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Re: pkg/38515 (sysutils/lsof doesn't build on NetBSD>=4.99.56)

On May 23,  8:05pm, (Bernd Ernesti) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pkg/38515 (sysutils/lsof doesn't build on NetBSD>=4.99.56)

|  Thats because Christos didn't use the correct __NetBSD_Version__ number
|  when he made the changes. He always used 499006200, which is wrong.
|  At least some of these changes should have been hidden with:
|  499005000
|  499005200
|  Maybe some other values are needed too, but -current is too unstable
|  to update right now.
|  But thats what happens when the pr's where not checked and just closed.

If you are tracking current, you might as well upgrade.  It is a
waste of time to make every version of current work with lsof and
all the kernel grovellers. It is enough that head works. To do this
right, one needs to check out and install each version of current
and compile lsof on each one. I have better things to do with my time;
if you don't you are welcome to fix it.


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