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Re: pkg/40532: privoxy ignores user:group and has wheel permissions and so everyone accessing privoxy admin page


I have built the software by simple 'make install'
It has installed and the software, and also i copied /usr/pkg/share/examples/rc.d/privoxy to /etc/rc.d/privoxy I started the software by '#/etc/rc.d/privoxy onestart' (then i inserted privoxy=yes) to rc.conf

All fine.

There are privoxy rules at /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/*
I edited rules by vi as root as i wish, and then i did '#chmod 660 /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/*' and '#chown root:wheel /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/*'
Now all rules should be safe, only editable to wheel users.

Now, what confused me is that;

1- As normal user, start a browser; ie firefox; and adjust its settings so that it uses 8118 port as http proxy 2- Type 'p.p' in address bar so that you can reach privoxy administration page.
3- Now try to edit rules!

Rules are editable although all are root:wheel and chmod 660 while i'm a normal user and not in wheel group (nor privoxy user in wheel group)

Question: Why privoxy service run as privoxy:wheel instead of privoxy:privoxy? Is this expected behaviour?


Matthias Drochner, 02/02/09 18:03:
Can you please describe at which point you think user/group are ignored,
at build time or at run time?
For me, everything looks as intended:
[from the pkg src dir]
$ more work.zelz27/privoxy-3.0.10-stable/config.status
# ./configure  --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/usr/pkg/share/examples/privox
--with-user=privoxy --with-group=privoxy --prefix=/usr/pkg --host=i386--netbsde
lf --mandir=/usr/pkg/man
$ id privoxy
uid=1004(privoxy) gid=1002(privoxy) groups=1002(privoxy)
$ ps ax -o uid,gid,command|grep privoxy
1004 1002 /usr/pkg/sbin/privoxy --pidfile /var/run/ --user privoxy /
$ ls -l /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/config
-rw-rw----  1 privoxy  privoxy  42509 Jan 22 14:25 /usr/pkg/etc/privoxy/config

PS: Please upgrade this software to latest 3.0.10 too

I've done this locally, but we should understand your problem first
to make sure there is no serious security flaw.

best regards

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