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Re: misc/39160: git installs incorrectly, configure passes but gmake fails to find /usr/bin/perl

The following reply was made to PR pkg/39160; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Klaus Heinz <>
Subject: Re: misc/39160: git installs incorrectly, configure passes but 
gmake fails to find /usr/bin/perl
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 22:12:32 +0200 wrote:
 > Installing git 1.5.6 DOES NOT fix the problem, in fact it looks worse?
 > only binaries available are git and gitk.. and while "git unpack-objects"
 > works git-unpack-objects is missing so remote pushes still fail.  Unless
 > I can configure my host to use the built-in git command.
 > >How-To-Repeat:
 > install git from pkgsrc.  See that "git-unpack-objects" does not 
 > exist
 I never used git before. Out of curiosity I built scmgit_base 1.5.6
 on NetBSD 3 today.
 While you are correct that the directory /usr/pkg/bin only contains git
 and gitk, the other executable files live in /usr/pkg/libexec/git-core/
   $ ls
   git                       git-get-tar-commit-id     git-rebase
   git-add                   git-grep                  git-rebase--interactive
   git-diff-index            git-mv                    git-unpack-objects
 It looks like such a configuration is supported by git, if not usually
 enabled. The corresponding commit to pkgsrc seems to this one
   date: 2008/04/21 01:09:51;  author: bjs;  state: Exp;
   Update devel/scmgit [ -> 1.5.5]
      The scmgit-base package now installs most of its binaries, e.g. git-*,
      to ${PREFIX}/libexec/git-core/ instead of ${PREFIX}/bin.  There are
      only two programs under ${LOCALBASE}/bin: the "master" git(7) wrapper
      program and the gitk tcl/tk repository browser.  Given that there are
      many different GIT interfaces (GUI applications, devel/tig, shell
      completion scripts, etc.), it seemed needless to me to have 120+
      binaries--a vast majority of which most users would seldom invoke
      directly--polluting ${LOCALBASE}/bin.

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