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Re: pkg/39181: pkgtools/pkg_install-20080718 fails to compile due to unresolved X509_check_ca symbol

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 04:45:03PM +0000, Stuart Shelton wrote:
This problem occurs on both IRIX systems: one doesn't have pkgsrc
OpenSSL installed (although system OpenSSL is 0.9.7e-sgipl1) and the
other has pkgsrc OpenSSL 0.9.8h installed.

Do you have X509_check_purpose on both?

The system OpenSSL-0.9.7e-sgipl1 has:

# nm /usr/lib32/ | grep check_purpose
[2316] | 24788896| 260|FUNC |GLOB |DEFAULT |MIPS_TEXT| X509_check_purpose

NetBSD/pkgsrc OpenSSL-0.9.8h has:

# nm /usr/bsd/lib/ | grep check
[354] | 4251080| 260|FUNC |GLOB |DEFAULT |UNDEF | X509_check_purpose

# nm /usr/bsd/lib/ | grep check
[2988] | 5321792| 260|FUNC |GLOB |DEFAULT |MIPS_TEXT| X509_check_purpose

... so libcrypto has this symbol on both machines, neither of which are now able to build pkg_install. It's worth noting that, with the right patches, the last pkg_install did work (although download- vulnerability-list didn't).

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