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Re: pkg/38221 (bootstrap/bmake, devel/bmake are boken under solaris, sparc)

Hi all,
I've been looking at this a bit more, in particular I ran truss on bmake failing and working. Any -j option causes the bmake test to fail. Running bmake without -j work just fine. Here are truss outputs from the failing test, first with two -j options that don't work and the last that did work.

In the failed -j1 output we can clearly see poll (pollsys) indicating EOF on fd 8 by returning "rev=POLLIN" which is promptly ignored. fd 8 is clearly the fd where the results from the child appear.

I haven't finished digging (and I won't get a chance to do more today), but line 2180 of job.c seems to say that the table of descriptors being polled should have two entries before and children we are reading data from. The truss logs clearly show only one. I have no idea where the other one has gone.

Lloyd Parkes
Senior Systems Programmer
Open Systems
Ph: +64 4 890 2437

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