Subject: PR/34636 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/global
To: None <,,>
From: OBATA Akio <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 11/14/2006 14:15:08
The following reply was made to PR pkg/34636; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: OBATA Akio <>
Subject: PR/34636 CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/global
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 14:14:52 +0000 (UTC)

 Module Name:	pkgsrc
 Committed By:	obache
 Date:		Tue Nov 14 14:14:52 UTC 2006
 Modified Files:
 	pkgsrc/devel/global: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
 Log Message:
 Update devel/global to 5.2.  Based on patch provided by Ryo HAYASAKA in PR 34570
 and by Murray Armfield in PR 34636.
 Version 5.2 - August 8 2006, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * htags: Added new options:
   - -h(--func-header) option.
   - -I(--icon) option.
   - -T(table-flist[=fields]) option.
   Suggested options:
         $ htags -vsanohIT
 * htags: Changed the default color of braces from blue to red to make them stand out.
 * htags: Always enable 'Grep pattern' form when the -f(--form) option specified.
   Removed config variable 'enable_grep' since it became meaningless. Instead, added
   a new variable 'disable_grep'.
 * htags: Removed config variable 'enable_grep' since it is meaningless.
   Instead, added a new variable 'disable_grep'.
 * htags: Added more profitable tips in file browser.
   - File        size of bytes
   - Directory   number of files in the directory.
 Version 5.1 - June 10 2006, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * Changed the priority about the --result option to make the format
   specification easy. The --result option is given to priority more
   than the -t and -x option. (This option appeared in version 5.0.)
 * Added new program 'gtags-cscope'.
   Gtags-cscope is a pseudo cscope which implements the line-oriented
   interface. You can use this command for various clients instead of
   true cscope.
 * Added new format 'cscope' to the argument of --result=<format>.
 Version 5.0 - April 21 2006, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * Moved to new tag format. (GTAGS, GRTAGS, GSYMS, GPATH)
   The purpose is as follows:
   o Allows path name including blanks, at least in tag files.
     (GLOBAL still doesn't support path name which contains blanks.)
   o Decrease disk space used.
   o Make tag format simpler.
   o Realize stable performance.
   Hereafter, older tag format is not supported.
   Compact format was progressively canceled with the adoption of
   the new tag format. The -c(--compact) option of gtags(1) was removed.
   The following error messages are displayed in a wrong combination:
   - older global and new tag file
     $ global -x main
     GTAGS seems new format. Please install the latest GLOBAL.
   - new global and older tag file
     $ global -x main
     GTAGS seems older format. Please remake tag files.
   Known problem:
   - older global and new tag file
     Global(1) with the -g or -P command will always work as if invoked
     with the -o option. There is no way to avoid this problem.
 New requirement:
 * Added new requirement of plug-in parser
   Plug-in parser must process arguments in the order they are given
   in the command line. In each file, any order is acceptable.
   Exuberant Ctags with the -xu option meets this requirement.
   (See for the detail.)
 Removed options:
 * gtags(1): The -c(--compact) option was removed.
   Compact format was progressively canceled with the adoption of the new
   tag format.
 * gtags(1): The -o(--omit-gsyms) option was removed.
   This option was necessary in the past to use the program in a incompetent
   machine with a small hard disk. Since most recent machines has powerful
   CPU and mass hard disk. This options might already be unnecessary.
 * htags(1): The --style-sheet option was removed.
   This is a really halfway option, and now nobody might need it because
   the --xhtml option became available.
 New options:
 * global: Added --result=<format> option. Grep format is newly supported.
   <format>: path,ctags,ctags-x,grep
   conventional option | newly added option
   (none)              | --result=path
   -t                  | --result=ctags
   -x                  | --result=ctags-x
                       | --result=grep
   The -t and -x option are given to priority more than the --result
 Version 4.8.7 - September 30 2005, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 New options:
 * gtags: New --file file-list option added.
   Gtags(1) accept a file list specified by --file option.
         % find . -type f -print >/tmp/list
         % gtags --file=/tmp/list
         % find . -type f -print | gtags --file=-
 * gtags: New --max-args option added.
 Improvement of efficiency:
 * Gtags was improved of performance by changing algorithm of
   incremental updating. Along with it, the verbose message was
   greatly changed.
 * Gtags was improved of performance by decreasing the frequency
   of the parser invoking.
   Under the influence of it, the verbose message is not necessarily
   real-time. If you dislike this behavior, use the --max-args
   option of gtags. You can control the frequency of the invoking
   with the option. With --max-args=1, the program does the same
   behavior as older version.
 * Htags was improved of performance by decreasing the frequency
   of the parser invoking.
 * Htags was improved of performance by omiting flushing temporary
   files to the disk.
 Fixed bugs:
 * Htags didn't treat here document of PHP source code correctly.
 * Htags didn't treat HTML part of PHP source code correctly.
 Other facilities:
 * Added 'Htags Hyper-text Reference Kit'.
   The hyper-text generated by htags(1) is available from external
   programs. This kit helps you to convert the path of the source
   file into the URL in the hyper-text.
 * doc/global.txi: Added the usage of Doxygen using GLOBAL.
 Version 4.8.6 - May 12 2005, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * htags: Changed the value of id attribute and name attribute of
   line number anchor from line number itself to 'L' + line number
   like this.
         <a name='100'> => <a name='L100'>
   It is because XHTML prohibit the id attribute which starts
   with a digit. If you refer these anchors from outer system,
   please rewrite it.
 * htags: New option --insert-header and --insert-footer added.
 Version 4.8.5 - April 19 2005, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * htags: XHTML support(--xhtml) added.
   If the --frame option is specified then generate XHTML-1.0 Frameset,
   else if config variable 'xhtml_version' is set to 1.1 then generate
   XHTML-1.1 else XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
   You can customize the appearance using style sheet file 'style.css'.
 * htags: Added config variable 'xhtml_version'.
 * htags: Added 'html/' to the fault skip list of htags(1).
   It is the output directory of doxygen document.
 * gtags-parser: Added yacc directives introduced in bison-2.0.
 Version 4.8.4 - March 4 2005, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 Fixed bugs:
 * gtags-parser: C and C++ parser was broken.
 * gnusort: Compile error in Solaris environment.
 Version 4.8.3 - February 26 2005, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * DOS and Windows 32 support ended.
   But it doesn't mean the deletion of the code for DOS and Windows 32.
   We leave the support to outside projects and accept the code
   from them as is. Therefore, anything has not changed substantially
   up to now.
 * Command gctags(1) was renamed to gtags-parser(1) because some systems
   have another 'gctags' which is not GLOBAL's.
 * About gtags-parser(1), language type of source file is decided
   only by the suffix. In older version, *.h file was considered
   to be C++ source file if it includes token 'class'. But the new version
   considers it always C source file. If you want to consider it C++
   then you must redefine new config variable 'langmap'.
 Fixed bugs:
 * htags: The --gtagsconf and --gtagslabel option didn't work correctly.
 * htags: Buffer overflow occurred in dupindex.c:makedupindex().
 * htags: Could not ignore path name which includes blank correctly.
 New features:
 * gtags,htags: New config variable 'langmap' added.
   This variable is used for customizing the mapping of languages and the
   parsers, and it includes the function of obsoleted 'suffixes' variable.
   If you use 'suffixes' then it is effective else GLOBAL internally
   generates the value of 'suffixes' from the 'langmap'.
   The reason to continue 'suffixes' is that it is needed for plug-in parser.
   If you don't use plug-in parser then you should use 'langmap' instead.
 * htags: New config variable 'copy_files' added.
   If the -f option is used then htags makes links of tag files in 'cgi-bin'
   directory by default. With this variable, htags copy tag files instead of
 Version 4.8.2 - November 11 2004, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 * Postgres support ended.
 * (perl version of htags) was removed completely.
 * Config variable sed_command and sort_command were removed.
   The sed(1) and sort(1) are not necessary any longer.
 Fixed bugs:
 * Wrong output of 'global -Po' was fixed.
 New features:
 * gctags(assembly language):
   - In addition to `call', `jsr' is recognized as call instruction.
     Although various call instructions exist like `bl' or `calls',
     only `call' and `jsr' are used widely.
   - Macros like ENTRY or EXT are taken up as reference,
     when definitions exist in somewhere else.
   - Warning is displayed when a comment is not closed.
   - C_SYMBOL_NAME and C_ENTRY are recognized as a macro
     which shows the start of a function.
   - The string which is not closed finishes at the end of line.
     This behavior is the same as GNU C preprocessor.
   - The check of correspondence of "#if" and "#endif" was deleted.
     This did not exist in version 4.8.
 * New directory '.snprj/' was added to the DEFAULTSKIP list.
   This is the tag directory of Source-Navigator.
 Version 4.8.1 - October 6 2004, by Shigio YAMAGUCHI
 Fixed bugs:
 * htags: The -d option of htags didn't work.
 * htags: didn't recognize continued line and null directive(#).
 New features:
 * htags: make suffix list of include file configurable.
   (See man htags(1). config variables: include_file_suffixes)
 * htags: try TMP if TMPDIR doesn't exist.(only DJGPP)
 * htags: Warn about unknown preprocessing directive. As the exception,
   when unknown preprocessing directive appeared in assembly source,
   it will be recognized as the start of a shell comment.
 * htags: Add all yacc directives understood by bison-1.875.
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