Subject: Re: pkg/35617: shared library (e.g., not built/installed
To: None <>
From: Brook Milligan <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 02/15/2007 13:12:57

Thanks for your response.

Joerg Sonnenberger writes:
 >  I strongly object such a fix.

However, this leads me to ask two questions.  First, could you please
explain your rationale for those of us who do not necessarily
understand why you object so strongly.  Perhaps there are obvious
platform-dependent issues that I do not know about that would lead to
this objection.

Second, could you please explain how to make the following work
correctly in the absence of this patch: a program loads via dlopen() a
plugin that in turn resolves symbols in  This fails
currently because the dlopen() cannot resolve all the symbols required
by the plugin.  With the patch it works.  Again, there is perhaps some
obvious way to accomplish this that I am unaware of, but would be glad
to implement if it were explained to me.

Thanks for your help.