Subject: pkg/34575: [update] shells/ast-ksh
To: None <,,>
From: Martin Wilke <>
List: pkgsrc-bugs
Date: 09/20/2006 19:20:01
>Number:         34575
>Category:       pkg
>Synopsis:       [update] shells/ast-ksh
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    pkg-manager
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Wed Sep 20 19:20:01 +0000 2006
>Originator:     Martin Wilke
>Release:        NetBSD 4.0_BETA i386

System: NetBSD 4.0_BETA (GENERIC) #0: Fri Sep 15 03:23:36 UTC 2006


- Update to 2006-02-14

- Changelog

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

06-02-14 "results failed test" == "results test failed"
	 cc.sgi.*: add _AST_cc_OPTIONS parameterization, -OPT:Olimit=0
	 cc.linux.ia64-icc: add for intel cc
06-02-02 freebsd stuck with os version for all arch
06-02-01 fix locale logic (tw -d requires dir arg)
06-01-31 require $CC only for make|test
06-01-30, use the backwards-compatible --http-passwd add more pdksh => /bin/sh checks
06-01-26 wget --http-pass => --http-password fix wget error logic wget --http-pass => --http-password

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

06-01-24  --- Release ksh93r  ---
06-01-24  A bug in which running commands with standard output closed would
	  not work as expected has been fixed.

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

06-02-08 drop -g from COBOLFLAGS
06-01-31 fix :PACKAGE: P:static to honor .PACKAGE.P.library
06-01-25 { -ldl -lm } dynamic unless explicitly overridden

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

06-01-30 od.c: add -tb binary character format

:::::::: bgp ::::::::

06-01-25 bgp.h: move to dsslib/ip_t/

:::::::: ip_t ::::::::

06-01-24 bgp.h: bring over from dsslib/bgp.h

:::::::: sudoku ::::::::

06-02-14 sudoku.c: add -C
06-02-02 sudocoup.c: add CANON test for standalone canon.c

:::::::: libast ::::::::

06-02-14 comp/iconv.c: fix uwin iconv_list() /reg/ generator
06-02-10 port/astconf.c: relax standard prefix filter
06-02-08 sfrd.c,sfsync.c: lock logic bug fix
06-02-01 port/astlicense.c: add { parent incorporation }
06-01-26 port/astconf.c: fix { LIBPREFIX LIBSUFFIX } length

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

06-02-14 tail.c: fix -f bug that lost fast stream data
06-02-11 getconf.c: exit 1 if name invalid -- duh
06-01-28 cp.c,rm.c: fix astquery() 'q' to return and not exit()

:::::::: libdll ::::::::

06-01-25 dllplug.c: add errorf() library message for dlopen() error

:::::::: librecsort ::::::::

06-02-14 recsort.h: always __EXPORT__ rs_disc()
06-02-09 rstemp.c: sfset(SF_READ|SF_WRITE) not needed

:::::::: libdss ::::::::

06-02-14 dss.h: always __EXPORT__ dss_lib()
06-02-02 dssopt.c,dss-print.h: add 

< >default print format

:::::::: libvcodex ::::::::

06-02-14 vcodex.h: add __EXPORT__ to plugin declaration
06-02-08 vcsfio.c: simply magic logic by just peeking 4 byte magic
06-01-24 move private builtin methods to private plugins
Changes since 2005-02-02 follow.

:::::::: INIT ::::::::

06-01-11 pass package.license.class to make --mam too variants=pattern => --variants=pattern darwin rel<=7 => darwin7.ppc freebsd rel<=4 => freebsd4 freebsd rel<=5 => freebsd5
05-12-07 don't emit <stdio.h> if <sfio.h>|<ast.h> (XXX)
05-12-05 make.probe: disable readonly.exe core dump via ulimit -c 0
05-09-22 add EXEC [ ++NOOUTPUT ++NOERROR ++NOEXIT ]
05-09-21 fix --style=shell compare to ignore \r
05-09-12 all --force to force %.rt regeneration
05-09-05 regenerate from %.rt only if newer, :SAVE: %.tst
05-08-25 add add %.rt=>%.tst for mktest
05-08-18 'package host cpu' now checks $NPROC first
05-07-17 add { define extern include print } ops accept output{...}end output on success only -- doh
05-07-01 add TARPROBE for tar B flag probe
05-06-24 fix binary read chmod via *.sum
05-06-06 fix KEEP_HOSTTYPE logic to handle synthesized types
05-06-01 make.probe: verify that cc_pic works for hosted cc
	 cc.lynxos.ppc: make -mshared the default note $INSTALLROOT/bin/@(cc|ld|ldd) installation
05-05-25 make.probe: add CC.INCLUDE.LOCAL instead of -I- in CC.DIALECT
05-05-24 really fix grouping logic -- with tests this time pipe/socket configuration mismatches => use /bin/sh
05-04-28 add $(TESTS)
05-04-19 package results test uses rt if possible fix 'op var - ... - ...' grouping logic
05-04-15 handle autom4ate style
05-04-11 fix unit name when command line unit also specified handle all ast package test output formats fix make docs for options passed to underlying make
05-04-08 cp -p to $OK to preserve mtime add "TITLE name" to change TEST output title
05-04-01 add pretty make test + wrapper
05-03-29 test -e path => test -f path -o -d path
05-03-24 make.probe: fix CC.PICBIG probe to prefer -fPIC over -fpic -- doh
05-03-19 mamake.c: command line name=var also defines name.FORCE=var
05-03-11 unset LC_ALL when LC_* EXPORT'd old make.out saved in circular make.out.[1-9]
	 mamake.c: sync with nmake :W=O:
05-03-01 fix flat hierarchy initialization admin action now properly resets sibling remote logs relax unknown/unwritten package messages to warnings handle space in command line name=value
	 make.probe: add mvs -Wc,dll,exportall,longname,rent to CC.DLL probe
05-02-24 hosttype *.powerpc => *.ppc
	 cc.lynxos.ppc,ldd.lynxos.ppc: add
05-02-22 mamake.c: fix { -G --debug-symbols -S --strip-symbols } MAMAKEFLAGS bug
05-02-20 probe.win32: handle /platformsdk mount
05-02-19, add write tst for tgz in tst subdir
05-02-18 accept cc -dumpmachine with 0 or 1 -
05-02-14 handle mutiple architectures per host in admin.db
	 Makefile, honor $INSTALLROOT/bin/.paths overrides normalize trailing [-_]bits in host type some ksh-compatible shells don't do *(pattern)
05-02-11 back out 05-01-11 child process stdin hijack
	 cc.lynxos.i386: -dynamic instead of -static default
05-02-10 cyg usr/doc => usr/share/doc
05-02-08 drop -m with pax -- delta bug fixed 2005-02-08 work around old bash 0<... redirection bug
05-02-06 source.tgz: update generated files only when they change
05-02-02 *.sh,*probe: IFS may be unset and { ash bsh } don't on startup -- wow

:::::::: ksh93 ::::::::

06-01-24  --- Release ksh93r  ---
06-01-24  A bug in which running commands with standard output closed would
	  not work as expected has been fixed.
06-01-23  A bug in which print -u<n> could fail when file descriptor <n> was
	  open for writing has been fixed.
06-01-19  The ?: arithmetic operator fixed to work when the operation after
	  the colon was an assignment.
05-12-24  A bug which could lead to a core dump when elements of a compound
	  variable were array elements, i.e. foo=(bar=(1 2)), has been fixed.
05-12-13  An arithmetic bug in which x+=y+=z was not working has been fixed. 
05-12-13  An arithmetic bug in which x||y was returning x when x was non-zero
	  rather than 1 has been fixed.
05-12-07  The aliases for integer and float have been changed to use attributes
	  -li and -lE to handle long long and long double types.
05-12-07  The histexpand (-H) option has been added which allows C-shell
	  style history expansios using the history character !.
05-12-07  The multiline option was added which changes that way the edit
	  modes handle lines longer than the window width.  Instead of
	  horizontal scrolling, multiple lines on the screen are used.
05-12-05  The whence builtin now returns an absolute pathname when the
          command is found in the current directory.
05-11-29  A bug which caused ksh -c '[[ ! ((' to core dump rather than
	  report a syntax error has been fixed.
05-11-29  A bug when reading fixed length records into typeset -b variables
	  which caused a zero byte to terminate the value has been fixed.
05-11-22  The ability to seek to an offset within a file has been added
	  with the new I/O redirection operators, <#  and >#.  Currently,
	  these redirection operators must be followed by ((expr))
	  but in a future release, it should be able to used to seek forward
	  to the specified shell pattern.  In addition $(n<#) expands to the
	  current byte offset for file descriptor n.
05-11-22  The .sh.match array variable is now set after each [[ ... ]]
	  pattern match.  Previously it was only set for substring matches.
05-10-17  A bug in which the library path variable could be prefixed
          with a directory when a .path file was not encountered in
	  the directory of the executable has been fixed.
05-09-15  A for/while loop optimizer bug in which $OPTIND was not
	  correctly expanded has been fixed.
05-09-05  A bug in which a history command that invoked a history
	  command could go into an infinite loop has been fixed.
05-08-31  In the case that IFS contains to adjacent new-lines so that
	  new-line is not treated as a space delimiter, only a single
	  new-line is deleted at the end of a command substitution.
05-08-19  When a tilde substitution expands to the / directory and is
	  followed by a /, it is replaced by the empty string.
05-08-16  A bug in which n<&m did not synchronize m has been fixed.
05-08-16  A bug in which process substitution  ( <() and >() ) was not
	  working within for and while loops has been fixed.
05-07-24  A bug in which the pattern ~(E)(foo|bar) was treated as a syntax
	  error has been fixed.
05-07-24  A bug in completion with <n>=, where n was the one of the
	  previous selection choices has been fixed.
05-07-21  A bug with multibyte input when no edit mode was specified which
	  caused the input line to shift left/right has been fixed.
05-06-24  A race condition which could cause the exit status to get lost
	  on some fast systems has been fixed.
05-06-21  A bug in which nested patterns of the form {m,n}(pat) would cause
	  syntax errors has been fixed.
05-06-21  A bug in the macro expander has been fixed which could cause a
          syntax error for an expansion of the form ${x-$(...)} when
	  x is set and the command substitution contained certain strings.
05-06-08  On systems for which echo does not do System V style  expansions,
	  the -e option was added to enable these expansion.
05-06-08  A bug in which ${var op pattern} to not work when inside an
	  arithmetic expression has been fixed.
05-05-23  An extension to shell patterns that allows matching of nested
	  groups while skipping over quoted strings has been added.
05-05-18  A bug in which the line number for errors was not correct for
          functions loaded from FPATH has been fixed.
05-04-18  A bug in which the exit status $? is not set when a trap triggered
	  by the [[...]] command is executed has been fixed.
05-04-08  Redirection operators can be directly preceded with {varname}
	  with no intervening space, where varname is a variable name which
	  allows the shell to select a file descriptor > 10 and store it
	  into varname.
05-04-08  SHOPT_CMDLIB_BLTIN=1 now includes <cmdlist.h> generated table.
05-04-07  [[ -o ?option ]] is true if "option" is a supported option.
05-04-05  A bug in handling file completion with spaces in the names
          has been fixed.
05-03-25  The SIGWINCH signal is caught by default to keeps the LINES and
	  COLUMNS variables in sync with the actual window size.
05-03-25  Building ksh with SHOPT_REMOTE=1 causes ksh to set --rc if stdin is
	  a socket (presumably part of a remote shell invocation.)
05-03-25  Building ksh with SHOPT_SYSRC=1 causes interactive ksh to source
	  /etc/ksh.kshrc (if it exists) before sourcing the $ENV file.
05-03-25  {first..last[..incr][%fmt]} sequences added to brace expansions
	  when braceexpand is enabled.
05-03-03  A bug where a SIGCHLD interrupt could cause a fifo open to fail has
	  been fixed.
05-02-25  A bug in which a builtin command run in the background could
	  keep a file descriptor open which could cause a foreground
	  process to hang has been fixed.
05-02-24  A bug where builtin library commands (e.g., date and TZ) failed to
	  detect environment variable changes has been fixed.
05-02-22  The read builtin and word splitting are now consistent with respect
	  to IFS -- both treat IFS as field delimiters.
05-02-22  The read builtin no longer strips off trailing delimiters that
	  are not space characters when there are fewer variables than fields.
05-02-17  A builtin bug on systems where dlsym(libcmd) returns link-time
	  bindings has been fixed.
05-02-12  A bug in which the lib_init() function for .paths BUILTIN_LIB
	  libraries was not called has been fixed.
05-02-06  A bug on some systems in which moving the write end of a co-process
	  to a numbered file descriptor could cause it to close has been fixed. 
05-02-06  A bug in the vi-edit mode in which the character under the cursor
	  was not deleted in some cases with the d% directive has been fixed.
05-02-06  A bug where external builtin stdout/stderr redirection corrupted
          stdout has been fixed.
05-02-04  A bug where times formatting assumed CLK_TCK==60 has been fixed.

:::::::: pax ::::::::

05-12-14 pax: fix --filter to work for --read and expand command %(...)
05-06-07 format.c: fix inter volume fill logic
05-05-28 pax: improve "junk data after volume" checks
05-05-22 pax: fix --append for the formats that can handle it
05-05-18 pax-flash.c: add solaris flash embedded archive format read
05-03-19 options.c: -l == --link (not --local) per posix
05-02-08 misc.c: fix interaction between delta and --meter
05-02-07 delta.c,pax.h: don't output delta when src==tar -- duh

:::::::: html ::::::::

05-10-15 add BP name=value parameters
05-10-10 add .CE, .BP *.@(gif|png) ... => <IMG...>
05-02-22 htmlrefs.c: rel=internal ignored if --external
05-02-14 add .xx linkframe="" for no target=_top

:::::::: proto ::::::::

05-12-25 ratz.c: fix sear CreateDirectory(tmp) permissions
05-09-16 proto.c: add <stdio.h> for standalone rename() prototype
05-07-31 proto.c: finally trust __STDC__ headers
05-05-11 add

:::::::: tw ::::::::

05-06-13 tw.c: sort:path == sort:name, handle ,-separated keys
05-03-07 xargs.c: fix -i to treat each line as an arg
05-02-23 tw.c: add --error-exit=code to exit if cmd exit >= code
	 find.c: ignore cmd errors
	 cmdarg.c: fix bug that dropped a path on cmd error

:::::::: tests ::::::::

05-04-30 sfio: tgetr: add sfmaxr() tests
05-04-20 cdt: snarf cdt tests from kpv

:::::::: cpp ::::::::

06-01-11 cpp.tst: update pp:passthrough tests
05-12-16 cpp.tst: add imake pp:passthrough comment splice test
05-04-11 cpp.tst: add '"a" #s' catliteral + stringize

:::::::: nmake ::::::::

06-01-21 --- release 5.1 --- fix list.package.binary INSTALLROOT edit
	 command.c: add gcc 4.*.* ppc code generation bug workaround
	 read.c: handle /dev/* mtime==0
	 version.c: fix { VROOT VOFFSET } initialization
06-01-08 pkg-cobol-*.mk: handle --debug-symbols
05-12-25 fix :LIBRARY: plugin bind for exe/dll
05-11-22 variable.c: restore $(+...)==$(-...) until 2009
05-11-07 fix :YYPREFIX: to handle YY in new prefix
05-11-03 expand.c: add :H=P: directory prefix sort
05-11-01 pkg-cobol-*.mk: add :VARARGS:
05-10-14 pkg-cobol*.mk: add COBOL.PLUGIN.LIBRARIES for mfcobc plugins
05-10-12 handle "foo :LIBRARY: -lfoo" to gen dll from lib
	 tests/cc.def: add test version of
05-10-11 :PACKAGE: foo:bar => add special char extern demangle :PACKAGE: cobol:always => .COBOL.INIT
05-09-15 quote .PROBE.SPECIAL return to disable time arith
05-08-11 rule.c,state.c,tests/attribute.tst: fix .RETAIN
05-08-08 add :A!=.TERMINAL: to .BUILT. -- doh
	 tests/recurse.tst: add test for .BUILT. vs .TERMINAL
05-07-17 move cobol specifics to add CCSPECIALIZE $(CC.OPTIMIZE) override add include - + add $(-mam) test for .MAM.INIT in .mo --mam=static set noreadstate reread strictview handle package named by root dir: :PACKAGE: /a/b/name generic cobol package setup open source cobol package setup microfocus cobol package setup
	 options.h: OPT_reread is boolean, not numeric
	 rule.c: add .FREEZE state.freeze
	 tests/recurse.tst: add
05-05-25 use $(CC.INCLUDE.LOCAL) instead of -I- CC.DIALECT
05-05-18 fix --static-link typo disable .MAMACTION "setv FOO ${FOO}" add (CC.SHARED.LIBS.*) to capture -l* bind changes
05-05-11 fix --nolib-type to work for referenced libs too
05-05-05 handle cobol COPY "book" optional quotes
05-05-01 drop -D* from COBOLFLAGS :PACKAGE: :dynamic => :notype
05-04-26 add COBOLDIALECT
05-04-20 add :P=A: to .LIST.PACKAGE.BINARY VROOT logic fix PACKAGE_%_LIB logic to handle /usr/%/lib64 etc.
	 version.c: fix OLDMAKE to search $(PATH) for { gmake make }
05-04-15 option.c: fix regress state.start for hi res clock lo res filesystem
	 state.c: failed statevar action must set statevar time to 0 change manifest edit op :P=F: => :P=F:T=FR:
05-04-14 drop /usr/common from LCLDIRS, /home from OPTDIRS
05-04-11 command.c: set internal.openfd FD_CLOEX before coopen()
05-04-08 parse.c: revisit space indentation [syntax:10]
         object.c: pre-2005-03-01 corruption repair drops 0 prereq list items
05-04-03 variable.c: fix += vs space inconsistencies [assign:09] restore $(PACKAGE_LOCAL) -- used in user makefiles
05-03-31 add --lib-type
	 object.c: move bound object prereq name to COMP_NSEC
	 parse.c: fix assertion/assignment intercept $(%) to be operator name
05-03-19 chmod only if not already writeable&executable mam ${-debug-symbols...} defaults to ${CCFLAGS.FORCE}
	 make.c: fix optional joint metarule prereq state check
	 metarule.c: fix closure ordering bug (metarule:23)
	 object.c: don't mark (P_joint|P_target) garbage
	 object.c: fix makefile prereq subsecond truncation time check
	 object.c: fix makefile prereq change bug (diagnostics:14)
	 parse.c: .SPECIAL not interpreted as metarule -- doh
	 state.c: triggered state var time now synced after action completes
05-03-17 state.c: fix statefile() to return non-null for --nowritestate
	 state.c: demote "file timestamp subsecond truncation" to --warn fix .SHARED.LIST. to honor --all-static _PACKAGE_foo=0 => ignore :PACKAGE: foo
05-03-11 state.c: handle linux subsecond truncation after state lock inode flush
	 expand.c: handle */foo?* : lib/libfoo in :W=O:
05-03-09 cobol accepts "\T \D COPY ..." !
	 rule.c: clarify prereq list change explanations
05-03-08 Makefile: generate nmake.1 from --nroff + make.1.body + make.1.tail
05-03-01 object.c: fix compcheck() bug that missed some prereq->complink
         object.c: repair pre-2005-03-01 compcheck() corruption in load() fix .LIST.PACKAGE.EDIT. , delimiter clash fix binary .LIST.PACKAGE.EDIT. to retain arch/HOSTTYPE fix plugin static :LIBRARY: dll install bug --static-link => _BLD_STATIC_LINK==1
05-02-28 object.c: reset errno for "object file io" EOF messages
05-02-22 make.c: fix joint metarule time comparison
05-02-14 object.c: object option strings must be utf8
05-02-11 check :MAKE: recursion on .
05-02-08 shared lib link now uses ./*.req too
05-02-06 .FIND. lib/package checks $(PACKAGEROOT) first
05-02-04 drop .LIBRARY.CLEANUP. old plugin cleanup

:::::::: at ::::::::

05-06-29 fix (...) => @(...) syntax error

:::::::: builtin ::::::::

05-12-06 od.c: handle od() static split buffer overflow
05-08-07 tr.c: fix a-b- and a-b-c
05-03-07 od.c: handle -t ...z for --printable

:::::::: bgp ::::::::

05-03-08 lib.c: add for dssstatic()

:::::::: flat ::::::::

05-09-16 flat.c: fix <QUOTEALL> q=-1 vs. \xff data bug
05-05-09 flat.c: literal quote is "" inside "..." for quote+noescape
	 flat.c: add <QUOTEALL>
05-04-18 flat.c: fix escape quote delimiter terminator interactions
05-04-12 flat.c: fix <WIDTH>constant</> with <WIDTH>variable</>
05-03-08 lib.c: add for dssstatic()

:::::::: ip_t ::::::::

05-03-08 lib.c: add for dssstatic()

:::::::: netflow ::::::::

05-06-15 netflow.c: add default {print} format

:::::::: num_t ::::::::

05-11-01 num_t.c: fix bcd_external() off-by-1 to allow 1 byte bcd
05-03-08 lib.c: add for dssstatic()

:::::::: time_t ::::::::

05-03-08 lib.c: add for dssstatic()

:::::::: mailx ::::::::

05-03-28 main.c: add -r address; add L variable attribute
05-02-17 head.c: CONTENT_type PART_text trumps CONTENT_encoding binary
05-02-08 local.h: blankline=>allblanks (lynxos libc symbol hijack)

:::::::: re ::::::::

05-12-14 grep.c: add --name=name (-N) for stdin file label
05-08-18 grep.c: add --label, -m and --total, -t
05-06-06 reg.dat: transcribe from tcl 8.3 Spencer reg.test
05-05-20 test(fmt|fnmatch|match|regex): handle file args for rt(1)
	 nested.dat: add
05-04-03 sed: change regexec() => regnexec() to handle embedded ' '
05-03-30 testmatch.dat,testregex.dat: add '[*' REG_SHELL pattern tests

:::::::: sort ::::::::

06-01-21 fix pure sum command search logic
05-11-01 rec.c: add --count
05-06-30 main.c: add -zbBUFSIZE for regression testing
05-06-27 main.c: convert sftmp() etc. to rstmp*()
05-06-24 sfopen.c: allow multiple io intercepts per program
05-06-11 main.c: fix duplicate sfdcgzip() bug that corrupted input
05-05-31 main.c: mv rslib() before key->input[] record format processing
05-05-17 main.c: delay -l* => rslib() until all options parsed
05-05-11 main.c: fix -R* parse, preserve output zip/record attributes

:::::::: std ::::::::

06-01-11 pss-kvm.c: handle struct eproc.e_xsize
06-01-03 ls.c: add --show-control-characters, handle --no*
05-07-25 touch.c: eith => either
05-07-17 dd.c: fix ccode conversion diagnostic
05-06-16 ps.c: fix parent chain lookup infinit loop
05-06-14 ls.c: fix divide by 0 in col()
05-06-11 ls.c: sharpen the optimal row/col search
	 ls.tst: normalize 02 test sizes
05-04-22 ps.c: add --branch --escape
05-04-06 df.c: fix -k F_FRSIZE() to always return > 0
05-03-29 ps.c: check /bin/ps punt recursion when ast_ps is /bin/ps
05-03-11 features/procfs: cygwin tweaks
05-03-10 ls.c: fix -s arithmetic and column output
05-02-14 sum.tst: add SHA { 256 384 512 } tests
05-02-11 pss-info.c: add lynxos info(2) proc table

:::::::: tksh ::::::::

05-06-14 uinit.c: trap "tkloop" only if it is defined

:::::::: vczip ::::::::

05-09-25 vczip.c: fix empty input test for pipes
05-06-16 vczip.c: snarf from kpv
05-06-30 vczip.c: handle vcsfmeth interface change
05-06-28 vczip.c: snarf from kpv

:::::::: sudoku ::::::::

05-12-25 add sudocoup generator
05-12-11 add sudocoup.c
05-11-01 combine X+Y=>X
05-10-14 fix -kC... -ehp to capture grid in the correct state
05-10-11 add -kCn -kM
05-10-05 W method handles strict x-wing/swordfish missed by X method
05-10-04 Y method unifies pair-vertex cycle methods { xy-wing colors }
05-10-01 X method unifies single-valued cycle methods { x-wing swordfish }
05-09-28 add -P
05-08-11 add symmetrize(), optimal(), CONSTRAINT_Z
05-07-17 fix tuple logic
05-06-14 first release

:::::::: libast ::::::::

06-01-06 features/lib: change _UNIV_DEFAULT probe to use cross{...}
06-01-04 misc/stk.c: fix n**2 realloc behavior
06-01-01 include/sfio.h: export { _Sfi _Sfmaxr }
05-12-13 string/chresc.c: handle \C-X => control-X, \M- => ESC
05-11-22 regex/regcache.c: add, convert string/strmatch.c to regcache()
05-10-06 string/ccmap.c: update ebcdic-u to be idempotent
05-09-28 vmalloc: snarf from kpv; fixes large block brk() thrashing
05-09-26 misc/magic.c,misc/ handle latest vcodex header
05-09-12 misc/optget.c: reset opt_info.offset on error
	 string/strtoi.h: strton() '.' multiplier only if m>1
	 string/fmtesc.c: add unadvertized FMT_PARM for FMT_SHELL
05-09-09 string/fmtesc.c: fix FMT_SHELL logic w.r.t. [$`]
05-08-11 string/strerror.c: fix { sys_errlist sys_nerr } prototypes
05-08-03 sfio: snarf sfvaprints sfaprints
05-07-21 port/astconf.c: retain most recent synthesized lookup
05-07-20 sfio/sfsetbuf.c: default file io size now 64K on all systems
05-07-17 ccmap*: add microfocus cobol EBCDIC_U
05-06-29 regex/regcomp.c: fix the A & B inline flag logic
05-06-15 include/recfmt.h: add fs format flag to fmtrec()
05-06-14 error.c: add ERROR_OPTIONS { break count match }
05-06-07 features/stdio: drop FEATURE/limits to fix bootstrap circular dep
05-06-02 features/*,Makefile: drop vestigel iffeio.h bootstrap workaround
05-05-31 string/fmtbuf.c: unlock (spin) before each return -- doh
05-05-30 sfio/sfpkrd.c: work around macos 10.4 recv(MSG_PEEK) bug
05-05-27 regex: add REX_NEST (?%[S.][T.][OT]) ammend bsd db magic
05-05-23 regex: REX_NEST (?%[D.][E.][L.][Q.][oc]...)
05-05-21 regex: state.fold[] is now locale specific -- doh
05-05-19 regex: add REX_NEST (?%lt;>[]""...) %(...) nested match
05-05-15 recfmt.h: add recstr() reclen() fmtrec()
05-05-13 optget.c: allow boolean options to take numeric values
05-05-12 recfmt.c: add to recfmt.h, adjust Recfmt_t encodings
05-04-30 sfio: add sfmaxr(), default 64K
05-04-22 comp/omitted.c: fix magic() logic for files < 512 bytes
05-04-20 cdt: snarf update from kpv; void* Dt_t.user added
	 misc/error.c: library => ERROR_LIBRARY
05-04-19 regex/regcomp.c: handle REG_SHELL [^...] == [!...]
05-04-11 tm/tmxscan.c: handle[-+.]
05-04-07 regex/regnexec.c: fix out of bounds boundary check -- ouch
	 features/align.c: add jmp_buf to the alignment mix (ia64)
	 vmalloc/vmhdr.h: add jmp_buf to the alignment mix (ia64)
05-03-31 misc/optget.c: fix option { - _ } separator matching
05-03-30 misc/glob.c: eliminate superfluous GLOB_NOMATCH stat() calls
05-03-24 port/astwinsize.c: include <sys/ioctl.h> if possible
05-03-23 string/ccmap.c: add ebcdic-m mvs cobol table
05-03-11 comp/omitted.c: handle utime[s](const,const)
	 comp/ fix linux PID_MAX probe
05-03-10 comp/setlocale.c: LC_* value "" => unset -- doh
	 misc/optget.c: reorder _PACKAGE_astsa code for msgcc
05-03-08 misc/optget.c: delete leading space in STYLE_nroff output
05-03-07 sfio/sfhdr.h: drop extern _sfdscan -- clashes with sfvscanf.c static
05-03-01 tm/tminit.c: add tmlocaltime() for tzset() getenv() override workaround
05-02-20 features/tvlib: tmsettimeofday only for systems that have settimeofday
	 features/float: fix mvs.s390 NaN tests
05-02-18 tm/tmxmake.c: fix <0 west of GMT bug that warped to 1800's -- wow
05-02-11 port/mnt.c: handle lynxos MOUNTED=/etc/fstab
05-02-08 features/float,sfio.h,sfcvt.c,sftable.c: add INF and fix NAN
05-02-04 features/lib: add _std_strtol (for lynxos)
	 include/ast_std.h: add _std_strtol tests
	 comp/strtod.c: #define S2F_function strtod
	 misc/signal.c: fix ancient bsd SV_INTERRUPT vs. SV_ABORT clash

:::::::: libcmd ::::::::

05-08-11 fmt.c: fix -o to handle raw --usage strings
05-05-17 cat.c,head.c: disable EPIPE error messages
05-04-14 chgrp.c: -f means all non-syntax error messages
05-04-11 fds.c: add from old internal open(1)
05-04-09 cmdext.h,cmdlist.h: generate from source -- about time
05-03-24 features/symlink: verify { lchmod lchown } implementations
05-03-07 date.c: add --listzones to list the time zone table
05-02-14 chmod.c: add --reference=file

:::::::: libdll ::::::::

05-02-14 dllscan.c: "" || "-" => NiL

:::::::: libexpr ::::::::

05-10-25 exeval.c: fix I2F unsigned cast
05-04-20 exeval.c: fix sscanf() runtime argument check logic

:::::::: librecsort ::::::::

05-12-01 -lsync event callout bug fixes -- finally working?
05-11-28 rswrite.c: honor RS_OTEXT
05-11-09 rsmerge.c: fix RS_ITEXT+notify logic
05-10-18 rsprocess.c: RS_READ callouts finally in the right place
05-10-12 rstemp.c: keep temp write SF_WRITE and temp read SF_READ
05-08-22 rsmerge.c: fix RS_WRITE callouts
05-06-30 rsmerge.c: handle all RS_TEXT record formats
05-06-28 add rsnew()+rsinit() to split rsopen() for rsfile*()
05-06-27 rstemp.c: add temp file support and RS_TEMP_* events
	 rsfile.c: add input/output file open RS_FILE_* events
05-06-11 rskey*.c: initialize disc->data via REC_*_TYPE macros -- doh
05-05-15 handle disc->data Recfmt_t

:::::::: libsum ::::::::

05-02-14 sumlib.c: split into sum-*.c
	 sum-sha2.c: add SHA { 256 384 512 }

:::::::: libz ::::::::

05-05-11 sfdcgzip.c: change return value to [cgv], add vcunzip read check

:::::::: libcoshell ::::::::

05-04-19 cowait.c: beef up invalid message tests and diagnostics
05-04-11 drop fixed CO_MSGFD for $_coshell_msgfd
05-04-07 coexec.c: fix !_lib_fork&&_map_spawnve close-on-exec redirection

:::::::: libcs ::::::::

05-02-04 Makefile: drop -lnetinet (for lynxos)

:::::::: libpp ::::::::

06-01-11 pplex.c: fix rpcgen pp:passthrough header splice bug
05-12-16 pplex.c: fix imake pp:passthrough comment splice bug
05-09-16 pplib.h: add <string.h> for standalone proto
05-07-31 pplib.h: finally trust __STDC__ headers
05-04-11 pplex.c: fix '"a" #s' catliteral + stringize bug
05-03-29 pp.probe: check $? and stderr messages for pp:lineid
05-02-20 probe.win32: handle /platformsdk mount

:::::::: libcodex ::::::::

05-09-25 add '^' equivalent to '|'

:::::::: libdss ::::::::

05-09-14 dssopen.c: prevent libraries dict double queue insert
05-05-09 cx.h: add CX_QUOTEALL
05-03-08 dss.h: add dssstatic() for static Dsslib_t loading

:::::::: libpz ::::::::

05-07-17 pzinflate.c: use sferror() instead of sfsync() -- doh
	 pzsplit.c: drop SF_WRITE sfreserve() to keep writes aligned
05-06-30 pzsplit.c: work around sfreserve() write failure via sfwrite()

:::::::: libvcodex ::::::::

06-01-16 Nmakefile: add PRIVATE for non-cpl methods
06-01-13 vcgetmeth.c: fix "foo.arg" parse error
05-10-25 vcsfio.c: fix header peek logic
05-09-28 Vchuff/vchhdr.h: add type case to ARRAYMAKE()
05-09-22 vcsfio.c: vczip command support functions for the masses
05-09-16 vcodex.h,vcsfio.c: add vcsfcomp() stub for vczip getmethods()
05-09-15 snarf from kpv, remerge _PACKAGE_ast
05-08-23 vcodex.h,vcsfio.c: add sfdcvcodex() (1:pushed,0:not-needed,-1:error)
05-08-22 vcsfio.c: peek initial header => no consumption on error
05-06-30 vcsfio.c: change vcsfmeth() to return Vcsfmeth_t* and size
05-06-29 vcodex.h: _PACKAGE_ast => <sfio.h>
	 fix !__STD_C for ancient sun4
	 change ident to char* (from unsigned char*) for pedantic cc
	 Vcdelta/vcdtblinit.c: init { _Vcdtbl _Vcdindex } to avoid dyn common
05-06-28 snarf from kpv

		January 25, 2006



--- ast-ksh.diff begins here ---
Index: Makefile.common
RCS file: /home/pcvs/pkgsrc/shells/ast-ksh/Makefile.common,v
retrieving revision 1.20
diff -u -r1.20 Makefile.common
--- Makefile.common	27 Apr 2006 15:32:14 -0000	1.20
+++ Makefile.common	20 Sep 2006 17:55:28 -0000
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
-ASTKSH_VERSION=	2005-02-02
+ASTKSH_VERSION=	2006-02-14
Index: distinfo
RCS file: /home/pcvs/pkgsrc/shells/ast-ksh/distinfo,v
retrieving revision 1.9
diff -u -r1.9 distinfo
--- distinfo	27 Apr 2006 15:32:14 -0000	1.9
+++ distinfo	20 Sep 2006 17:42:29 -0000
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
 $NetBSD: distinfo,v 1.9 2006/04/27 15:32:14 hubertf Exp $
-SHA1 (INIT.2005-02-02.tgz) = e79470fa4f0646b187a4ad91e524a8f73129be3f
-RMD160 (INIT.2005-02-02.tgz) = 5814b658ffef2872de52c7d099461ecf518fa369
-Size (INIT.2005-02-02.tgz) = 298407 bytes
-SHA1 (ast-ksh.2005-02-02.tgz) = 390373855230de4298af8301f85d24eaa093d44d
-RMD160 (ast-ksh.2005-02-02.tgz) = f64a80ab1694fa5b66b6db02b7d772fc64aeabcb
-Size (ast-ksh.2005-02-02.tgz) = 1529366 bytes
+SHA1 (INIT.2006-02-14.tgz) = 4661c72187bff2cd5fa3558ee7c0c22dd3ba5f39
+RMD160 (INIT.2006-02-14.tgz) = 68649532a15c34dcb20d61a544c1594d030c5f3f
+Size (INIT.2006-02-14.tgz) = 317116 bytes
+SHA1 (ast-ksh.2006-02-14.tgz) = 70edb56100f77bc53dcfe664b6479fa96c640d1b
+RMD160 (ast-ksh.2006-02-14.tgz) = e4ac75119e4678af2c90cb3a1a28805ad380e9dd
+Size (ast-ksh.2006-02-14.tgz) = 1575902 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-aa) = dd3e5cc9b80ae6e24faed3f15af354cf34fb16a0
 SHA1 (patch-ab) = adbbdb5deeb15c1eeb38bec5685d9e6331b2b964
 SHA1 (patch-ac) = 1bb9683cb3a652c9e13d7626d4e6558464209a44
--- ast-ksh.diff ends here ---