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Re: pkg/36575 (shells/tcsh segfaults on history substitutions)

On Jun 28,  2:10pm, (Jarle Greipsland) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: pkg/36575 (shells/tcsh segfaults on history substitutions)

|  #0  0x080a0182 in wcslen ()
|  (gdb) where
|  #0  0x080a0182 in wcslen ()
|  #1  0x0808f1de in Strbuf_append (buf=0x8102534, s=0x0) at tc.str.c:599
|  #2  0x0805ff7d in getsub (en=0x8141968) at sh.lex.c:854
|  #3  0x0805fa1f in getexcl (sc=0) at sh.lex.c:731
|  #4  0x0805ed8e in getC1 (flag=3) at sh.lex.c:469
|  #5  0x0805e626 in word (parsehtime=0) at sh.lex.c:294
|  #6  0x0805e33e in lex (hp=0x811a218) at sh.lex.c:185
|  #7  0x0804b1d7 in process (catch=1) at sh.c:1931
|  #8  0x0804a126 in main (argc=0, argv=0xbfbfe898) at sh.c:1304
|  Also, I compiled version 6.14.00 on the exact same system, and
|  that version does not segfault on !$:h history substitutions.
|  I'd say it's a tcsh 6.15.00 problem.

Yes, this is a known bug that has been fixed a while ago. I guess
it is time to release 6.15.01:

  5. cd - twice from a directory that contained a glob pattern,
     expands the glob twice (Mark Santcroos)
  4. MidnightBsd support (Lucas Holt)
  3. Fix history substitution core-dump with no history entries
  2. Merge two character tables that are the same (Martin Kraemer)
  1. On ancient 7 bit locales, punctuation characters are used to
     denote special characters such as umlaut, adiaresis, etc.
     These characters return true for isalpha/isalnum. Ignore them
     because they break parsing (Martin Kraemer)


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