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Re: pkg/37671: x11/xf86-input-keyboard has function names clashes with xorg server

Jeremy C. Reed writes:
|  These types of things need to be reported to and fixed by the upstream, 

Of course, I just thought that you could be more efficient than me in
contacting the people from Xorg, because they probably trust you better
than me.
And also more efficient in fixing this in pkgsrc quickly.
And also this could benefit other pkgsrc users.

I am a pkgsrc user and as such, I am facing right now the problem with
pkgsrc. But I can understand that you are not interrested in such trivial

|  And what defines your pkgxf86OSKbdPreInit if hurd, lnx (linux), sco, or 
|  sun are used instead of bsd?

My patch is only a quick workaround for bsd. I don't know the right
solution, probably the (old?) function should be removed from xorg

But it's only a matter of function name, not code. The name is
conflicting with xorg one's, which is dandling there probably since
pre-modularization. That's true for hurd, lnx, sco and sun also.
Probably no-one tried to change these functions in the kbd modular driver
since xorg modularization?

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