Subject: PR/36749 CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf
To: None <,,>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 08/08/2007 12:20:03
The following reply was made to PR pkg/36749; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: OBATA Akio <>
Subject: PR/36749 CVS commit: pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf
Date: Wed,  8 Aug 2007 12:18:51 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	obache
 Date:		Wed Aug  8 12:18:51 UTC 2007
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/fonts/dejavu-ttf: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update dejavu-ttf to 2.19.
 Based on maintainer update request in PR 36749.
  Changes from 2.18 to 2.19
     * fixed misplaced symbols (U+2325,2326) in Sans Oblique (by John Karp)
     * added Mark to Base anchors: 'cedilla' for combining cedilla and 'above-legacy' for stacking above precomposed glyphs (just a,e,i,o,u with macron for now) in Sans (by Denis Jacquerye).
     * added contextual substitution for Case and Dotless forms in all Sans variants (by Denis Jacquerye).
     * renamed 'ccmp' lookups for RTL and Basic (LGC, etc.) (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added anchor 'cedilla' for vowels in Sans. (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * extended contextual dotless and case substitutions to handle both below and above diacritics (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * renamed Dotless and Case Form GSUB lookups in Sans with meaningful names (by Denis Jacquerye)
 Changes from 2.17 to 2.18
     * Re-encoded the source files for Full Unicode (by Ben Laenen)
     * Re-enabled the "ff", "fl", "fi", "ffl", "ffi" ligatures by default in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
     * Disabled the "fi", "ffi" ligatures for languages with dotless i in Serif (by Ben Laenen)
     * added Tifinagh to Sans Book and Bold, U+2D30-U+2D65, U+2D6F, partially hinted in Sans Book. (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added Tai Xuan Jing Symbols (U+1D300-1D356) to Sans (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added double-struck letters (U+1D538-U+1D56B minus reserved code points) to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+22EE-U+22F1 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+2C67-U+2C6C, U+2C75-U+2C77 to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * italicized various glyphs in Latin Extended-B, IPA Extensions, Spacing Modifier Letters, Phonetic Extension (Supplement) and Super- and Subscripts in Serif Oblique fonts (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * modified outlines, bearings of Hebrew U+05D6, U+05D8, U+05DB, U+05DE, U+05E0, U+05E1, U+05E2, U+05EA in Sans Book and Oblique, adjusted hinting in Book based on Yotam Benshalom's comments. (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added Braille Patterns (U+2800-U+28FF) to Serif fonts (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added N'Ko to Sans Book and Bold: U+07C0-U+07E7, U+07EB-U+07F5, U+07F8-U+07FA (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added U+0ED8 (Lao digit 8) to Sans (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added Lao diacritics U+0EB0-0EB9, U+0EBB-0EBC, U+0EC8-0ECD to Mono (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * renamed Serif [Bold] Oblique, make it Italic (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added U+29FA-U+29FB to Sans and Sans Mono (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * swapped glyphs for Eng U+014A from Sami Eng to African Eng, the latter being more common (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * swapped ae U+00E6 and ae.alt in Serif Italics fonts, thus fixing #8213 (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * minor improvements to Misc. Symbols in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * minor improvements and additions to Sans ExtraLight (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * improved instructions for various Cyrillic letters (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * fixed hinting of theta and chi in Sans Book (by Ben Laenen)
     * added Georgian Mkhedruli to Sans, Serif and Mono, Asomtavruli to Sans and Serif (by Besarion Gugushvili)
 Changes from 2.16 to 2.17
     * Sans fonts: fix position for certain combinations of Arabic fatha, kasra, shadda, damma, kasratan, dammatan, fathatan and hamza (by Ben Laenen)
     * added 'ae.alt' to Serif Oblique fonts, with design matching shape of italic 'a' instead of slanted 'a', see bug:8213 (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added super- and subscripts to Serif and Mono: U+1D2C-U+1D2E, U+1D30-U+1D3C, U+1D3E-U+1D42, U+1D62-U+1D65, U+1D78, U+2071, U+207A-U+207E, U+208A-U+208E, U+2090-U+2094 (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
 Changes from 2.15 to 2.16
     * fixed hinting instructions for digits in DejaVu Sans Oblique, Bold Oblique, and Serif Book to not change glyph width (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added instructions for U+0404, U+0411, U+0413, U+0414, U+0417-U+041B, U+041F, U+0423, U+0424, U+0426-U+0429, U+042C, U+042E, U+042F, U+0490 in Serif Bold (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added U+0220 and Eng.alt to Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+232C, U+2394, U+23E3 to Sans fonts (by John Karp)
     * added U+230C-U+230F, U+231C-U+231F to Sans fonts, fixing bug:9547 (by John Karp)
     * adjusted dot below, dot above, dieresis above, dieresis below in Sans fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+2300, U+2301, U+2303, U+2304, U+2305, U+2307, U+2326, U+2327, U+232B, arrow.base to Sans fonts (by John Karp)
     * adjusted dot and dieresis below and above in Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+1E1C-U+1E1D to Serif fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+22BE, U+22BF (by Wesley Transue)
     * added U+2324; modified U+2325: more standard proportions, and matches U+2324 and U+2387; added U+2387 : flipped U+2325 with standard arrowhead (by John Karp)
     * added Lao digits U+0ED0-0ED7, U+0ED9 (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added to Mono in Arabic block : U+060C, U+0615, U+061B, U+061F, U+0621-U+063A, U+0640-0655, U+065A, U+0660-066F, U+0674, U+0679-0687, U+0691, U+0692, U+0698, U+06A1, U+06A4, U+06A9, U+06AF, U+06B5, U+06BA, U+06BE, U+06C6, U+06CC, U+06CE, U+06D5, U+06F0-06F9 (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added to Mono in Arabic Presentations Forms-A : U+FB52-FB81, U+FB8A-FB95, U+FB9E, U+FB9F, U+FBAA-FBAD, U+FBE8, U+FBE9, U+FBFC-FBFF (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added to Mono in Arabic Presentations Forms-B : U+FE70-FE74, U+FE76-FEFC, U+FEFF (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+05BA, U+05BE, U+05F3, U+05F4, U+FB1E, U+FB21-U+FB28, U+FB4F to Sans (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added U+2102 to Mono (by ?ӧԧ֧? ֧֧ܧ)
     * added U+2983-U+2984 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+2A2F to Sans, Serif and Mono (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+2373-2375, U+237A to Sans (by John Karp)
     * converted kern pairs to kern classes with Tavmjong Bah's scripts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * set ScriptLang of kerning classes to just latn because of Pango bug (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added DNK to ScriptLang latn otherwise it is excluded, and SRB and MDK to cyrl (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * removed flag 0x80 in, otherwise it generates kerning tables some systems don't like; thus loosing Apple tables (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * removed ligature for precomposed legacy characters of Sans Oblique fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added bearings to en dash U+2013, em dash U+2014 and figure dash U+2012 by making dashes shorter, preserving character width (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * reduced U+031C, U+0325 (ring below), U+0339 to be entirely visible; added instructions in Sans Book; changed U+1e00-U+1e01 to use new ring below (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * adjusted circumflex below on U+1E12-U+1E13, U+1E18-U+1E19, U+1E3C-U+1E3D, U+1E4A-U+1E4B, U+1E70-U+1E71, U+1E76-U+1E77 in Sans fonts (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * Added U+0ED4, U+0ED5 to DejaVu Sans (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * Lao-specific anchors (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added alternate I to match the small capital in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
 Changes from 2.14 to 2.15
     * improved hinting in Sans Oblique to deal with some spacing and inconsistency issues (by Ben Laenen)
     * added anchors to Mono Book, and added GPOS rules for combining diacritics to show up as zero width glyphs (by Ben Laenen)
     * removed U+F21C (PUA), it was copy of U+2C64 from Latin Extended C (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * added U+27E6-U+27E7 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+1407, U+1409, U+140C-U+141B, U+141D-U+1425, U+1427-U+142E, U+1435-U+1438, U+143A-U+1449, U+1452, U+1454, U+1457-U+1465, U+1467-U+146A, U+1471, U+1474-U+1482, U+1484-U+1488, U+148F, U+1492, U+14A0, U+14A2, U+14A9, U+14AC-U+14BA, U+14BC, U+14BD, U+14C6, U+14C9-U+14CF, U+14D1, U+14D2, U+14D9, U+14DC-U+14E9, U+14EC, U+14F3, U+14F6-U+1504, U+1506, U+1507, U+1510-U+1525, U+152C, U+152F-U+153D, U+1540, U+1541, U+154E, U+154F, U+1552, U+155B, U+155C, U+1568, U+1569, U+1574-U+157B, U+157D, U+15A7-U+15AE, U+1646, U+1647 (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * fixed several contours to not intersect, use horizontal or vertical tangents, use integer coordinates, etc in Sans Book (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+0496-U+0497 in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
 Changes from 2.13 to 2.14
     * added Philippine peso glyph U+20B1 (by Clayborne Arevalo)
     * made U+2012 have the same width as digits, according to Unicode 5.0, page 206 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * made all of the "above" combining characters remove the dot of "i", "j", etc (Soft_Dotted characters), according to Unicode 5.0, page 228 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * made U+012F, U+03F3, U+0456, U+0458, U+1E2D, and U+1ECB (all fonts except Mono), U+0249, U+2148, and U+2149 (Sans and Sans Condensed), U+0268 (Sans ExtraLight, Serif and Serif Condensed), and U+029D (Serif and Serif Condensed) respect the Soft_Dotted property (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * added U+223E, U+223F, U+2240, U+22C2, U+22C3 to Sans (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+203D to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added zero-width glyphs for U+2061-U+2063 to Sans and Serif (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * changed isolated forms of Arabic waw (U+0648, U+0624 and U+06C6) (bug #9432) (by Ben Laenen)
     * added Lao consonants U+0E81, U+0E82, U+0E84, U+0E87, U+0E88, U+0E8A, U+0E8D, U+0E94-0E97, U+0E99-0E9F, U+0EA1-0EA3, U+0EA5, U+0EA7, U+0EAA, U+0EAB, U+0EAD-0EAF to Sans Mono (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+0200-U+0217, U+0226-U+0229, U+02F3, U+1E00-U+1E07, U+1E0A-U+1E0B, U+1E18-U+1E1F, U+1E22-U+1E23, U+1E28-U+1E2D, U+1E3A-U+1E3B, U+1E40, U+1E48-U+1E49, U+1E56, U+1E58-U+1E59, U+1E5E-U+1E5F, U+1E60, U+1E68-U+1E6B, U+1E6E-U+1E6F, U+1E72-U+1E77, U+1E86-U+1E8B, U+1E92-U+1E96, U+1EA0-U+1EA1, U+1EF4-U+1EF5 to Mono (by Ben Laenen)
     * renamed uppercase variants of diacritics (macron, breve, double grave, double acute, inverted breve, dot above) to "" in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
     * moved uppercase variants of diacritics up in Mono so they properly vertically align on capitals (by Ben Laenen)
     * precomposed glyphs with macron, breve, double grave, double acute, inverted breve, dot above, macron below, breve below, inverted breve below, dot below, cedilla, caron below, circumflex below, diaeresis below, tilde below now reference to combining diacritics instead of space modifiers in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
     * made ring below (U+0325), and half rings below (U+031C and U+0339) smaller in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+205F to all fonts (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * added U+035E-U+035F to Sans (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * added empty glyphs for U+034F, U+202A-U+202E, U+2060, U+206A-206F, U+FE00-U+FE0F to non-Mono fonts (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * added U+2101, U+2107-U+2108, U+210B, U+210C, U+2110, U+2112, U+211B, U+211F, U+2123, U+2125, U+2128-U+2129, U+212C-U+212D, U+212F, U+2130-U+2131, U+2133, U+2136-U+213A, U+2141-U+2144, U+2B00-U+2B11, U+2B20-U+2B23 to Sans (by John Karp)
     * reshaped omega (U+03C9) in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+2205, U+22C6, U+2300-U+2301, U+2303-U+2306, U+230C-U+230F, U+2312-U+2315, U+231C-U+231F, U+2335, U+2337-U+233E, U+2341-U+2344, U+2347-U+2348, U+234B-U+234D, U+2349-U+2350, U+2352-U+2354, U+2357-U+2359, U+235A-U+235C, U+235E-U+2360, U+2363-U+2365, U+2368-U+2369, U+236B-U+2370, U+2373-U+237A, U+2380-U+2383, U+2388-U+238B, U+2395 in Mono (by Ben Laenen)
 Changes from 2.12 to 2.13
     * adjusted U+0198B, U+01B3-U+01B4 in Sans, hinted U+01B4 in Sans Book (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+27F0-U+27FF, U+2906-U+2907, U+290A-U+290B, U+2940-U+2941 to Sans (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+01E6-U+01E9, U+01EE-U+01EF, U+01F4-U+01F5, U+01FC-U+01FF, U+021E-U+021F, U+0245, U+02BD, U+02C9, U+1E9B, U+2045-U+2046, U+2213, U+22C5, U+22EF to Sans Mono (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * added U+04FA-U+04FD to Sans (by Michael Everson)
     * removed U+2329 and U+232A because of their CJK properties, added U+27E8 and U+27E9 in their stead, fixing part of bug #9038 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * corrected and improved U+0466-U+0469, U+046E-U+0471, U+047C-U+047D, U+0482, U+0484-U+0486, U+0492-U+0493, U+04B0-U+04B1, U+050C-U+050D, and U+204A in Sans (by Michael Everson)
     * added instructions for U+0402, U+0409, U+040A, U+040B, U+044D, U+040F, U+0452, U+0459-U+045B, U+045F to Sans Book (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * made italic shape for U+431, U+432, U+437, U+43B, U+43C, U+43D, U+444, U+447, U+44D, U+44F, U+459, U+45A in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * modified U+024C to match glyph in Unicode chart, fixing bug #9039 (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * made some canonically equivalent characters share the same glyph: U+02B9 = U+0374, U+0343 = U+0313, and U+0387 = U+00B7 also adjusting U+02BA to look like double U+02B9, fixing parts of bug #9038 (by Roozbeh Pournader)
     * changed shapes for U+0478 and U+0479 in Sans to those in the Unicode charts, based on a recent decision by Unicode Technical Committee to only use the digraph form (by Michael Everson)
     * adjusted width of NBSP U+00A0 and NNBSP U+202F, fixing bug #8401 (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * fixed several contours to not intersect, use horizontal or vertical tangents, use integer coordinates, etc (by Roozbeh Pournader and Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+1402, U+1430, U+144D, U+146C, U+148A, U+14A4, U+14C1, U+14D4, U+14EE, U+1527, U+1545, U+157E, U+158E, U+15AF to Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * enlarged width of U+459 and U+45A in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * made traditional shape for U+452, U+45B (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * added euro sign EUR U+20AC to Sans ExtraLight, making fontconfig recognize the font as supporting English (by Denis Jacquerye)
 Changes from 2.11 to 2.12
     * added U+0180 to Serif (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * improved and/or hinted Armenian letters U+0542, U+0546, U+0562, U+0563, U+0564, U+0577, U+0582 in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+4FE-U+4FF, U+512-U+513, U+2114, U+214E, U+26B2 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * adjusted U+496-U+497, U+49A-U+4A1 in Sans to match / and / respectively (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * Mathematical Operators in Sans: changed U+22C0-U+22C1 to match other n-ary operators, adjusted U+2203-U+2204, changed U+2220 in Sans to match the style of U+2221 (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+1401, U+1403-U+1406, U+140A, U+140B, U+1426, U+142F, U+1431-U+1434, U+1438, U+1439, U+1449, U+144A, U+144C, U+144E-U+1451, U+1455, U+1456, U+1466, U+146B, U+146D-U+1470, U+1472, U+1473, U+1483, U+1489, U+148B-U+148E, U+1490, U+1491, U+14A1, U+14A3, U+14A5-U+14A8, U+14AA, U+14AB, U+14BB, U+14C0, U+14C2-U+14C5, U+14C7, U+14C8, U+14D0, U+14D3, U+14D5-U+14D8, U+14DA, U+14DB, U+14EA, U+14ED, U+14EF-U+14F2, U+14F4, U+14F5, U+1405, U+1526, U+1528-U+152B, U+152D, U+152E, U+153E, U+1542-U+1544, U+1546-U+154D, U+1550, U+1553, U+1555-U+155A, U+1567, U+156A, U+157C, U+157F-U+1585, U+158A-U+158D, U+158F-U+1596, U+15A0-U+15A6, U+15DE, U+15E1, U+166E-U+1676 to Sans (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * re-enabled Latin ligatures fi, ffi, fl, ffl and ff in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
     * made italic shape for U+436, U+44A, U+44B, U+44C, U+44E, U+45F, U+463 in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * fixed sub- and superscript metrics in Condensed Sans (bug #8848) (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+474, U+475 in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * hinted Greek glyphs U+03B7, U+30B8, U+03B9, U+03C1, U+03C3, U+03C6 in Mono Book (by Ben Laenen)
 Changes from 2.10 to 2.11
     * added instructions for Hebrew glyphs (Sans Book, by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * changed U+01A6 (Latin Yr) after bug #8212, in Sans, Serif and Sans Mono fonts (Denis Jacquerye).
     * removed instruction for U+2600-U+26A1 (Me'de'ric Boquien)
     * added U+202F and set width of U+00A0 (nobreakingspace) to the same as U+0020 (space) by Denis Jacquerye.
     * added and improved instructions for various Cyrillic letters (by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * Changed U+416, U+42F, U+427 (non-Bold), U+436, U+447 (non-Bold), U+44F, U+437 (Bold), corrected U+40F, U+414, U+424, U+426, U+429, U+434, U+438 (Bold), U+446, U+449, U+44D (non-Bold), U+45F in Sans Mono (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * made small corrections to Cyrillic, most appreciable to U+409, U+413, U+41B, U+427 and U+433, U+434, U+43B, U+447, U+459 (upright fonts) to Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * adjusted bearings of U+410, U+416, U+41A, U+42F, U+436, U+43A, U+443, U+44F in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * enlarged width of U+44A, U+44B, U+44C, U+463 in Serif; (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * added ligature "iacute" as "afii10103" (U+456) "acutecomb" in Serif (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * made italic shape to U+446, U+448, U+449 in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * added "afii10831" (U+F6C7), "afii10832" (U+F6C8) in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * new minimum version of fontforge is 20061014
 Changes from 2.9 to 2.10
     * added U+0242, U+024A-U+024B, U+024E-U+024F, U+037C-U+037D, U+0E3F, U+1D2C-U+1D2E, U+1D30-U+1D42, U+1D5D-U+1D6A, U+1D78, U+1DB8, U+2090-U+2094, U+20D0-U+20D1, U+2C60-U+2C66, U+2C6B-U+2C6C, U+2C74 and U+FB29 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added Lao glyphs : U+0E81-0E82, U+E084, U+0E87-0E88, U+0E8A, U+0E8D, U+0E94-0E97, U+0E99-0E9F, U+0EA1-0EA3, U+0EA5, U+0EA7, U+0EAA-0EAB, U+0EAD-0EB9, U+0EBB-0EBD, U+0EC0-0EC4, U+0EC6, U+0EC8-0ECD, U+0EDC-0EDD (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * fixed U+0193 not showing in Windows (bug #7897) (by Ben Laenen)
     * changes to U+222B-222D in Sans Mono (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * ported the three remaining currency symbols from Arev (U+20B0, U+20B2-U+20B3), and replaced one (U+20AF) in Sans (by Lars N?sbye Christensen)
     * corrected U+20A5 in Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * merged Double-Struck Letters from Arev: U+2102, U+210D, U+2115, U+2119-U+211A, U+2124, U+213C-U+2140 (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+2308-U+230B and U+2329-U+232A to Sans Mono and Serif faces, fixed incorrect direction of U+2329 in Sans faces, and improved U+2308-U+230B in Sans faces per Ben Laenen's suggestions (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
     * added U+06D5 and final form of it (needed for Kurdish) (by Ben Laenen)
     * added two special glyphs U+F000 and U+F001 in Sans Book that show the current ppem size (horizontal and vertical) (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+2318 and U+2325 to Sans Mono faces, based on the Sans versions (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
     * added U+2B14-U+2B1A to all faces except Sans ExtraLight (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
     * respaced all Geometric Shapes characters in Serif faces to match those in Sans faces again, respaced U+23CF in Sans, Sans ExtraLight, and Serif faces to match U+25A0 (or Sans in Sans ExtraLight's case) again, and respaced U+2B12-U+2B13 in Sans and Serif faces to match U+25A1 again (by David Lawrence Ramsey)
     * corrected width of Modifier Small Letters U+1D43-1D5B in Sans Oblique and U+1D9B-U+1DBF in Sans Oblique and Sans Bold Oblique (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added a bunch of glyphs to Sans ExtraLight (see SVN for details) (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * adjusted Cyrillic descenders in Sans ExtraLight to sync with Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * added U+0242, U+0245 to Serif (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * replaced the SHPIX routines which gave them bad spacing at certain sizes in FreeType for A, V, Z, v and z in Sans Bold (by Ben Laenen)
 Changes from 2.8 to 2.9 (August 13, 2006)
     * DejaVuSansExtraLight.sfd: changed family name from "DejaVu Sans" to "DejaVu Sans Light" (in case we add a Light weight variant), so legacy apps that understand only 4 styles are happy. (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added Name ID 16, aka preferred family name, and Name ID 17, aka preferred style name, so contemporary apps that understand more that 4 styles can use big fonts families "DejaVu Sans" and "DejaVu Serif". For those, Extralight and Condensed are just styles not different families. (by Denis Jacquerye)
     * added U+22B6-22BD, U+22C0-22C1, U+22D6-22D7 to Sans. (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+037B, U+2184, U+2C67-U+2C6A and U+2C75-U+2C77 to Sans (by Gee Fung Sit 魻)
     * adjusted asteriskmath (U+2217) for consistency with other mathematical operators in Sans (by Ben Laenen)
     * hinted some Armenian capitals in Sans Book (by Ben Laenen)
     * added U+0246 - U+0249 (?, ?, ? and ?) (by Ben Laenen)
     * BUGFIX : swapped U+224E and U+224F, in Sans, Sans Condensed and Sans Mono (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * adjusted ? (U+20B5) (by Me'de'ric Boquien)
     * swapped U+21DA and U+21DB which were in wrong order (by Heikki Lindroos)
     * added U+222E-2233, U+239B-23AD, U+2A00-2A02, U+2A0F-2A1C to Sans (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+239B-23AD to Mono (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+2024-2025 to Se'rif (by Me'de'ric Boquien)
     * added U+222C-222D, U+2A0C-2A0E to Serif (by Re'my Oudompheng)
     * added U+2190-21FF to Mono (by Heikki Lindroos)
     * added Hebrew glyphs - U+05B0-U+05BD, U+05BF-U+05C3, U+05C6, U+05C7, U+05D0-U+05EA, U+05F0-U+05F2, U+FB1F, U+FB20, U+FB2A-U+FB36, U+FB38-U+FB3C, U+FB3E, U+FB40, U+FB41, U+FB43, U+FB44, U+FB46-U+FB4E (by Gee Fung Sit 魻 and Eugeniy Meshcheryakov)
     * adjustments for Cyrillic in Sans (by Andrey V. Panov)
     * made italic shape for U+0434, U+0456, U+0457 in SerifOblique and SerifBoldOblique (by Andrey V. Panov)
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