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Re: pkg/25879 (gdm does not set the right tty/pty name)

Synopsis: gdm does not set the right tty/pty name

State-Changed-From-To: analyzed->closed
State-Changed-When: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 06:22:36 +0000
I don't think the behavior should be changed; adding a utmp entry with a
fake tty of :0 is long-established historic behavior of xdm, and as I
noted when committing a fix for 26168 in the long run we probably want to
make arrangments so "tty" messages (e.g. from syslogd) can get to users
who have an X session open but no ttys. Then we'll want those entries or
something like them, and we'll probably even want to back out our own
patch to xdm that suppresses the behavior.
If someone wants to commit a patch to gdm that suppresses the :0 entry,
and then revert it at such time as we start doing something useful with
such entries, I'm not going to object; however, given how long this PR
has been sitting around I'm not going to hold my breath. :-)

Historically also a number of utmp-related tools print nonsensical idle
times for the :0 entry. This is caused by printing from uninitialized
stat structures, and I'm not sure if NetBSD has been fixed or not. So if
anyone sees such idle times, please file PRs on the offending tools.

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