Subject: Re: pkg/34036
To: None <>
From: Stuart Shelton <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 10/08/2006 04:47:00
>  Stuart: Do you still have your problem with "pkgsrc no longer fetches 
>  files"?

You(?) were right when you said that re-bootstrapping pkgsrc would fix
this one... it did.

(Still no idea why, though ;)
>  If you still have the second problem about CXXCPP can you bring that up on 
>  tech-pkg mailing list? Thanks.

As far as I know, this problem has not yet been resolved in-tree - so
anyone using pkgsrc with the same configuration as me will be similarly

A couple of us have been making notes about our experiences with
pkgsrc... it might be worth a read ;)

(Especially the 4th post - patches to pkgsrc core files)

One of my biggest bugbears at this point is that none of the
meta-packages work: For example, libtool pulls in libtool-base, which is
compiled and installed correctly.  However, the process then fails -
reporting that libtool-base (which we just installed) is already
installed(!)  This also happens with tar (and so presumably all other
metapackages) and happens regardless of whether the package was
installed or not before trying to install the meta-package.  Finally, it
occurs regardless of whether the -base work directory exists before
trying to install the meta-package or not.  A bug has been filed on this
issue... but I don't have the number to hand right now.