Subject: PR/29335 CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/mined
To: None <,,>
From: Tobias Nygren <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 06/21/2007 13:50:03
The following reply was made to PR pkg/29335; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Tobias Nygren <>
Subject: PR/29335 CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/mined
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 13:48:27 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	tnn
 Date:		Thu Jun 21 13:48:27 UTC 2007
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/editors/mined: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 	pkgsrc/editors/mined/patches: patch-ac patch-ad
 Added Files:
 	pkgsrc/editors/mined/patches: patch-ae
 Removed Files:
 	pkgsrc/editors/mined/patches: patch-aa patch-ab
 Log Message:
 PR pkg/29335 (Thomas Wolff): Update editors/mined to mined-2000.13.2:
 mined 2000.13
  * Documentation enhancements: Revised manual structure, featuring more comprehensive new chapters on
    o Structured editing support
    o Character handling support
    o Language support
  * Character encoding support enhancements: Auto-detection and explicit selection of UTF-16 with and without BOM (big endian and little endian).
  * Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 (final, from beta2 in 2000.12).
  * Character input support enhancements: Added support for multiple accented character input.
  * Additional accent prefix keys for most frequent accents of all Latin-based languages (macron, breve, dot above, ogonek, caron, stroke).
  * Added support for convenient combining character input with accent prefix keys.
  * Added support for convenient quotation marks input with accent prefix keys.
  * Support for Greek (monotonic and polytonic).
  * Support for Cyrillic accented characters.
  * Interactive enhancements: Revised menu structure to be more intuitive.
  * Improved menu handling system.
  * Interoperability enhancements: Making use of xterm 216 mode which provides detection of Alt-/Control-modified digits and punctuation keys.
  * Improved support for some legacy terminals.
  * File handling enhancements: Consistent setting of file access modes when cloning a file or creating a new file with executable permission.
 mined 2000.12
  * Character encoding support enhancements: Updated to Unicode 5.0.0 beta2:
    o Case conversion, Script information.
    o Combining character width properties.
    o Han information (from Unihan database) for CJK characters.
    o Radical/Stroke input method.
    o Added character input mnemonics for new LATIN characters.
  * Supplemented Big5 character set with HKSCS-2004 update from, adding more than 100 characters. Handling covers mappings to two Unicode characters, like for JIS encodings.
  * Revised interpretation of locale environment variables to comply with de-facto locale standard but yet allowing flexible locale configuration for both text and terminal encoding. This mechanism is supplemented by other options with useful precedences. Command line options to specify text or terminal encoding were revised, enhanced, and made more comprehensive.
  * Revised terminal encoding handling to support also mapped 8-bit encodings including handling of combining characters (with auto-detection).
  * Generally revised handling of text and terminal encoding to support all combinations of them.
  * Supporting lots of additional 8-bit encodings for both text encoding and terminal encoding. Structured Encoding menu with submenus for concise text encoding selection.
  * Optional Unicode Copy/Paste buffer mode with implicit conversion.
  * Character handling support enhancements: Supplemented Cangjie input method with additional mappings from HKSCS-2004 Changjie input code table.
  * Case conversion is now always (i.e. in all encodings) based on Unicode.
  * Shift-F3 case cycling function now uses actual Unicode title case characters when appropriate and available.
  * Smart quotes enabled in all text encodings.
  * Updated HTML character mnemonics to HTML 4.01.
  * Interworking enhancements: Improved intuitive assignment of copy/paste functions to keypad, enhanced flexbility of usage.
  * Further improvements on terminal interworking (even version-specific), especially with KDE konsole. Added kterm encoding auto-detection.
  * Other enhancements: New password hiding feature, selected by default for "hidden" files.
  * Extended default installation by some aliases and wrappers:
    o minmacs, mstar, mpico for invocation of mined in emulation modes for emacs, WordStar, pico (alpha), respectively
    o umined, xmined for invocation of mined in a separate terminal window
    o uterm to invoke a new terminal window with a maximum of Unicode support achievable on the system, including best-choice font selection
 mined 2000.11
  * Unicode support enhancements: Updated to Unicode 4.1.0:
    o Case conversion, Script information.
    o Combining character width properties.
    o Han information (from Unihan database) for CJK characters.
    o Radical/Stroke input method (to include new CJK characters).
    o Added Hanyu Pinlu and Tang pronunciation information (from Unihan database) to Han information options.
    o Added generic and supplemental character input mnemonics for new LATIN characters.
  * Indication and character information of Unicode combining characters now refers to the most recent Unicode version, not the actual terminal capabilities.
  * Interactive enhancements: Conciliated keypad assignment preference conflict between Cut/Paste functions (as propagated by mined) and character deletion / line positioning functions (as often commonly expected):
    o The more common Home/End/Delete function assignments to the respective keypad keys are also easily accessible (e.g. Alt-Del).
    o Documentation for alternative assignment option improved.
    o Using Del without a paste buffer gives an additional hint on alternative usage.
  * Additional assignment of "Delete single" function (to delete without auto-undent, or to delete the last combining accent only) to F5 Backarrow.
  * Additional commands (HOP) F1 F1 / Shift-F1 / Control-F1 / Alt-F1 to display a help status line of (shifted) function key assignments.
  * Slight revision of function key assignments to improve intuitive usage and compliance with common usage. Unification of DOS version function key assignments.
  * Interoperability enhancements: Improved detection of shifted function keys on various kinds and modes of terminals.
  * Added keyboard configuration examples for Control-function key detection for rxvt and mlterm to the runtime support library.
  * Added script to support Unicode X font installation to the runtime support library.
  * Modified xterm start script "uterm" so that with newer xterm versions (from 201) usage of the xterm built-in most recent version of Unicode width data is enabled (which is often more current than the system-provided locale version).
  * Provided makefile for Interix.
  * Feature enhancements: Smart arrows added to optional smart input text replacements.
  * New word case toggle function Shift-F3 cycling word casing between all small, beginning capital, and all capitals.
  * The "search corresponding bracket" commands ESC ( or ESC ) now also match /* */ pairs and #if #else/#elsif #endif structures.
  * New TAB expansion option (-+4 or -+8) that expands TAB key input to an appropriate number of Space characters.
  * Further enhancements: Using paps (a Pango printing script) for printing if available.
  * Added PC DOS encoding ("codepage 437") to available encodings.
 mined 2000.10
  * Character encoding, CJK, and input support enhancements: Printing feature revamped; now working with all encodings.
  * Updated character properties to Unicode 4.0.1.
  * Added support for major mapped 8 bit character encodings.
  * Added transparent handling of UTF-16 encoded files (with BOM).
  * Full support for combining characters in CJK encodings and 8 bit encodings, including optional separated display mode and partial editing (within combined character).
  * Added Han character information (description / pronunciation) while browsing text or input method pick lists.
  * Enhanced character information conforming to ISO 14755.
  * Additional input support for CJK, Vietnamese, Thai, Hebrew.
  * Added preinstalled WuBi input method (used by professional typists in mainland China).
  * Added radical/stroke lookup input method for CJK characters, especially useful for not CJK speaking users.
  * Added two Vietnamese input methods (VIQR and VNI) to preconfigured keyboard mappings, as well as a Vietnamese accent prefixing input support method.
  * Added two more ways of supporting input of Vietnamese multiple accented characters.
  * Revamped mnemonic input support; completed mnemonic patterns and enhanced documentation.
  * Enhanced numeric character input support; conforming to ISO 14755.
  * Interactive enhancements: Revamped menu control; added subtitles and flag markers (showing active options); enabled menu navigation by item letters or mouse wheel movement.
  * Runtime environment enhancements: Enhanced interoperability with various terminals; enhanced detection and handling of available menu border styles as well as screen attributes used for scrollbar and special character display for a wide range of terminals.
  * Providing runtime support library with X configuration patterns and terminal startup scripts.
  * Portability enhancements: Revamped makefiles; enhanced portability and compilation on legacy systems.
  * Enhanced makefiles to provide more installation options; fixed default target directories for a wider range of target systems.
 mined 2000.9
  * Position stack and return function also work across files (esp. after identifier definition searches using tags file)
  * Smart quotes: auto-detection of quotation marks style on file loading
  * Interactive Latin-1 / UTF-8 conversion support
  * Support for VIM keyboard mapping files
 mined 2000.8
  * Major extension of CJK character set support: GB18030, full EUC-JP, CNS (EUC-TW)
  * Vietnamese VISCII character set support
  * Auto-detection of UTF-8 / CJK terminal features
  * Flexible locale configuration for both text and terminal encoding
  * Smart dashes
  * Multiple paste buffers (emacs-style)
  * emacs command mode
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