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Re: pkg/36514: libiconv conflits with nl_langinfo (CODESET) returning "646" on OpenBSD 4.1

Alexander Nasonov wrote:
>  Thomas Klausner wrote:
>  >  Does the attached patch fix the problem?
>  >   Thomas
>  It doesn't :(
>  I recreated the patch, put it to $LOCALPATCHES/converters/libiconv/patch1,
>  typed 'bmake patch', checked that it has been applied, then typed
>  'bmake update'.
>  Updated version reports same error.

I updated pkgsrc and I am able to build glib2 now without applying any
local patches. It looks like glib2 doesn't call iconv stuff at build time
You can lower the priority of this bug. I can live with tons of
conversion not supported messages when mplayer is playing ;)
Alexander Nasonov

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