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Re: pkg/37296: pkg_info -X doesn't work on Linux

 >>      pkg_info -X file1 file2
 >> pkg_info version - 20070911.  Tested on freshly installed pkgsrc with
 >> UNPRIVILEGED=yes (but this doesn't matter).
>  I can't reproduce this on current packages with pkg_install 20070916.
>  Can you at least provide the binary packages?

This bug is definitely reproducible with pkg_install-20080126
(unprivileged under Linux) (cvs up -D20080201) but I cannot reproduce
it with pkg_install-20080202 (HEAD, Linux, unprivileged) It looks like
it is fixed a few days ago (after switching to libarchive?). I think
you can change status to feedback.  I'll try to test it more on my
other systems.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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