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Re: pkg/37997: OpenLDAP wreckage

The following reply was made to PR pkg/37997; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Tonnerre Lombard <>
Subject: Re: pkg/37997: OpenLDAP wreckage
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 13:32:50 +0100

 According to gdb, the crash occurs at the start of the function
 bdb_idl_fetch_key, before code is executed. The assembly dump is:
 0x4b5b10 <bdb_idl_fetch_key>:   push   %r15
 0x4b5b12 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+2>: push   %r14
 0x4b5b14 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+4>: mov    %rcx,%r14
 0x4b5b17 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+7>: mov    $0x6a6be0,%ecx
 0x4b5b1c <bdb_idl_fetch_key+12>:        push   %r13
 0x4b5b1e <bdb_idl_fetch_key+14>:        mov    %rdx,%r13
 0x4b5b21 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+17>:        mov    $0x28,%edx
 0x4b5b26 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+22>:        push   %r12
 0x4b5b28 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+24>:        push   %rbp
 0x4b5b29 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+25>:        push   %rbx
 0x4b5b2a <bdb_idl_fetch_key+26>:        mov    %rdi,%rbx
 0x4b5b2d <bdb_idl_fetch_key+29>:        mov    $0x54b3a0,%edi
 0x4b5b32 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+34>:        sub    $0x800a8,%rsp
 0x4b5b39 <bdb_idl_fetch_key+41>:        mov    %rsi,0x10(%rsp,1)       <= crash

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