Subject: PR/35578 CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/amavisd-new
To: None <,,>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 02/09/2007 02:40:05
The following reply was made to PR pkg/35578; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: OBATA Akio <>
Subject: PR/35578 CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/amavisd-new
Date: Fri,  9 Feb 2007 02:39:40 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	obache
 Date:		Fri Feb  9 02:39:40 UTC 2007
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/security/amavisd-new: Makefile distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update amavisd-new to 2.4.5.
 Patch provided by MAINTAINER, Julian Dunn in PR 35578.
                                                            January 30, 2007
 amavisd-new-2.4.5 release notes
 - Recommended version of Convert::UUlib is 1.08 or higher
   to avoid processing of uninitialized data containing 'random' garbage.
   Note that a security hole in uulib which comes with Convert::UUlib 1.04
   and older is now (as of 2006-12-05) known to be exploitable:
   credits to Jean-Sebastien Guay-Leroux;
 - will no longer reply to queries coming from low-numbered
   UDP ports below 1024 or from nfsd port 2049, and will ignore queries
   with nonce longer than 1024 character or containing characters outside
   of \040-\177 range to limit its usefulness as a potential reflector
   for an attacker from internal networks.
 - now only binds to a loopback interface by default, instead
   of to all interfaces;  change $bind_addr in to ''
   if is running on a different host from amavisd or from
   other querying clients; suggested by Shaun T. Erickson and Mario Liehr;
 - let exit when a pipe on stdin is closed (e.g. when p0f
   is killed or crashes), instead of entering a tight loop; reported by
   Justin Piszcz and Henrik Krohns;
 - hard-blacklisting no longer skips quarantining when
   $spam_quarantine_cutoff_level is undefined (or is an empty string);
 - restart timer after Sophie times out; previously the next attempt
   would run with no time limit; reported by Nick Leverton and
   Nicklas Bondesson;
 - fixed AM.PDP code to always provide smtp-quoted form in angle brackets
   in delrcpt and addrcpt attributes of a response, i.e. in the same form
   as was received in sender and recipient attributes;
 - fix error reporting in open_on_specific_fd when POSIX::dup2 fails;
   thanks to Chris (decoder);
 - fix signal handling in read_snmp_variables() and register_proc(),
   a signal could previously get lost (not re-signaled) if it occurred
   within these subroutines;
 - fixed get_body_digest which incorrectly determined 7- or 8-bitness
   of mail header and body, setting body_type incorrectly (with only
   cosmetic ill-effects);
 - AM.PDP protocol: ensure proper address form is used in server response
   attributes 'delrcpt' and 'addrcpt': the same form should be used as
   in 'sender' and 'recipient' attributes. The attribute value syntax is
   specified in RFC 2821 as 'Reverse-path' (i.e. smtp-quoted form, enclosed
   in <>); previously enclosing angle brackets were missing in a server reply;
 - documentation - amavisd.conf-default incorrectly stated that a default
   value for $prepend_header_fields_hdridx is 1;  actually the default is 0
   as correctly indicated in release notes; reported by Jo Rhett;
 - qmail interfacing notice:
   MTA timeout for waiting on results from amavisd should be longer than
   $child_timeout (8 minutes by default) with some margin, setting MTA timeout
   to 15 or 20 minutes is usual. With qmail however the QMQP code in qmail
   has hard-coded timeouts set, 10 seconds for connect and 60 seconds for
   read/write. If amavisd processing takes longer than 60 seconds, the MTA
   drops connection and retries later, yet amavisd continues processing
   and eventually delivers a mail (with each MTA retry), causing repeated
   deliveries of the same message. The following patch by Eric Huss on
   the page:
   should be applied to qmail when interfacing it to a post-queue content
   filter. Problem researched by Nicklas Bondesson;
 - better timeout handling in interface code to daemonized virus scanners
   like clamd,  Sophie, Trophie: allow short time (10 s) for connect and
   for sending a request, then allow normal (long) time to collect results;
   keep evidence of the initial deadline on retries;
 - prefer '7bit' as Content-Transfer-Encoding when attaching original message
   or its headers (message/rfc822 or text/rfc822-headers) to DSN or to a
   defanged mail, and only specify '8bit' when necessary;
 - remove protecting the $ and @ characters in second argument
   of a regexp selector macro, it is unnecessary and confusing;
 - sanitize Message-ID and Resent-Message-ID header field bodies in
   macros %m, %r and header_field by providing angle brackets if missing
   to facilitate log parsing (angle brackets are RFC 2822 required syntax
   and are semantically not part of a message id);
 - updated $map_full_type_to_short_type_re to avoid mapping file(1) result
   'MS-DOS executable (built-in)' to types 'exe-ms' and 'exe'; the file(1)
   utility generously declares any text file starting with LZ to be a
   'MS-DOS executable (built-in)';  thanks to Noel Jones, Jakob Curdes
   and Clifton Royston for troubleshooting;
 - add X-Spam-* header fields to quarantined mail if spam score is at or
   above tag_level. Previously message needed to be recognized as spammy
   or spam (tag2 or kill level) in order to receive spam header fields
   in quarantined copy. This also makes it more consistent with adding
   such header fields to passed mail;  suggested by Michael Gaskins;
 - add X-Amavis-OS-Fingerprint header field to quarantined mail;
 - header field X-Spam-Score in a passed or quarantined mail now reflects
   score boost even when SA score is unknown (e.g. when SA was not called),
   and reflects white and blacklisting by pushing score to 0 or 64, to
   make it consistent with a bar size in X-Spam-Level header field;
 - resignal "timed out" after (almost) every eval {} which has no subsequent
   call to prolong_timer() to ensure we do not continue running with
   disabled timer. Exceptions are DESTROY and END handlers, and code which
   handles timer in some other way (e.g. by keeping evidence of a deadline);
 - for the purpose of looking up client IP address in @mynetworks_maps,
   treat unknown/unavailable IP address as;  this allows treating
   directly submitted mail on the MTA host (not submitted through SMTP) as
   coming from IP address (i.e. "This" Network - according to RFC 1700);
   Note that this is indistinguishable from other reasons when IP address
   is not made available to amavisd, e.g. when smtp_send_xforward_command
   option in Postfix smtp service is not enabled, which is why the default
   setting of @mynetworks does not include a network to prevent
   falsely loading a MYNETS policy bank.
   One should add to a @mynetworks list only when XFORWARD is known
   to work and if some software on the MTA host is submitting its mail to MTA
   directly, e.g. through a sendmail command, and MYNETS policy bank loading
   is needed for proper processing of such mail;
 - report a more informative message when a file(1) utility fails to produce
   useful results: joins exit status with a parsing report into one message;
   thanks to Andres, whose file(1) utility was crashing with SEGV;
 - consistency: rearrange implicitly adding $X_HEADER_TAG to a hash
   %allowed_added_header_fields so that it is possible to turn off
   insertion of $X_HEADER_TAG header field by turning off associated key in
   %allowed_added_header_fields even when $X_HEADER_TAG is explicitly defined;
 - let %allowed_added_header_fields also control insertion of header fields
   into quarantined message;
 - amavisd-nanny now displays a title line indicating the semantics of columns;
 - Courier patch: ensure the information is stored to newly introduced
   recip_addr_smtp and sender_smtp object attributes, which are needed
   to preserve pristine address forms for DSN and ORCPT use and for logging;
   a patch by Martin Orr;
 - qmqpqq (qmail): ensure the information is stored to newly introduced
   recip_addr_smtp and sender_smtp object attributes;
 - qmail patch now activates line-by-line sending to qmail to avoid qmail bug
   ('bare LF' reported when CR and LF are separated by a TCP packet boundary);
 - tighten a regexp on matching a p0f fingerprint for Windows XP to avoid
   matching 'Windows XP SP1+, 2000 SP3';  suggested by Michael Scheidell;
 - updated AV entry for CentralCommand Vexira (vascan):
   removed hard-coded option '--vdb';  by Brian Wong;
 - internal: move code dealing with a SA call to a dedicated
   subroutine call_spamassassin;
 - internal: provide new routines to collect scalar and structured results
   from a subprocess (collect_results, collect_results_structured) and
   take advantage of them in decoding, in AV and in dspam interface routines,
   unifying code and providing results size sanity limit and consistent
   killing of runaway external programs;
 - experimental: taking advantage of the above, make it possible to run SA in
   a spawned process, requested by setting a new config variable $sa_spawned
   to true (it is off by default); benefits are that a mainstream child process
   can not be brought down by potential processing problems in SA or its
   external modules, and timeouts are handled cleanly by a calling process;
   downside is an increase of process count (worst case: doubled), with
   corresponding increase in memory footprint, plus about 20 .. 30 ms
   of additional processing time for each call to SA;
 - added a tuning tip on buffer sizes to README.sql for MySQL with InnoDB,
   by Wayne Smith;
 - updated URL of Sophie AV scanner;
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