Subject: PR/36334 CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/clisp
To: None <,,>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 06/09/2007 06:15:06
The following reply was made to PR pkg/36334; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: OBATA Akio <>
Subject: PR/36334 CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/clisp
Date: Sat,  9 Jun 2007 06:10:32 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	obache
 Date:		Sat Jun  9 06:10:31 UTC 2007
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/lang/clisp: Makefile PLIST distinfo
 	pkgsrc/lang/clisp/patches: patch-aa patch-ak
 Log Message:
 Update clisp to 2.41.
 Based on patch provided by Yorick Hardy in PR 36334, I ajust patch files.
 2.41 (2006-10-13)
 User visible changes
 * New module libsvm interfaces to <>
   and makes Support Vector Machines available in CLISP.
   See <> for details.
 * The same internal interface now handles FFI forms DEF-CALL-OUT and
   DEF-C-VAR regardless of the presence of the :LIBRARY argument.
   (:LIBRARY NIL) is now identical to omitting the :LIBRARY argument.
   The default for the :LIBRARY argument is provided by
   FFI:*DEFAULT-FOREIGN-LIBRARY* (bound in a compilation unit).
   See <> for details.
 * Bug fixes:
   + DOCUMENTATION on built-in functions was broken on some platforms.
     [ 1569234 ]
   + Fixed FFI callbacks, broken since the 2.36 release.
   + Fixed the way the top-level driver handles the "--" option terminator.
   + Fixed COMPILE of APPLY in LABELS for local function. [ 1575946 ]
 2.40 (2006-09-23)
 Important notes
 * All .fas files generated by previous CLISP versions are invalid and
   must be recompiled. This is because DOCUMENTATION and LAMBDA-LIST are
   now kept with the closures.
   Set CUSTOM:*LOAD-OBSOLETE-ACTION* to :COMPILE to automate this.
   See <> for details.
 User visible changes
 * Infrastructure
   + Top-level configure now accepts a new option --elispdir which specifies
     the installation directory for the Emacs Lisp files (clhs.el et al).
     The default value is ${datadir}/emacs/site-lisp/.
     Thus, clhs.el at al are now installed by "make install", and should
     be included in the 3rd party distributions.
   + Top-level configure now accepts variables on command line, e.g.,
     ./configure CC=g++ CFLAGS=-g
 * Function PCRE:PCRE-EXEC accepts :DFA and calls pcre_dfa_exec() when
   built against PCRE v6. See <>.
   See <>.
 * When the OPTIMIZE SPACE level is low enough, keep function
   documentation and lambda list.
   See <>.
 * Bug fixes:
   + Make it possible to set *IMPNOTES-ROOT-DEFAULT* and *CLHS-ROOT-DEFAULT*
     to local paths, as opposed to URLs. [ 1494059 ]
   + Fix the evaluation order of initialization and :INITIALLY forms in
     then extended LOOP. [ 1516684 ]
   + Do not allow non-symbols as names of anonymous classes. [ 1528201 ]
   + Fix the RAWSOCK module on big-endian platforms. [ 1529244 ]
   + PRINT-OBJECT now works on built-in objects. [ 1482533 ]
   + ADJUST-ARRAY signals an error if :FILL-POINTER is supplied and non-NIL
     but the non-adjustable array has no fill pointer, as per ANSI. [ 1538333 ]
   + MAKE-PATHNAME no longer ignores explicit :DIRECTORY NIL (thanks to
     Stephen Compall <s11001001@us...>). [ 1550803 ]
   + Executable images now work on ia64 (thanks to Dr. Werner Fink
   + MAKE-PATHNAME on win32 now handles correctly directories that start
     with a non-string (e.g., :WILD). [ 1555096 ]
   + SOCKET-STREAM-PEER and SOCKET-STREAM-LOCAL had do-not-resolved-p
     inverted since 2.37.
   + Set functions with :TEST 'EQUALP were broken on large lists. [ 1567186 ]
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