Subject: Re: pkg/35564: multimedia/xine-lib PLIST problem
To: None <>
From: Robert Elz <kre@munnari.OZ.AU>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 02/10/2007 00:14:33
    Date:        Thu, 08 Feb 2007 18:47:12 +0100
    From:        Matthias Drochner <>
    Message-ID:  <>

[Replying to a message not sent through gnats...]

  | It would be interesting to understand where your build
  | picked up Mesa. Could you check whether include/GL/*
  | or lib/libGL.* are present in your work/.buildlink dir,

Yes, both (that is, many files match those patterns).

  | and which libGL the unwanted links
  | to (using ldd).


For what it is worth, this build started in an almost clean sandbox,
with the only (vaguely) X related package that would have been installed
was xpkgwedge (then everything xine-lib needs as a dependency would have
been loaded from binary packages).   The "almost clean" is that pkg_chk
would have been installed, along with everything it needs (mostly perl and
a bunch of p5-* packages).   The only /usr/pkg/lib library that links against is - everything else
is from /usr/lib (all the normal stuff, well for a threaded c++ appl using
libz anyway) and /usr/X11R6/lib (X11, Xext, GL, GLU, ICE, and SM), which
both contain only NetBSD 3.0 release distribution files.

  | Perhaps the output of "configure" tells some paths too.

Not really, or not that I can see - all the tests for GL related stuff seem
to just succeed using nothing particularly interesting in the way of paths,
it all resolves against the standard Mesa lib included with the XFree that
is distributed with NetBSD 3.0

HAVE_OPENGL and HAVE_GLU both get defined as "1".

  | In any case, the appended patch should help. Can you give it a try?

Sure...  (once again starting with a clean sandbox, pkg_delete isn't
enough to remove the extraneous files, once they're there they can no
longer be detected as being inadvertently added.)

Yes, that worked.   Thanks.

If you include this in the pkgsrc Makefile, it will fix my problem,
I don't know if it will fix the (apparently related) problem Greg Oster
added to the PR

Greg, to try it, add
	CONFIGURE_ARGS+=	--disable-opengl
to xine-lib's (pkgsrc) Makefile.