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Re: pkg/30523


Could you try latest pkgsrc? 
I think net/lftp/Makefile rev. 1.82 fixed the problems.

> $ lftp
> lftp :~> open localhost
> dlopen(/usr/pkg/lib/lftp/3.2.1/, 10): Symbol not found: 
> __ZN6SMTask6ResumeEv
>   Referenced from: /usr/pkg/lib/lftp/3.2.1/liblftp-network.dylib
>   Expected in: flat namespace

> There are two problems, probably related: 
> in /usr/pkg/lib/lftp/3.2.1/ i have liblftp-network.dylib and 
> liblftp-pty.dylib, and some .so files (as listed in PLIST)
> those .dylib files cause problem when unintalling lftp too, since pkg_delete 
> expects them to be ".so".
> I tried to understand why libtool produces .dylib and .so files, but they 
> seem to be installed exactly with the same libtool call, so i'm a bit lost

-- Yuji Yamano
Peace, unity, love and having fun!

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