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Re: pkg/39090: pkg_admin from pkg_install-renovation fails to run with 'fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'

>  > download-vulnerability-list is now a wrapper around 'pkg_admin
>  > fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'.  However, when invoked this only outputs:
>  Can you execute it with -x? I might be using a construct your shell
>  doesn't understand.

I don't think that download-vulnerability-list is at fault: it's
pkg_admin which doesn't work!

My shell is bash-3.2.33.

With -x:

# download-vulnerability-list -x
getopt: invalid option -- x
Usage: download-vulnerability-list -hs [-c config_file]
Please use ``pkg_admin fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'' instead.

# pkg_admin -x
pkg_admin: unknown option -- x
usage: pkg_admin [-bqSvV] [-C config] [-d lsdir] [-K pkg_dbdir] [-s
sfx] command args ...
Where 'commands' and 'args' are:
 rebuild                     - rebuild pkgdb from +CONTENTS files
 rebuild-tree                - rebuild +REQUIRED_BY files from forward deps
 check [pkg ...]             - check md5 checksum of installed files
 add pkg ...                 - add pkg files to database
 delete pkg ...              - delete file entries for pkg in database
 set variable=value pkg ...  - set installation variable for package
 unset variable pkg ...      - unset installation variable for package
 lsall /path/to/pkgpattern   - list all pkgs matching the pattern
 lsbest /path/to/pkgpattern  - list pkgs matching the pattern best
 dump                        - dump database
 pmatch pattern pkg          - returns true if pkg matches pattern,
otherwise false
 fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities [-s] - fetch new vulnerability file
 check-pkg-vulnerabilities [-s] <file> - check syntax and checksums of
the vulnerability file
 audit [-es] [-t type] ...       - check installed packages for vulnerabilities
 audit-pkg [-es] [-t type] ...   - check listed packages for vulnerabilities
 audit-batch [-es] [-t type] ... - check packages in listed files for
 audit-history [-t type] ...     - print all advisories for package names
 config-var name                 - print current value of the
configuration variable
 check-signature ...         - verify the signature of packages
 sign-package pkg spkg key cert  - create signature

>  > Looking at a trace of what pkg_admin is doing, it repeatedly tries
>  > from open "/usr/bsd/etc/pkg_install.conf", and then print its usage
>  > string when this fails.
>  That should be unrelated. If the config file doesn't exist, it will
>  use sane default values.

Okay, that makes sense: even with the config file in place, the trace
shows the data being read, but immediately following this pkg_admin
again outputs its usage text :(

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