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Re: pkg/40984: Xfce 4.6.0

The following reply was made to PR pkg/40984; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: dieter roelants <>
Subject: Re: pkg/40984: Xfce 4.6.0
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 00:26:16 +0100

 I think it's good to go. A patch and new files are at There is also a tar.gz
 with all files (new and modified). The following are the changes and
 CVS actions besides commit, if any, per package. They assume the above
 mentioned patch was applied and the new.tar was extracted in the pkgsrc
 No longer part of Xfce 4.6
 cvs remove -f DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
 No longer part of Xfce 4.6
 cvs remove -f DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
 No longer part of Xfce 4.6
 cvs remove -f DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Not released as part of Xfce 4.6, so keep version at 4.4.3.
 - Replace grep -P with awk and thus make the script more portable. Properly=
   detect changed ChangeLogs in SVN. This should get rid the empty lines whe=
   committing several changed ChangeLogs (bug #4716).=20
 - Remove unreliable and not really needed intltool auto-patch.
 - Add support for git (and git-svn) to the xdt-commit script (bug 4491).
 - Don't try to patch for intltool 0.40.x: 0.40.4+ has
   a fix for the bug, and 0.40.x earlier than that aren't patchable as they
   run systemwide versions of the scripts.
 - Add patch to to fix merging translations
   to .desktop keys that have dashes in them.
 Don't override html-dir.
 package changes:
 - Add missing C++ wrappers in header files (patch by Jens Luedicke).
 - Updated translations: Carles Mu=F1oz Gorriz (ca), Enrico Tr=F6ger (de),=20
   Jeff Bailes (en_GB), Abel Mart=EDn (es), Jari Rahkonen (fi),=20
   Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Leandro Regueiro (gl), Andhika Padmawan (id),
   Masato Hashimoto (ja), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO), Szymon Ka?asz (pl),
   Og Maciel (pt_BR), Nuno Miguel (pt_PT), Daniel Nylander (sv),=20
   Gokmen Gorgen and Samed Beyribey (tr), Dimitri Nikitin (uk),=20
   Chris K. Zhang (zh_CN)
 - Updated translations: Per Kongstad (da), Michal V=E1rady (cs),=20
   Masato Hashimoto  (ja), Daniel Nylander (sv)
 - Updated translations: Og Maciel (pt_BR), Abel Martin (es),=20
   Maxamilian Schleiss (fr), Daniel Nylander (sv), Masato Hashimoto (jp)
 - Updated translations: Jari Rahkonen (fi), Abel Martin (es)
 - Increment library version to avoid having a 4.6 library version older then
   the one in 4.4.
 - Place G_GNUC_INTERNAL before function declaration for Sun Studio=20
   compatibility (bug #4580)
 - Fix typo in i18n code (check for '/' in lang doesnt make sense)
 - Updated translations: Og Maciel (pt_BR), Abel Mart=EDn (es)
 - Do not use GMemChunk for XfceRc due to memory leaks (Bug #2427).
 - Fix buglet when deleting XfceRc groups.
 - Fix invalid use of g_slice_free1() in XfceRc (Bug #2854).
 - Add support for function names in debug messages on Solaris (Bug #3090).
 - New util functions for setting up POSIX signal handling using pipe(),=20
   GIOChannel and the glib main loop.
 - Strip trailing slashes to avoid directories appearing multiple times in
   resource lookup functions.
 - Updated translations: Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Besnik Bleta (sq),=20
   Mohamed Magdy (ar), Jeff Bailes (en_GB), Nuno Miguel (pt_PT), Daichi=20
   Kawahata (ja), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO), Tegegne Tefera (am), Rihards=20
   Pried?tis (lv), Muhammad Ali Makki (ur), Rashan Anushka (si), Leandro=20
   Regueiro (gl), Khaled Hosny (ar), Peter Vois (et),=20
 New package in Xfce 4.6.0;
 Simple client-server configuration storage and query system for Xfce.
 cvs import
 pkgsrc changes:
 Don't override html-dir.
 package changes:
 - Fix translations of libxfce4kbd-private not being used (Bug #4784).
 - Fix lib ageing (Bug #4864)
 - Update translations (el, en_GB, fi, gl, hu, id, it, pl, ro, tr, uk, zh_CN)
 - Add default "xrandr --auto" for XF86Display so that monitor switching wor=
   with recent Xorg
 - Fix transient mode of XfceShortcutDialog.
 - Add separate library version for libxfce4kbd-private.
 - Add missing C++ wrappers in header files (bug #4941). (Xfce 4.6rc1):
 - Define libglade_module_path, glade_module_path, glade_catalog_path and
   glade_pixmap_path variables in the pkg-config file.
 - Update translations (ca, da, es, eu, fr, ja, nb_NO, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN)
 4.5.93 (Xfce 4.6beta3):
 - Review strings and fix markup issues in libxfce4kbd-private.
 - Improve the layout of XfceShortcutDialog.
 - Add more default shortcuts especially for xfwm4.
 - Process primary_text with g_markup_escape_text() in message dialogs.
 - Update translations (be, cz, da, es, fi, fr, gl, hu, ja, nb_NO, sq, sv,=20
   tr, uk, zh_CN).
 4.5.92 (Xfce 4.6beta2):
 - Add libxfce4kbd for keyboard-shortcut support
 - Fix format-string vulnerabilities in 'message_dialog' and 'xfce_confirm'
 - Improve SM support
 - Update translations (de, es, pt_BR, eu, ku, cs, id, fi, sq, nb_NO)
 4.5.91 (Xfce 4.6beta1):
 - Fix compile failure on Darwin due to the 'environ' variable not
   being available (bug 4432).
 4.5.90 (Xfce 4.6alpha):
 - Fix XfceAppMenuItem's lazy icon loading so menus don't overlap after
   the icons load (bug 3081).
 - Add gladeui and libglade support so Xfce widgets can be added to an
   interface using the Glade Interface Designer, and can be accessed using
 - Fix menu crash if NULL icon file name.
 - Deprecate XfceClock and XfceSystemTray.
 - Deprecate all libnetk objects and functionality (library users should
   migrate to libwnck).
 cvs add patches/patch-aa
 - Respect the ICEAUTHORITY env var (bug 4369).
 - Fix sudo shutdown helper for systems without HAL (bug 4849).
 - Avoid a spurious error dialog when using the sudo shutdown helper
   to shut down the system (bug 4849).
 - Fix crash in autostart editor when adding a new app (bug 4934).
 - Translation updates: el, eu, gl, hu, id, it, pl, ru, tr (Xfce 4.6rc1):
 - Translation updates: cs, da, fr, nb_NO, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN.
 4.5.93 (Xfce 4.6beta3):
 - Don't let autostart get run twice when using the failsafe session
   (bug 4486).
 - Display username in logout dialog (bug 3083).
 - Ignore DBUS_GERROR_NO_REPLY errors on suspend/hibernate (bug 4629).
 - Use xfce_message_dialog() instead of xfce_err() for the Balou config=20
 - Check for the existence of pwd.h and getpwuid().
 - Display the currently logged-in user in the shutdown dialog.
 - Properly signal that startup is complete when using the failsafe
 - Translation updates: ca, cs, de, es, eu, fi, fr, hu, id, ja, nb_BO,=20
   pt_BR, sq, sv, uk, tr.
 4.5.92 (Xfce 4.6beta2):
 - Hook up Help button in settings dialog.
 - Implement support for the RestartImmediately restart style hint.
 - Fix possible crash with uninitialised GError (bug 4202).
 - Link libxfsm against all required libs to avoid link-time errors
   (bug 4429).
 - Make splash engines store their settings in Xfconf.
 - Handle the ProcessID SM property properly.
 - Add a session editor to the settings dialog.
 - Fix compilation on some Linux systems with a broken linux/ioprio.h
   header (bug 4515).
 - Fix a possible crash on amd64 (bug 4510).
 - Add support for suspend and hibernate via HAL.  Initial patch from
   Michael Casadevall (bug 2672).
 - When restoring clients on startup, be sure to set their current
   working directory if the cwd was set as a part of their saved state.
 - Add SaveSession kiosk capability (bug 2998).
 - When a client requests interaction, don't continue to kill all other
   clients while it's still interacting.  And then don't ignore it when
   it wants to cancel shutdown.  Also fixes a similar problem when
   interaction is requested during a phase 2 save-yourself (bug 4284).
 4.5.91 (Xfce 4.6beta1):
 - Start up session in parallel to greatly shorten startup time (bug 4312).
 - Add a D-Bus interface for some limited amount of remote control.
 - Implement support for the ShutdownCommand SM property when a
   client has RestartAnyway set as its restart style hint.
 - Implement support for the RestartNever restart style hint.
 - sync() disks early in the shutdown process if on Linux and
   ioprio_set() is available (bug 4313).  Otherwise sync() right before
   quit as before (bug 4313).
 - Check for a running gnome-keyring instance before launching
   a new one (bug 3007).
 - Convert most of xfce4-session to use Xfconf.  Splash settings are still
   stored in the xfce4-splash.rc file.  The xfce4-session.rc file is no long=
   used, however.
 4.5.90 (Xfce 4.6alpha):
 - Modified settings-dialogs to work with the new settings-manager
 - Fix compile-issues with -Wall -Werror in mice theme-engine and settings-d=
 - Let xfce4-session start xfsettingsd automatically
 - Remove dependency on deprecated NETK
 - Translations: am, ar, az, be, bn_IN, ca, cs, da, de, dz, el,=20
   en_GB, eo, es_MX, es, et, eu, fa, fi, fr, gl, gu, he, hi, hu,=20
   id, it, ja, ka, ko, lt, lv, mk, mr, ms, nb_NO, nl, pa, pl,=20
   pt_BR, pt_PT, ro, ru, si, sk, sq, sv, ta, tr, uk, ur, vi, zh_CN, zh_TW=20
 cvs remove -f patches/patch-ac
 cvs add patches/patch-aa
 - Fix possible monitor cache size inconsistency when the screen size change=
 - Fix fill function not working with multiscreen.
 - Fix size not properly computed by the fill function with a dock on top or
   left (Bug #4960).
 - Only display the shortcut conflict dialog if the conflict is with a diffe=
   shortcut than the one being edited.
 - When stealing a shortcut from another shortcuts provider, clear the short=
   of that provider first.
 - Fix focus stealing prevention with applications which support the=20
 - Do not automatically give focus to windows placed on lower layers, but=20
   focus those on upper layers at first map.
 - Fix compilation failure in debug full without render
 - Fix ICCCM synthetic unmap notify handling causing a race condition with
   amule when started hidden to system tray (Bug #4928)
 - Fix margin max value (Bug #4931)
 - Apply font settings changes in real time (DPI, hinting, hint style, rgba).
 - Fix key "Super" remaining sticky when used as a modifier shortcut=20
   (Bug #4959). (Xfce 4.6rc1):
 - Fix a crash when removing a monitor with xrandr 1.2.
 - Command line option "--daemon" would have no effect when xfwm4 connects t=
   the session manager (Bug #4839).
 - Fix settings not being set at startup (Bug #4845).
 - Flatten default theme.
 - Fix dragging button layout when the dialog is embedded in the settings
   dialog (Bug #4524).
 - Make title alignment and button layout insensitive when not supported by =
   theme selected.
 - Use gtk_selection_data_get_data() only if available (Bug #4855).
 4.5.93 (Xfce 4.6beta3):
 - Work around a problem affecting the use of the "Super" key as modifier fo=
   moving windows (Bug #4632).
 - Fix smart placement not working for windows with height or width larger t=
   actual screen size (Bug# 3126).
 - Remove maximization if a client updates its size max size hint (Bug #4706=
 - String review by Josh Saddler <> (Bug #4703).
 - Fix fill horizontally and vertically not working as expected (Bug #4712).
 - Prevent "fill" from expanding beyond physical monitor.
 - Do not mark gtk+ stock labels as translatable (Bug #4722).
 - Change default shadow radius and position.
 - Fix some controls not being localized (Bug #4740).
 - Remove markup not supported by xfce_message_dialog() (Bug #4786).
 - Avoid placing unfocused windows on top of the current focused window when=
   focusing new windows (Bug #4795).
 4.5.92 (Xfce 4.6beta2):
 - Add support for restart style SmRestartImmediately.
 - Add support for NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW.
 - Add client windows to save set to avoid loosing all windows in case of cr=
 - Rework the window menu to improve consistency with libwnck menu (Bug #453=
 - Simplify management of transients.
 - Add support for keyboard shortcuts (Bug #4492).
 - Add new option do disable blinking of urgent windows.
 - Fix possible crash when the dbl_click_action setting gets unset.
 - Fix workspaces names not being set in the workspace settings GUI.
 - Do not display warnings for values that are not configurable via xfconf=20
   (typically theme settings).
 - Draw focus in tabwin to make sure the selection is visible even with them=
   that do not show selected items.
 - Add key shortcut for reverse cycling (Bug #2778)
 4.5.91 (Xfce 4.6beta1):
 - Add support for NET_WM_PING protocol.
 - Add support for NET_WM_PID to be able to kill apps (when not responding to
 - Make shadow opacity configurable (bug #4447).
 - Make wireframe while cycling user configurable (Bug #4443).
 - Rework visual depth selection of the frame window (Bug #4452).
 - Add new user option to set/unset repeat blinking of urgent windows (Bug #=
 - Add margins configuration in workspace settings (Bug #4438).
 - Loosen the rule that prevents an application from iconifying itself when
   skip_taskbar is set (Bug #4434).
 - Fix NET_WM_STATE claiming maximization vertical and horizontal even if on=
   horizontal of vertical is actually set (Bug #3969).
 - Add an option to set default window placement w/out smart placement missi=
 ng from
   the wmtweaks GUI.
 - Allow any modifier to be used for easy move, including disabling the func=
 - Add embedding support to all xfwm4 settings dialogs.
 - Sort theme alphabetically (Bug #4318).
 - Implement workspace name changing.
 - Do not allocate window extents if the window is not visible (Bug #4363).
 - Improve centering of windows with Xinerama.
 - Lot of settings dialogs fixes and enhancements
 - Update Basque translation
 - Update German translation
 - Update Korean translation
 - Update Slovene translation
 4.5.90 (Xfce 4.6alpha):
 - Add button prelight in window frames (Bug #3219).
 - Add resize from top of window.
 - Rewritten move/resize operations with keyboard.
 - Add hooks in the compositor to reduce flickering during resize (bug #4283,
 - Support for EWMH 1.4 NET_WM_USER_TIME_WINDOW.
 - Window menu includes more operations (fullscreen, above, below, move, res=
 - Support for xrandr 1.2 (requires gtk+ 2.14).
 - Iconified windows are sent to the end of the focus ring.
 - Add a --replace option to replace ICCCM2 compliant window managers
   (Bug #3731).
 - Compositor supports overlays from Composite extension version 0.3 if
 - Reworked transient/parent relationship to improve compatibility with libw=
 - Add "fill" operation to make a window as large as available space.
 - Various optimizations to reduce the frame redraws.
 - Rework the event filter to avoid passing all events to gtk+.
 - Treat dialogs and utility windows as transients for group (bug #3102).
 - Add support for shape input with XShape extension 1.1 (Bug #3092).
 - Make the title button in the xfwm4 settings manager dragable (bug #3000).
 - Fix a misinterpretation of ICCCM about when to send a synthetic
   configureNotify event (bug #2977).
 - Add option to instruct xfwm4 not to bring window back on
   current workspace when activated (bug #2961).
 - Place splash screen windows on the normal layer, so that dialogs that
   get mapped during startup have a chance to be placed above the splash
 - Raise focused window on workspace switch (bug #2960).
 - Sort Z-order on workspace change (bug #2960).
 - Fix the small lag before icon update at first map and when updating all
   frames at once.
 - Use timeout for frame redraw, check actual WM name changes to work around
   apps that falsely update their WM name property (Bug #2810).
 - Update Hungarian translation
 - Update Catalan translation
 - Update Italian translation
 - Update Polish translation
 - Update German translation
 - Update Japanese translation
 - Update Turkish translation
 - Update Ukrainian translation
 - Update Dutch translation
 - Update Chinese (simplified) translations by Wu Li and fixed some
   accelerators in the French translations.
 - New Albanian translations by Besnik Bleta
 - New British English translations by Jeff Bailes
 Update to Xfce-4.6.0. (No changelog provided, diff shows only build
 infrastructural changes.)
 - Updated translations: ro (Mi?u Moldovan), el (Stavros Giannouris),=20
   es (Abel Mart=EDn), gl (Leandro Requeiro), zh_CN (Chris K. Zhang),
   pl (Piotr Sok=F3?), en_GB (Jeff Bailes), fr (Mike Massonnet),=20
   tr (Eren T=FCrkay)
 - Updated translations: da (Lars Chrisitan Jensen, Per Kongstad),=20
   es (Abel Mart=EDn), fr (Maximilian Schleiss, Mike Massonnet),=20
   id (Andhika Padmawan), pt_BR (Og Maciel, tr (G=F6kmen G=F6rgen).
 - Don't setup bindings for <Shift>n and <Shift>p in ExoIconView so that
   type-ahead search works as expected (bug #4633).
 - Remove GenericName and "Xfce 4" prefix from=20
 - Stop startup notification once the plug is created and the helper=20
   settings dialog content has been moved into the plug.
 - Use -V instead of -v as short parameter for --version.
 - Improve handling of URIs in exo-open (bug #4627).
 - Updated translations: ca (Carles Mu=F1os Gorriz), cs (Michal Varady),
   de (Fabian Nowak, Jannis Pohlmann), es (Abel Mart=EDn), eu (Piarres=20
   Beobide), fi (Jari Rahkonen), fr (Maximilian Schleiss), hu (Szerv=E1c=20
   Attila), id (Andhika Padmawan), ja (Nobuhiro Iwamatsu), nb_NO (Terje
   Uriansrud), pt_BR (Og Maciel), sq (Besnik Bleta), sv (Daniel=20
   Nylander), tr (Eren Turkay).
 - Make Preferred Applications dialog pluggable into the new settings
 - Draw the background for text renderers inside the icon view. This is
   just a workaround inspired by GtkIconView and should be removed later.
 - Get rid of external MD5 functions (Bug #4595).
 - Fix compile against GLib < 2.14.
 - Fix directory names with "@" being treated as URLs (Bug #4330).
 - Updated translations: Michal Varady (cs), Piarres Beobide (eu),=20
   Abel Mart=EDn (es), Jari Rahkonen (fi), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO),
   G=F6kmen G=F6rgen (tr).
 - Add midori helper (bug #4446)
 - Updated translations: Carles Mu=F1oz Gorriz (ca), Fabian Nowak (de),
   Stavros Giannouris (el), Abel Mart=EDn (es), Kristjan Siimson (et),
   Leandro Regueiro (gl), Andhika Padmawan (id), Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (ja),
   Erdal Ronahi (ku), Rihards Pried?tis (lv), Piotr Mali?ski (pl),
   Og Maciel (pt_BR), Nuno Miguel (pt_PT), NIkitaBelobrov (ru),
   Chao Sye (zh_CN)
 - Include preferred apps dialog in the new settings manager.
 - Add support for mounting and unmounting encrypted volumes. (Bug #3349)
 - Don't strip text between nodes with --strip-content, this will make strip=
   work on glade files.
 Remove patch-aa (applied upstream). Remove workaround for; it should be fixed.
 Apply patch from to fix
 empty icons for default panel launchers.
 package changes:
 - Block panel autohide if the widget is grabbed (bug #4597).
 - Fix dragging to launcher submenu items (bug #4026).
 - Send the event time with startup notification instead
   of zero, so focus stealing works properly.
 - Set the foreground color of the lcd clock (bug #4923).
 - Don't escape the command when dropping a .desktop file in the
   launcher dialog (bug #4818).
 - Fixed extern char** environ is not defined on BSD platforms (bug #4834).
 - Cache tooltip icons. Since gtk queries it a lot, resulting in too many
   open()'s for loading the pixbuf (bug #4614).
 - Rebuild the plugin if the properties dialog is cancelled (bug #4612).
 - Set DISPLAY variable so the launcher launches on the correct screen
   (bug #4654 and #4693)).
 - Add missing functions in the symbols file (bug #4700).
 - Added a libxfce4panel.h header that includes all other headers for
   plugin writers.
 - Use -V for version information.
 - Fix broken actions button when the panel orientation is changed (bug #454=
 - Fix a lot of compiler warnings with -Werror.
 - Make all the labels mnemonic when possible.
 - Lot of dialog tweaks when it comes to strings and spacing.
 - New xfce4-panel icons.
 - Use a location selector for the launcher dialog's working directory.
 - Rename Pager to Workspace Switcher and Systray to Notification Area.
 - Remove signal disconnect left after the patch of bug #4474.
 - Fix xrandr problem so it's possible to change the panel's
   monitor after a monitor has been removed (bug #3620).
 - Panel does not adhere to 'fullwidth' property when using=20
   vertical orientation after restarting (bug #4456).
 - Implement SmRestartImmediately (bug #4516).
 - Reverse the order of the launcher menu when the panel is on=20
   the top of the screen (bug #4450).
 - Don't spawn zombies (bug #4490).
 - Quote commands in the launcher when selecting an application=20
   (bug #4507, bug #4549).
 - Restore panel workspace names after panel restart (bug #4589).
 - Update the tooltip of the clock when it is visible.
 - Remove MCS plugin, MCS is deprecated.
 - Use changed signal on GtkIconTheme for theme changes (bug #4474).
 - Fix crach when removing a panel (bug #4401).
 - Fix glib 2.14 dependency (bug #4376).
 - This fixes bug #4401 (xfce4-panel halted when a panel was removed)
 - Fix window manager hints reporting width 1 pixel too wide (bug #3402).
 - Make itembar not care about expanded items when panel is not full width.
 - Separator can have different styles: space, expanded space, line (default=
   handle and old-style dotted handle. Initial patch by Landry Breuil. (Jasp=
 - Complete rewrite of the clock plugin. (Nick)
 - Rewrite of the system tray plugin. This should fix the icon size problems
   (Bugs 3213, 3176, 962, 3478 and 3417), add option to hide icons in the
   tray, sort icons by application name and support multiple lines based on =
   panel size. The tray manager code is now integrated in the plugin, so it
   can be removed from libxfcegui4. (Nick)
 - Fix area that is off-limits to other windows (_NET_WM_STRUT hints) for a
   Xinerama setup with differently sized monitors (Bug #3097). (Jasper)
 - Completely rewritten launcher (Bugs 2336, 2365, 1323, 2262 and 1225)
 - Various improvements in libxfce4panel (memory leaks, G_GNUC_INTERNAL,
   GSList, visibility support, canonical strings and fixed pedantic warnings=
 - Libxfce4panel does no longer depend on libxfcegui4. This might cause
   some problems with plugins. Plugin developers should add libxfcegui4
   to the dependencies of their package (including cflags and libadd in
   the makefiles).
 - Some new Tango icons.
 cvs remove -f patches/patch-aa
 cvs add patches/patch-ac
 - Fix crash when entering the same hidden directory twice in the
   location entry (bug #4847).
 - Pass the current event time to startup notification, so focus
   stealing works properly.
 - Optional nano version added to
 - Update Danish, Norwegian Bokmal, Simplified Chinese and Turkish=20
 - Fix crash in the tree side pane when hidden files are toggled (bug #2502).
 - Always show an error dialog if one of the files passed via the command=20
   line cannot be opened.
 - Only show eject option for devices when requires_eject is TRUE (bug #3978=
 - Fix crash when cd drive is ejected (bug #4257).
 - Use posix_fadvise() for copying large files.
 - Use -V for version information.
 - Restore the selection after deleting a file (bug #3884).
 - Fix completion in the path bar when ~/ is used (bug #2973).
 - Change the tooltip of the trash plugin from "Trash is full" to
   "Trash contains files" (bug #3266).
 - Popup the location selector when the dead tilde is pressed. This allows
   people with dead keys to use the location selector.
 - Unload folders in the tree side pane when they are collapsed (bug #4051).
 - Don't monitor /proc and /dev on Linux systems.
 - Implement window groups so modal dialogs don't block other Thunar=20
   windows (bug #3586).
 - Open a question dialog before removing a custom action (bug #3838).
 - Make the first alpha numeric character upper-case in the case renamer
   (bug #3559).
 - Update links to the Glib reference manual in the docs (bug #4555).
 - Only respond to the predefined key bindings for deleting files when
   the user has not set a custom accelerator (bug #4173).
 - Implement menu providers in the side pane popup menus (bug #2740).
 - Unmounted volumes are 50% translucent so give some visual feedback.
 - Add rename option to the tree side pane popup menu.
 - Don't go back in the history anymore if the new directory is the first=20
   one in the backward history (bug #4660).
 - Implement reorder, positioned drag and drop and rubberbanding in the
   renamer dialog (bug #3325).
 - Change Name value of the desktop entry to "Thunar File Manager".
 - Go back and forward using the 8th and 9th button on the mouse (bug #4687).
 - Various compilers warnings were fixed, some performace improvements=20
   and less memory allocations.
 - Update Albanian, Basque, Belarusian, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech=
   Danish, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanes=
   Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish a=
   Ukrainian translations.
 - Fix build on MacOS X (bug #4433).
 - Don't create Thunar -> thunar symlink on case-insensitive=20
   filesystems (bug #4430).
 - Add thunar-wallpaper-plugin for setting the wallpaper on=20
   xfdesktop >=3D 4.5.90.
 - Update Basque, French and Spanish translations
 - Fix .desktop file to launch thunar-settings dialog with=20
 - Update Indonesian, Korean, Polisn, Arabic, Ukranian, Galician, Turkish,=20
   English Brittish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Chinese (traditional), Portuguese,
   Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Greek, French, Spanish, Russian, Czech and
   Hungarian translations.
 - Add Kurdish translation
 New in Xfce 4.6; package base on entry in pkgsrc-wip by Adam Hoka;
 A compliant menu implementation for Xfce.
 cvs import
 Xfce 4.6:
   * Fix menu plugin crash when selecting custom menu file (Bug #4879).
   * Do not mark Gtk stock identifiers as translatable. Patch from
     Stefan Stuhr (Bug #4721).
   * Update Desktop files to contain icon-naming-spec compliant icon
     names and use 'exo-open' to start the Web browser and terminal emulator.
   * Only regenerate the monitor on file changes we care about (Bug #4979).
   * Updated translations: Danish, Turkish, German, Polish, Simplified
     Chinese, English (GB), Japanese, French.
 Xfce 4.6rc1 (Xfce
   * Remove the menu editor (which was just a stub anyway).
 Xfce 4.6beta3 (Xfce 4.5.93):
   * Avoid an infinite loop if all files in a backdrop list are invalid.
 Xfce 4.6beta2 (Xfce 4.5.92):
   * Display 'Audio' and 'Video' categories in the multimedia submenu.
   * Fix multiple image selection in settings dialog file chooser (bug 4522).
   * Always use the XfceMenuElement interface for reading the display names=
     of menu items and menus. This ensures that items appear sorted in=20
     alphabetic order.
 Xfce 4.6beta1 (Xfce 4.5.91):
   * Bring back the "show icons in menu" preferences for the desktop
     menu and window list menu.
   * Add support for XDG user dirs for the Desktop and Templates
     directories.  Patch from Andrea Santilli <> (bug 
   * Fix xfdesktop/xfce menu crashing when installing new applications that
     install .desktop files and icons (bug 3615).
   * Fix occasional "double menu" after menu/icon files change on disk
     (bug 4342).
   * Implement "rubber banding" for the desktop icon view (bug 3245).
   * Honor the Hidden=3D, OnlyShowIn=3D, and NeverShowIn=3D keys in .desktop
     files in the desktop folder (bug 4022).
   * Fix window menu popping up even after last window icon was
     de-selected when using minimized app icons.
   * Display 'Eject' in the context menu for removable drives that
     support eject, not just optical discs (bug 3738).
   * Fix memory leak (not freeing result of gtk_container_get_children()
     in the desktop menu code).
   * Fix memory/X window leak (not destroying menu in panel plugin after
     it's closed; old menu didn't require it, but new one does).
   * Use GtkFileChooserButtons in the panel plugin config dialog instead
     of entry box + button, and remove the 'Edit menu' button/menu item
     since we don't have a menu editor anymore.
   * Add cell-spacing, cell-padding, and cell-text-width-proportion
     stlye properties to XfdesktopIconView to control spacing/sizing of
     the icon grid (bug 2886).  Patch from Giacomo Lozito.
   * Add the ellipsize-icon-labels style property  to control whether
     or not unselected icons get their labels truncated (bug 2886).
     Patch from Daniel Gibson.
   * Add style properties to enable painting a text shadow 'under' the
     desktop icon text labels (bug 4412).  Patch from Andrea Santilli.
   * Add backdrop image preview to settings dialog.
   * Make settings dialog pluggable into the Xfce Settings Manager.
   * Make the Help button in the settings dialog do something.
 Xfce 4.6alpha (Xfce 4.5.90):
   * Redo how the menu system works so menus can be embedded in other
     menus.  This makes it possible for the right-click context menu
     to be the 'normal' applications menu when icons are disabled,
     but set to the desktop's own context menu when file icons are
     enabled.  In this latter case, the applications menu becomes a
     submenu of the desktop context menu (bug 2531).
   * Ditch my custom semi-fd.o-compliant menu system in favor of
     XfceMenu, our new fd.o-compliant menu implementation written by
     Jannis Pohlmann.
   * Fix URI parsing in .desktop files when launching an application so
     that the "field codes" (%-codes) are either properly ignored or
     are substituted properly.  This should fix a lot of problems where
     some apps were expecting some command-line arguments but the menu
     was just throwing them all away (bug 2942).
   * Add support for 'zoomed' backdrop mode: fill the screen with the
     backdrop edge-to-edge by scaling and/or cropping as necessary.
     This doesn't mess with the aspect ratio and is pretty nifty.  Patch
     is from <> (bug 3138).
   * Stop using our forked libnetk from libxfcegui4, and use the much
     better supported original libwnck.  Patch is from Nick Schermer
     (bug 3487).
   * Support the GdkScreen::monitors-changed signal present in gtk+ 2.13
     and above.  This allows xfdesktop to notice if the user plugs or
     unplugs a monitor when using an xrandr1.2-capable X server and video
   * Support the new tooltips framework present in gtk 2.12 for
     XfdesktopIconView.  This is mostly user-invisible, but does decrease
     code size and memory usage ever so slightly, and removes a possible
     source of bugs.
   * Remove all old MCS settings manager code and start using Xfconf,
     Xfce's new configuration system.
   * New redesigned settings dialog, with hopefully some better usability.
   * Move hidden options for showing special icons on the desktop into
     the settings dialog GUI.
   * Add a color saturation adjustment to the backdrop image settings.
   * Add "transparent" color style for the backdrop; if you already have
     another application drawing the backdrop, you can disable xfdesktop's
     image drawing and color drawing and "see through" to the window
     beneath it while still having desktop icons and the desktop menu
     available.  Requires ARGB windows (bug 4061).
   * Fix font size used to draw desktop icons when the size isn't an
     integer point size (bug 4295).
 cvs remove -f patches/patch-aa patches/patch-ab
 cvs add patches/patch-ac
 Update to 2.6.0.
 - Much compact version of the default theme.
 - Update WM colors to match the new xfwm4 decoration theme
 - Fix bg color being shown under group box title (Bug #1018)
 - Remove README.html files (Bug #3280)
 - Try to load items from before trying=20 in order to provide the same items as xfdesktop
   does (reported by Mark Trompell).
 - Translation updates: gl (Leandro Regueiro), id (Andhika Padmawan),=20
   pl (Piotr Sok=F3?), en_GB (Jeff Bailes), tr (G=F6kmen G=F6rgen, Samed Bey=
   uk (Dmitry Nikitin)
 - Translation updates: da (Per Kongstad), es (Abel Mart=EDn), eu (Piarres=20
   Beobide), fr (J=E9r=F4me Guelfucci), ja (Masato Hashimoto), nb_NO (Terje=
   Uriansrud), pt_BR (Og Maciel), sv (Alexander Toresson), zh_CN (Hunt=20
   Xu, Chris. K. Zhang).
 - Assume "All" category if the current category string is empty (Bug #4613).
 - Review strings.
 - Translation updates: be (Alexander Nyakhaychyk), ca (Carles Mu=F1os Gorri=
   cs (Michal Varady), da (Lars Nielsen), de (Fabian Nowak, Jannis Pohlmann)=
   el (Stavros Giannouris), es (Abel Mart=EDn), eu (Piarres Beobide), fi (Ja=
   Rahkonen), gl (Leandro Regueiro), ja (Nobuhiro Iwamatsu), sv (Daniel=20
   Nylander), tr (Eren Turkay), uk (Dimitry Nikitin), zh_CN (Hunt Xu).
 - Fix runtime warnings and toplevel menu items always being displayed
   on top of every category.
 - Translation updates: Carles Mun=F5z Gorriz (ca), Abel Mart=EDn (es),=20
   Maximilian Schleiss (fr), Andhika Padmawan (id), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO).
 - Improved keyboard navigation.
 - Filesystem monitoring support based on thunar-vfs.
 - Remember last window size and category when closing the appfinder.
 - Add search icon to the search entry.
 - Translations updates: Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Germa=
   Japanese, Hungarian, Sinhalese, Spanish.
 - Rewrite based on libxfce4menu.
 - Translations: Amharic, Arabic, Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, British Engl=
   Czech, Catalan, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Hungarian, Indonesian,=
   Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Sinhala, Slovak, Slovene, Turkish,=20
 New in Xfce 4.6;
 The Xfce settings manager allows you to customize your desktop
 environment in an easy and intuitive way. You can set some hardware
 components such as mouse, keyboard or display; but also theme your
 windows, widgets and icons, set your preferred applications, manage
 your sessions...
 cvs import
 Update to 0.2.10
 - Support for Drag and Drop of tabs between Terminal windows was added
   (Bug #2684).
 - The required version of GTK+ is now 2.10.
 - Change about dialog URL to
 - Add support for a --maximize command line option. Patch by Mikel Ward
 - Updated translations: zh_CN, el, gl, de, pl, en_GB, ja, pt_BR,
   ca, es, id, cs, eu, sv, da, nb_NO, sq, be, tr, fi, et, ku, he, pt_PT,
 4.6.0 (Xfce 4.6.0):
 - Fix sysconfdir and datadir not being expanded properly in=20
   xinitrc (bug #4924).
 - Export GTK_PATH variable in xinitrc so that GTK+ has a chance to find
   the Xfce theme engine even in a custom prefix (bug #4925).
 - Ensure that xfrun dialog text is selected when the dialog is reshown
   via the dbus interface (bug 2836). (Xfce 4.6rc1):
 - Determine glade paths used by libxfcegui4 and set environment
   variables like LIBGLADE_MODULE_PATH according to these paths in
   the xinitrc file.
 4.5.93 (Xfce 4.6beta3):
 - Add --xfce-version option to print the Xfce release version (bug 3754).
 4.5.92 (Xfce 4.6beta2):
 - Migrate xfce4-session splash settings to xfconf.
 - Be sure $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/autostart exists when creating .desktop
   file to disable xfconf migration script.
 - Migrate xfwm4 keyboard shortcuts to new xfconf format.
 4.5.91 (Xfce 4.6beta1):
 - Fix migrating shortcut keys in the xfconf settings migration script.
   Previously keys that had more than one char in the keysym name were
   getting parsed incorrectly.
 - Use new keyboard shortcut settings layout in xfconf migration script.
 - Migrate xfce4-session settings to xfconf.
 4.5.90 (Xfce 4.6alpha):
 - Use gnome-screensaver if xscreensaver is not available (Bug #3131)
 - Fix syntax error in startxfce script (Bug #3089).
 - Fix insecure use of temporary file in startup script.
 - Put /usr/local/share first (Bug #2967).
 - Fix an issue with the syntax in startxfce4 script (Bug #2967).
 - Use real GtkComboBoxEntry instead of separate GtkEntry/Button for
   xfrun4 dialog (bug 3820).
 - Remove Xft.dpi fallback setting since xfsettingsd handles this now.
 - Update xinitrc to run xfsettingsd instead of xfce-mcs-manager (only
   used when the user has disabled the session manager).
 - Add MCS -> Xfconf settings migration script.
 - Sort recently used items by most recently used.
 - Updated translations: sl, gl, it, zh_CN, pl, cs, sv, da, ja, es, nb,
 -  eu, sq, de, pt_BR, id, sk, ku, lv, nl, am, si, pt_PT, fr, ur, ca,=20
 -  en_GB, tr, uk, ko, ar, el.
 * globaltime added. Can show times in several timezones
 * Man page created for orage and globaltime
 * Globaltime added.
     - shows several clocks from different timezones
     - can be raised and hidden by clicking middle mouse
       button on orage clock panel plugin
     - has timetune feature, which makes it easy to see what
       the time is in other clocks on certain time
 * All visible dates are now in country native format (strftime (%x))
 * All parameters now visible in preferences
     - restructured parameter screens
 * New appointment types: TODO and JOURNAL
     - TODO can be used to remember things that needs to done
     - JOURNALs are for notes and things to remember
 * Possible to rename Orage calendar files
 * External files can be used
     - it is possible to add files from other sources
       and Orage keeps track on those.
 * Export and import appointments.
 * Text search in event list
 * Orage is now dependent on local libical.
     - standard libical cannot be used due to several fixes
       done to Orage's private copy
 * Daylist view
     - possible to see calendar in day view format in addition
       to the old list view.
 * New alarms.=20
     - libnotify alarms
     - script type alarms
 * Possibility to set alarm based on end time also
 * Possible to define default alarm
 * Persistent alarms
     - persistent alarms are raised after Orage is started=20
       even if your computer or Orage has been turned off when the
       alarm happened.
 * Orage and orageclock now only wake up when needed.
     - saves battery in laptops when timer wakes up only when
       needed instead of regularly every second.
 * Main calendar now has list of events and todos.
 * Better compatibility with evolution ical files
 * Categories added
     - also possible to give colour to certain category
       and then colour is shown in even list view
 pkgsrc changes:
 Unmark jobs unsafe.
 package changes:
 - Add missing AudioVideo category which is obligatory if you use the Audio=
   category (bug #4933).
 - Don't read track labels from the 'label' member of the GstMixerTrack stru=
   Instead, use the 'label' property. The struct member is undocumented and =
   not work with all backends.
 - Use the GstMixerTrack "label" property instead of the struct member to ac=
   the name of a track.  Toggle record for capture tracks instead of trying =
   mute them.  Capture tracks don't support muting (bug #4777).
 - Don't show the mute button for capture tracks (follow up of bug #4777).=20
 - Use the "label" property everywhere. I missed a few appearances of the st=
   member in the previous commit.  Copy track labels for the hash table keys.
   The previous commit b0rked this (follow up of bug #4521).
 - Translation updates: cz (Michal Varady), da (Per Kongstad),=20
   eu (Piarres Beobide), fr (Mike Massonnet), nb_NO (Terje Uriansrud),
   pt_BR (Og Maciel), zh_CN (Chris K. Zhang).
 - Change plugin volume step size from 1% to 5%.
 - Use "multimedia-volume-control" icon as the default window icon=20
   instead of "xfce4-mixer".
 - Review strings.
 - Translation updates: cs (Michal Varady), de (Fabian Nowak), es (Abel=20
   Mart=EDn), eu (Piarres Beobide), fi (Jari Rahkonen), fr (Maximilian=20
   Schleiss), gl (Leandro Regueiro), hu (Szerv=E1c Attila), ja (Nobohiro
   Iwamatsu), sv (Daniel Nylander), uk (Dmitry Nikitin).
 - Use xfconf_channel_reset_property() instead
 - Rename stock icons and install them as application icons to
   $(pkgdatadir)/icons/hicolor. Remove stock code.
 - Change step and page increment size of the panel plugin to 1%.
 - Fix license headers to use GPL everywhere.
 - Use "multimedia-volume-control" icon in the desktop entry.
 - Fix build with GStreamer < 0.10.14.
 - Translation updates: Carles Mu=F1os Gorriz (ca), Abel Mart=EDn (es),
   Cs=E9csey K=E1roly (hu). Andhika Padmawan (id), Terje Uriansrud (nb_NO)
   G=F6kmen G=F6rgen (tr).
 - Remove XfceMixerCard abstraction over GstMixer.
 - Use a single GstBus for all GstMixer notifications.
 - Use 'multimedia-volume-control' icon instead of 'xfce4-mixer'.
 - Improve panel plugin icons, add another icon for volume between 0%=20
   and 15%.
 - Panel plugin now refreshes properly after using the plugin properties
   dialog (fixes bug #4370).
 - Improve .desktop file: add the mixer to the "Audio" and "X-XFCE"
   categories, and add StartupNotify=3Dtrue and Terminal=3Dfalse.
 - Add DEBUG define to make the DBG macro work.
 - Translation updates: Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, French,=20
   German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Sinhalese, Spanish.
 - Complete rewrite based on GStreamer 0.10.
 - Supports all sound systems supported by GStreamer (ALSA, OSS,=20
   PulseAudio and many more).
 - Support for multiple sound cards.
 - New panel plugin especially designed for easy use with the mouse=20
   scroll wheel.
 - Update Japanese, Galician, Danish, Brazilial Portuguese, Swedish, German,=
   Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, Basque, British English, Turkish, Czech
   Catalan, French and Ukranian translations.
 - Update Albanian, Basque, Czech, Danish, Finnish, German, Hungarian,
   Japanese, Spanish and Swedish translations.
 - Make settings-dialogs use xfconf instead of mcs-manager
 - Make settings-dialogs independent apps instead of mcs-plugins
 - Fix segfault when there is no default printer selected in backend
   (bug #3816)
 - Update Arabic, Greek, Galician, Brazilian Portuguese, Latvian and=20
   Sinhala translations
 - Add dependency on gnome-icon theme. The Xfce icon theme didn't get
   updated in time for the 4.6 release and misses icons.
 - Add x11/xfce4-settings
 That's it. I hope I didn't miss anything...

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