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Re: pkg/39818: In pkgsrc, conflict between gail-1.22.3 and gtk2+-2.14.4

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 01:45:01AM +0000, 
 > Trying to build mail/balsa.  As part of the build process, gail is
 > identified as a dependency and is successfully built.  gail is not
 > installed, however; it dies with this message:

The issue is that gail was rolled into gtk2. The gail package, which
depends on gtk2, is now unbuildable. However, anything that uses the
new gtk2 should no longer need to reference gail explicitly.

If you just want to get this to build, you can probably work around
the problems by commenting out the references to gail in
www/gtkhtml38/Makefile and www/gtkhtml38/, and anywhere
else that turns up.

Fixing it properly also requires tinkering with DEPENDS and maybe a
version bump. There are people working on the various gnome packages;
I can't at the moment find where on the mailing lists they've been
talking about it, although some discussion appears in PR 39763.

David A. Holland

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