 i86pc

 0 tmp>echo $PATH

 0 tmp>echo $CC

 0 tmp>echo $LD

 0 tmp>cat 
LIB=               MyLib   
SRCS=           MyLib.c

.include <>

 0 tmp>~/pkg_distbb/bin/bmake -f 
gcc -O  -Werror   -c MyLib.c
gcc -O  -Werror   -c -pg MyLib.c -o MyLib.po
ld: illegal option -- X
usage: ld [-6:abc:d:e:f:h:il:mo:p:rstu:z:B:CD:F:GI:L:M:N:P:Q:R:S:VY:?] file(s)
        [-64]           enforce a 64-bit link-edit
        [-a]            create an absolute file
        [-b]            do not do special PIC relocations in a.out
        [-B direct | nodirect]
                        establish direct bindings, or inhibit direct binding
                        to, the object being created
        [-B dynamic | static]

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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