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Re: pkg/38399 (Transmission 1.10 doesn't start)


Well... in GNOME, I get a clean exit, no CORE dump... but in TWM, I get a core. I've put the core file at : where you can download it to try.

I've tried this on a clean account with no .transmission directory... as well as on my own account with .transmission directory, and after removing that .transmission directory...

I have no idea how to use gdb or ktrace (I'm not a developer).

I could (if necessary) create an anncount for you on that machine for a limited time.

Gilles. wrote:
Synopsis: Transmission 1.10 doesn't start

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I try to maintain this package.

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Can't reproduce the problem. Here are some questions:
1) Does it crash or exit? What does gdb and/or ktrace say?
2) Have you checked if your settings have become corrupt?
   Try moving ~/.transmission out of the way.

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